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How The Internet Is Celebrating April Fools’ Day

Hey, incase you forgot, it’s April Fools’ Day, the day in which the internet spends a portion of its marketing budget on ridiculous pranks! Let’s review how various websites and brands are playing “Gotcha!” this year… Keep reading »

Dog With A Monocle Is The Best April Fool’s Day Prank

Open Letter
Dear Man Who Wears A Monocle... Read More »

Hipster specs company Warby Parker pranked the internet on April Fool’s Day by introducing their “new” subdivision Warby Barker, which makes eyewear for dogs. I so wish pugs with monocles would become a real thing. [Warby Parker]

Get FREE American Apparel Today Only

This is no April Fool’s Day prank. American Apparel is giving away several items today only. Find the free items (and others that are 20 to 90 percent off) on this page. According to American Apparel, with a minimum purchase of $10, you can select up to five free items, using promo code APRIL1ST. My friend Misha of The Fab Chick and I ordered together so we could split the shipping cost, which was only $15.44. Seriously, we ordered five cotton pencil skirts and paid less than $16 total. That’s a complete steal! But you have to hurry since this promo expires at 11:59 p.m. tonight. Happy shopping! [American Apparel] Keep reading »

April Fool’s Day Open Thread

Don’t worry, The Frisky isn’t going to pull some April Fool’s Day prank on you, à la a crazy re-design, disabled comments (again!), or a series of posts on how to diaper a baby (this ain’t no mommy blog), but we would love to hear about any pranks you’ve pulled in the past, any pranks pulled on you, or anything you have planned for today. I might tell my husband later that I took a home-pregnancy test and it came out positive, but chances are he wouldn’t buy it (we’re actively trying not to get pregnant). Eh, admittedly I’m not so creative when it comes to pranks, but I have a sneaky suspicion some of you are. So let’s hear what you’ve got! Best story wins … $10,000 cash and a trip around the world!

That last part? A joke. Happy April Fool’s Day. Keep reading »

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