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Brit Marling Of “Another Earth” — Inspiring Story Alert!


The Sundance Film Festival loves a double dipper. This year, the festival went crazy for two young actresses who had two movies screening—Elizabeth Olsen, who has the distinct advantage of being the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and an unknown by the name of Brit Marling. Folks liked 27-year-old Brit in “Sound of My Voice,” a futuristic indie thriller about a religious cult. But they loved in her “Another Earth,” a flick with an unusual concept—as a 17-year-old astrophysics students drives home from a party celebrating her admission to MIT, she looks out her car window, angling to see a newly discovered planet that has become visible in the horizon and crashes headfirst into another car, killing the wife and son of the family in it. Four years later, out of jail, she sets out to find the man whose life she ruined (Hey Ethan from “Lost”!) and befriends him, as scientists discover that this new planet is actually an exact doppelganger of Earth. It sounds heavy, but it manages to be totally restrained at the same time. In the movie, Brit gives an amazing performance, both weighty and subtle at the same time. Whispers began that she could be this year’s Jennifer Lawrence and end up with an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

But it actually isn’t even Brit’s acting skills that have me thoroughly fascinated with her. It’s her unusual biography. See, in a parallel life, Brit is an investment banker. Keep reading »

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