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Frisky Sound-Off: What Drives You Crazy?

It’s Friday and I started my morning off ready to tackle the world and get the weekend going with a bang. And then I got on the subway for my morning commute and it was all over. A woman sat down next to me. She had a whole bunch of bags and was spreading out, squishing me into the corner of my seat, my head getting pressed against the subway bar. For those of you who don’t live in NYC, the subway seats are crazy tiny and out of courtesy for your fellow commuters, you must try to make your body as compact as possible. Spreading your legs, letting your bags take up precious room, or pushing, especially during rush hour, is a big-time no-no. This is my number one subway pet peeve: people who take up too much space. I was sooo irritated that I muttered the word, “stop,” almost loud enough for her to hear. Them’s fighting words on the subway. Keep reading »

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