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Lindsay Lohan Freaks Out The World By Announcing She’s Pregnant

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan tweeted out “It’s official. Pregnant” in what was intended to be an April Fools’ Day joke. The only problem? This being Lindsay Lohan, she tweeted it at 12:35 am, a full five minutes after the day was over, prompting concerned fans and media from around the world to collectively gasp in horror. The British press in particular initially reported the story as true, until they realized that Lohan was likely pulling a prank. (Phew!) I’m sure her boyfriend, Avi Snow, of the band City of the Sun, loved that. (Unrelated: Does anybody else pine for the simple days of Lohan’s relationship with Sam Ronson? Because I do.)

To add insult to fake baby injury, Lohan was photographed this week slumped under a table in Brazil. She’s supposed to report for rehab (one where allegedly she’ll be allowed to continue to take Adderall, ha!) this week. [The Independent]

Lindsay Agrees To Rehab
Lindsay Lohan
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Charlie & Lindsay
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Lilo Arrested (Again)
Lindsay Lohan
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Check This Out: Bacon-Flavored Baby Formula

It’s not a secret that the pork lovers over at J&D’s adore their bacon so much they’ll go to extreme lengths to spread the love. They’ve made Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Lip Balm and even Bacon Lube (um, yeah), so it was entirely plausible that their latest launch, Bacon Baby Formula, was as real as Frito Pie. Launched with a press release detailing supposed scientific research on the competitive edge babies who drink this smokey concoction will have — “It ensures that your infants get the fat, proteins and complex nutrients that they need to excel at an early age, all in a savory, delicious tasting formula.” — the new product caused a veritable internet s**t storm yesterday and blew up on Fail Blog. Alas, it was too good (or bad) to be true. Late last night we received an email straight from J&D’s headquarters, fessing up that it was all an April Fool’s Day hoax. However, judging from all the attention it got, we wouldn’t be surprised if they went ahead and moved forward with production. Keep reading »

Sure Fooled Us: Gaga And McQueen Collab Bogus News

Lady Gaga kind of has an unfair advantage when it comes to making headlines—girl is so crazy that even the most whack claims are plausible. “Gaga Marries Siberian Goldfish”? Sure. “Lady Gaga Claims She Was Raised On Alien Colony”? We could see that. So when we saw the following news item this morning—”Lady Gaga To Design Collection For Alexander McQueen”—we didn’t for a second doubt it and thought, Whoa, we’re gonna have some awesome blogging material once pics of this come out.

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