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A Wedding Portrait, Long Overdue

Pinterest Wedding
Pinterest wedding
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Chad And Avril's Wedding Photo
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Wedding Style Guide
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This is Wu Conghan and Wu Sognshi. They were married in 1924 in Nanchong, Sichuan province, China, but there were no photographers on their big day, and so the couple never had wedding photos taken. Well, 88 years later, the pair finally decided to remedy the situation and posed for the pictures they never got to take. They are 101- and 103-years-old, respectively. How friggin cute are they!? [Daily Mail UK]

Man Gives Woman Anniversary Gift — From Weezer

When Mark, of comedy crew The Key of Awesome, wanted to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with Anastasia, “the wonderful mother of two retarded cats,” he didn’t just get her a card and some candy. No, he got WEEZER, who collaborated with Mark on a kick-ass song about how majorly rad she is. Future husband dude (whoever you are), the bar is set awfully high. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: How Our First Anniversary Was Saved

Two weeks after confessing my worry about surviving my first ever road trip with my husband, I’m happy to report we made it home alive — with our bodies, minds, and marriage all safely intact. The trip wasn’t without a few close calls, though. While driving for the first time in three years — on narrow, winding back roads, no less — was nerve-wracking, it turns out our most anxious moments came before we even picked up our rental car. But what could have turned into a disastrous first anniversary — or, at the very least, a terribly unpleasant evening — quickly became one of the best weekends we’ve ever had together and was another reminder just how important a positive attitude and an open heart — not to mention an adventurous spirit — are in maintaining a happy relationship (with yourself or a significant other). Keep reading »

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