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Ask The Astrosexologist: “Will My Virgo Ex Ever Want Me Back Or Should I Move On?”

My Virgo ex-boyfriend and I dated for over a year and a half. We met in high school, when he was a senior and I was a junior. He left for college, but we wanted to stay together, so we tried a long-distance relationship. For the majority of that year, everything worked out well … but then he changed. A lot. He chopped off all his hair and became the epitome of a “frat boy” even though he never joined one. I tried to suppress my feelings, thinking that it was just freshman year experiences and I couldn’t say anything because when I went to college I’d probably change too. As far as I know, he never cheated, but he did become increasingly distant.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “Should I Continue To Wait For My Aries Man To Completely Commit?”

I am a Capricorn and for the past six years I’ve been dating an Aries. It always seemed that we got along together, and he always spoke of commitment and marriage. However, he is (according to my standards at least) unable to follow through because his chosen career doesn’t let him to earn enough and he also can’t spare any money. He is a smart guy and I have long sought to convince him to change careers, so he can have a good salary; combined with mine, we could finally live together. He agrees in theory, but when the time comes, he says I am not supportive of his dream. We have already broken up twice because of this.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “Should I Go For A Second Shot With My Libra Ex?”

I am an Aries and I was seeing a Libra. When he got accepted to college abroad, he moved. Before he went, he had said he loved me and could never forget me. We tried a long-distance relationship for a while, but it didn’t work out, especially for me. I don’t know who was the one with the worse communication skills, but yeah, it was rocky… Sometimes we wouldn’t talk to each other for months. I decided to call it off and he agreed because he said he’d do anything to make me happy. However, we kept in touch through mails and IM only, no phone calls.

Apparently, I am still stuck on that relationship because I never put my 100 percent in any other guy I have been with after him. I have been on lots of first dates, but can count the second dates on one hand. He still mails me once in a while and I have this nagging feeling that he might be getting over me because he has started to see this girl for sometime now. However, I am sure if I say anything about being back together, he might consider. Should I ? Do you think it would be worth all that trouble and heartache for all three people involved? I am miserable thinking about that one guy who had pleaded his “undying love and commitment” … the one I let go. – Empty

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Pisces Ex Try To Win Me Back?

I am a Taurus woman and my guy is a Pisces. We started going out in March and it was going really well. Although we were busy with our classes, we still made time for each other. Initially we would go out during the weekends, but then he started asking to hang out with me in between classes. Although we felt like we were already in a relationship, he told me that he wanted to start being in an official relationship with me after summer, because he and his ex started out long distance before, and they didn’t work out. Two days before we leave to go back home, he tells me that it seems like we’re already in a relationship, but I reminded him of what he said before, so we decided to start our relationship only after summer.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Can I Win Back My Aries Ex Or Should I Move On?

My Aries ex and I were good friends for about seven months, and then began our romantic relationship in January. The relationship was all that I could ask for and more (perfect!), until a few months ago. Now the once daily calls and texts are every three days and seeing each other every day/every other day became every 4-5 days or when it was convenient for him. I confronted him about it several times and the responses were, “I’m sorry,” and excuses. He’d change for a few days to a week and things would be great. When he was with me, things would be PERFECT. When we were around other people, things would be PERFECT. When he wasn’t around me though, I hardly crossed his mind (considering his lack of communication).

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Can 2 Scorpios Make It Work?

I was born Nov 5, 1982 and the guy I’m dating was born Nov 6, 1972. We are both Scorpios and have a lot in common. We’ve been dating on/off for about six months and although he is older, his age doesn’t bother me. Early into dating we were VERY passionate. Lately, we’ve been fighting more than normal. His job requires him to be out of the state for months at a time with few trips back home. I have no problem with his job, other than it seems that lately the “long distance” has begun to take its toll on his feelings for me. During the first few months of the relationship before he left for work, he and I got along great and our personalities meshed well.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Nab An Aquarius Man?

So there’s this guy that I have had a major crush on for about five years now. His birthday is Feb. 9 (Aquarius), and my birthday is Sept. 24 (Libra). I’ve gotten quite a few signs from him that he is interested in me, but seeing as we are both rather shy, neither of us have done anything. So my question is, is there anything that I can do to encourage him to do something, or is there anything in particular that I can do that would … entice him, for lack of a better word, or even sort of draw him in? I don’t see him much anymore, but I have him as a friend on Facebook, so I have some access to what’s going on in his life. Like I said, I’ve liked this guy for about five or six years now and I’m tired of this game we’ve been playing. I look at him; he looks away. He looks at me and I look away. We seem to have lots in common personality wise. We’re both kind of sarcastic and we both have the same sense of humor, but we are also both kind of shy, which makes this sort of thing kind of difficult. Plus, neither of us have had a lot of experience with the opposite sex. Anyway, what should I do? – Nat

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Taurus Man Ever Be Mature Enough For Me?

I am a 28-year old Libra and he is a 25-year-old Taurus. He hunted me down after months of crushing and I finally caved. We’ve been on and off most of the last year and a half. I know that he is a good person, but I am positive that he is immature and inexperienced (I am one of his first sexual partners). I’ve done my best to stay patient (he acts like a teenage boy). He has an amazing power to get under my skin like no one else can. He has his moments of greatness, but when all is said and done, I’m not sure we speak the same language. I speak English, he speaks Cro-Magnon. I truly believe he has what it takes to be great and that we can be great. I wish he would let go of his insecurities and simply grow up. Before you stop me and ask why I put up with his crap… I know. I know, but we keep coming back to each other and I want to make it work. According to our friends he wants to make it work too, but has no idea how. What’s a girl to do? Is our fate written in the stars or is it time to put on my single lady heels and get out there to find some new boys?? –M.

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Ask The Astrosexologist: “How Do I Reignite The Fire With My Aquarius Husband?”

I’m a Scorpio (11/3/79) and my husband is Aquarius (2/19/76). Even though our sex life was never fireworks, crazy monkeys swinging from the ceilings, we were at least consistent. Today, we are not. I love having sex, all kinds. I brought my fire to him and he seemed to get into parts of it. I brought out his inner grrrrrr when we were dating and we’d have fun having sex all over. We got married after dating for six months and now he doesn’t suggest anything. I don’t get a look, a touch, a hint or anything. One big problem is that I’ve never had to make the moves. I’ve always been pursued and I love it! I am more than willing to reciprocate and show the love, but getting there is another issue. I think about it all the time, but I’m not in the mood or get horny just sitting there. I’ve mentioned this to him before and asked if he doesn’t find me attractive or what … I cry thinking about all the amazing sex I’ve had and how it was always waiting for me. Now, I feel horrible about myself that I have to even ask for my husband to want to touch me. I’m 5’10 and a size 6. I’ve stayed beautiful for him, but on the inside I feel like dying. Help me! — Horny

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Strong Aries Wants To Bounce Back From Bad Ex

I am an Aries woman and have been sleeping with an Aquarius guy for the past two years. To make a long story short, I fell for his “I’ve-fallen-in-love-with-you-but-can’t-date-you-due-to-xyz-obligation.” He made promises of us being together in wedded bliss once he finished school and stressed his “dutiful son” role came before anything else, including his friends and me.

Over the course of this time, I’d break up with him often, but would return after he apologized and vowed eternal love, soon to be sleeping with him again. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, I reached my breaking point. I played detective and found out that he has about five other women he’s “in love with.” He’s told them all that they’re the ones and they’re meant to be together. One of these is a married woman and leaving her husband for him. After the shock, I confronted and dumped him immediately.

Of course, his first reaction was to bluff. Then he blocked my calls and threatened me with a lawsuit. Finally, he has e-mailed me to say that we were never together, I’m crazy, and I broke up with him all the time, so he had to move on. So, my question isn’t about him, because he’s a complete prick. My love question is for me: what’s wrong with me? I am an Aries woman; aren’t I supposed to have more pride and strength? He has been the only man I’ve let emotionally abuse me. I’ve never dealt with a cheater before; why do I yearn for his e-mails, just so we can argue? Why am I an emotional-cutter? – Too Numb for a Witty Name

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