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Get Scrap Happy

For me, the most annoying part of cooking in my tiny kitchen are all the scraps that get in the way. Chop one cucumber and my counter is practically overtaken. Forget about an entire salad. Good news! There’s a kitchen appliance for your scrap issues. The Scrap Trap provides extra prep space by trapping your kitchen scrapings, peelings, skins, shells and bones. Just brush the unwanted bits into the clip-on bin with the scraper brush and dump them directly into the trash. Or into your composting heap if you’re green like that. A very happy way to collect your cooking scraps.  

[$9.99 Taylor Gifts]

A Countertop Laundromat

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Someday, my dream is to own a home, modest in size, but with room for its very own washer and dryer. Oh, to be able to wash my own clothes without having to spend an hour and a half at the sketchy laundromat three blocks away! If you’re one of the many people who does not live in a house, apartment, or building with a laundry room, then you’re perhaps familiar with this daydream. And I’ve found an awesome temporary solution! The Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine is capable of doing, yes, very small loads of laundry on your kitchen countertop. In other words, it’ll come in handy when you’re running low on clean undies or really want to wear your favorite T-shirt, like, tomorrow. Genius! [$105, Amazon]

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