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Ask The Astrosexologist: Can A Scorpio/Gemini Pairing Ever Work?

“I am a Gemini (6/15) who got involved with a Scorpio (11/10) early last year. Things were GREAT before he left for school. We were even making plans for me to follow him out there after I finished school. However, things did not work out for him and he moved back home early this year. He has changed into a completely different person! He cheated on me constantly while he was gone, but I know how important sex is to Scorpios so I’m willing to let that go. However, everything that I’ve read on astrology tells me that Gemini/Scorpio is the WORST love combination (although we will have great sex, which we do) and that I should run screaming for the hills while I can. But I’ve fallen hard for this guy, even though we constantly fight and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. My question is: is there something that maybe us Geminis do wrong that makes a relationship with a Scorpio so impossible? Or is it really just not in the stars for us?” – Spent

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Ask The Astrosexologist: My Leo Boss-Turned-Boyfriend Always Has To Have The Upper Hand

I’m a Sagittarius (12/13/89), and I have been seeing a Leo (7/23/76) for the past month. Before anything romantic happened between us, we worked together for about a year. He’s a lawyer and I was his secretary — and that situation, plus the age difference, has always made him feel as though he has the upper hand in the relationship. Since we have started seeing each other romantically, he has started to be a bit of an a-hole. He likes to play up the whole jerk thing, can be selfish, and he constantly needs his ego stroked. Prior to hooking up, the two of us would always joke around with each other. We liked to tease each other and laugh a lot, and we still do that now, but it’s really hard to get him to be serious! Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated! — Fed Up

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Help, I’m Living With A Filthy Taurus!

I (Mar. 29) was very infatuated with a man (May 7) for three years and one thing I was really attracted to (other than the sex) was his cleanliness. He was very particular about his clothes, smelled good, showered a lot, fine taste, etc. Now, we live together and I find dirty underwear everywhere to the point where I wonder if he knows how to clean his ass. Plus, he never washes his hands when he leaves the bathroom. It’s so disgusting that it turns me off from being sexual with him now. How do I mention this without being a nag or hurt his feelings? – Ms. Clean

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Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I End My Relationship With My Manipulative Ex-Husband?

“I (7/13/63) have been separated from my husband (11/30/69) since 2007. We have one child together. My husband does not want a divorce, but I do; yet I can’t seem to actually file the papers. I still care about him, but I can’t live with him, and I am not in love with him anymore. Every time I get up the nerve to end this marriage, he threatens to kill himself, or he acts so pathetic that I get suckered back into taking care of him. He has had ‘friendship’ relationships with his exes and lots of women on social networking sites for most of our relationship and still does. He also engages in reckless behavior. I can’t get past this and have always seen it as a dealbreaker, while he sees nothing wrong with it at all. Will I ever be able to finally put all this behind me and move on, or will I be hopelessly mired in this depressing, draining relationship? Please help!” – C

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Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Handle A Scorpio Man?

“I’m a Leo (08/10/84) and he’s a Scorpio (11/03/80). Long story short, we were in a long distance relationship for almost a year up until a few months. He fell hard for me initially. I was hesitant at first, but my feelings became pretty strong over time. We have plenty of similar qualities and great chemistry, and both of us are very passionate. Every relationship has its highs and lows, and it was during our last ‘low’ as a couple that he became wishy-washy and decided he wanted to ‘transition to more of a friendship.’ I think he found the distance part of it more difficult than I did, and while I didn’t want to give up on our relationship, I wanted to try to remain close friends since I love him and want him in my life.

It has been a bumpy road at times and we both have admitted we still have strong feelings for each other. There seems to be a double standard in that he expresses jealousy at the thought of me with another guy, but he thinks I should be okay with it if he meets some other girl sometime down the road. (He’ll often reference his Scorpio sign as a reason for this, stating that Scorpios can be possessive.) Thing is, I don’t wanna be with another guy. When I visited him a month ago, everything was same as usual — fun and romantic. Any advice for a gal trying to handle a Scorpio? Where do I go from here?” – JDub

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Ask The Astrosexologist: Two Cancers Do Sexting

I’m really liking this guy I work with. We’ve been spending a little time together outside of work. He isn’t my boss, I only see him at work occasionally, but he is a Cancer, and so am I. We’re both divorced and committed to career. I’m further into divorced life though, and he’s barely divorced — year and a half. I’m a total crab, and if he’s the same, do you think that we’re compatible? I’m trying to go super slow at this, because he’s still skittish about relationships. He tells me he just wants to “have fun,” but he talks to mutual friends about me. I think that’s a good thing. I’m a hard-shelled girl, so if this turns out to be “just fun” sexing, I’m okay, but I really like him. The more time I spend with him, the deeper I get. Give me your thoughts, be honest. — Dizzy Lizzy

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