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Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Boyfriend’s Kid Drives Me Crazy”

I am a Scorpio dating a wonderful Aries. He is a great boyfriend and wonderful man; he treats me like a queen. I really can’t complain. However, he is also the dad of a cute three-year-old little boy. I had never dated a single dad before, but since he is great, I decided to give it a try. OH MY GOD WAS I WRONG!

It bothers me when he has to spend time with the kid, that we have to have dinner in certain places just so the kid could eat, it bothers me when the kid wakes up early, when he won’t stop talking or screaming, etc. Pretty much everything kid-related bothers me. I am not sure I want to have children ever, but my boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage and stuff so I would like to know if there is ever the chance that this could work out? Is it worth having all the trouble with the kid just so I can keep the daddy?

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “I’m Pregnant And My Baby Daddy Wants Nothing To Do With it!”

I’m a Scorpio and my ex is a Pisces. We’ve known each other (tenuously) since we were young. Every few years we’d run into each other, but timing was never right to date. Last November, we re-connected and began hanging out. I kinda helped him through a difficult surgery and after that we got into a habit of late night visits. That eventually stopped, then started up again in January.

Around the end of January, I told him I wanted more. I told him I liked him a lot, but I wasn’t going to wait around. He was NOT HAPPY. Then last weekend, I took a pregnancy test after I was late and dropped the bomb on my Pisces. It has not been pretty since. First he said it wasn’t his, then he didn’t believe me, and now he wants me to terminate. I can’t do that.

He got some devastating news about his job recently. Now he’s worried about paying his mortgage. He also had another major surgery in the past two weeks. He says he wants nothing to do with the kid or me. I NEVER thought he could be that kind of guy, especially growing up with his own deadbeat dad. My heart is breaking. I don’t want to raise this baby alone. The little bugger got through a condom to get here; I figure he has a reason! (Due 10.11.10) Can we make this work? Will Pisces baby daddy step up? Am I going to be alone forever? – Times Two

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Leo Can’t Drop Her Controlling Guy Friend

I’m a Leo who has had a controlling guy friend for a year and a half. He is a Libra, and has me completely under a spell. He is hooked on internet dating, but doesn’t want to let me go. Usually I just put up with it, just so I can still see him. I think he loves me, but he had a bad breakup a few years ago, and said the internet saved his life. I know he wants to be with me, as bad as I want to be with him, which only makes it worse because sometimes when we are apart for a few weeks, and see each other again, he just clings to me. I’m not a dog, and could get other guys, but I just can’t pull out of this. My friends think I’m crazy. Any advice???

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Can This Gemini/Virgo Couple Find A Way To Get Along?

I am a Gemini and my boyfriend is a Virgo. We’ve been dating for about a year and a half, but we seem to butt heads ALL the time, over the smallest and the most ridiculous things that get completely blown out of proportion. We just cannot seem to avoid arguing. I always feel the need to talk and express how I feel and he is very reserved. We just can’t seem to get along for more than a few weeks at a time.

The problem is that when we aren’t arguing, I am extremely, extremely happy and I care about him a lot. However, all the arguing has gotten to be too much. I like that we are so different and I am optimistic, but he is overly logical about too many things. We both bring out the absolute worst and the best in each other, but is it possible for us to find some way to get along? Or is this a sign that we shouldn’t be together? – Annoyed and Confused

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Gemini Boyfriend Isn’t Over His Ex!”

I am a Scorpio in a serious relationship with a Gemini. It’s taken my boyfriend a while to get over his ex. Actually, they were broken up for three years before I first got together with him — and he still is not over her! He even told her that he wished she were with him at his brother’s wedding. He promises me that things are different now. I want to believe him, but I’m having trouble trusting him because he’s hurt me over the issue of his ex before. Do I have a chance with my boyfriend or will he just run back to his ex? – Cautious

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Libra Boyfriend Can’t Decide Between Me And Another Woman”

My Libra boyfriend recently broke up with me because he just “stopped liking me.” Two weeks ago, he was all excited about building our future together and introducing me to his parents. Now, he’s met this other lady, whom he finds “interesting.” He says he still likes me, but he likes her too. He doesn’t know what he wants. According to him, they aren’t “dating” or haven’t done anything “physical,” as of yet. He thinks he’s making the right decision for now, not being with me and pursuing other women, but he’s not sure if it’s the right decision for “forever.”

As I’m writing all of this, I realize how ridiculous it sounds. Why would a young, successful lady want to be with this jerk? Oh, did I mention that the only reason I found out about this in the first place was that on my birthday, after trying to get “frisky” with me, he snuck into the restroom and drunkenly dialed his new lady? He told her that he wouldn’t do anything stupid if he knew how she felt about him. Yeah, I’ve found a real winner … but despite all that, I really like him. A lot. I want him back. Can you please help me? BTW, I am a Sagittarius. – Broken Hearted

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Aries Boyfriend Always Want To “Improve” Me?

I’m a Virgo, currently in the middle of a whirlwind romance with my Aries boyfriend. We love each other and were/are planning on moving in together; we have so many things in common, but enough is different to make it interesting. I love being with him and constantly miss him when he’s not around. He has told me many times that he wants to give me everything he possibly can.

Recently however, he developed an obsession with “improving” me. I’ve always had a bit of an identity crisis, but he’s convinced he can take me and turn me into something extraordinary. However when I had a moment of clarity, he told me that I was finally figuring out how “amazing” I am and that I deserved the best — namely, not him. He said he didn’t want to “waste” my time and broke up with me. The exact moment I felt really good about where I was in life, he told me that he couldn’t be with me anymore, but that he would always be there for me if I needed him.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: How Much Patience Should I Have Waiting For A Scorpio’s Commitment?

I’m a Taurus and have been spending a lot of time with a Scorpio and it’s taking forever to find out if this is going to go past friendship. My sign is notorious for patience, and his is notorious for taking a while to commit, no? We’re not getting younger and while I’m a smitten kitten, I want the lion’s share of the good stuff. How long should I be prepared to wait, or should I move along already? – Fixed

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Ask The Astrosexologist: My Gemini BF’s OCD Ways Are Driving Me Crazy!

I’m a Libra and he’s a Gemini. In some ways we are alike and others we are very different. We both have some anxiety, a tendency to be quite anal and organized, but I try not to let it get to me, whereas he has anxiety about it. For example, if his room isn’t clean, suddenly it will get to him and he MUST organize it. Right NOW. Things like that.

I’d like to think, however, that we’re both fun-loving and outgoing, and he just has anxiety about little things. If he loses something, he has to find it IMMEDIATELY. If he can’t find it, he replaces it immediately. I am tired of dumping out all of my stuff in my purse, duffel bag, etc., to find what he will inevitably find in five minutes with some basic searching. My deal: how do I handle him (sometimes) making a mountain out of dung?! Will he ever change? I hate picking up his anxiety and then five minutes later, he’s over it and I’m all stressed out! – Attempting to Chill

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Ask The Astrosexologist: I Suspect My Libra Husband Is Cheating

I believe my husband is a cheater. He seems so happy in our relationship, yet he is always making new female friends. I have no problem with him having female friends, however he hides the friendships from me and I have found messages from him to other women in which he’s asking them to “hook up.” When I try to discuss these things with him, he does not want to talk about it. When I have no proof, he insists that these girls are only friends. I’m not buying it. I do not understand why he wants to be with me so badly (according to him) if he is interested in other women. I am so confused about my marriage and what I should do. One thing that causes my confusion is the fact that my husband does not talk to me about these things, does not change his actions (such as hiding his cell phone or deleting text conversations between him and his female “friends”), and he acts like he would die without me. By the way, I am a Virgo (9/18/89) and he is a Libra (9/23/87). Please help! – Lost

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