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Style Stealer: Anna Dello Russo’s Leather Look

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Anna Dello Russo is an editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. But she’s probably best known for her wild costumery and show-stopping hats.  Though she’s often seated front row during fashion week, it’s her outlandish outfits that have landed her time and again on style blogs. And Yoox.com even did a T-shirt collaboration featuring some of Dello Russo’s crazier looks last year. We’ve selected one of Dello Russo’s less wild outfits — worn to last week’s Stella McCartney RTW show — to steal. We love how she does so much with a fairly simple palette of black, white and gold. Check out our steal after the jump.

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Meet The Other Anna—The Wacky Vogue Japan Editor

When it comes to the world of Vogue, there are two Annas. Wintour, of course, and the one you probably don’t know too much about is Anna Dello Russo. She is the editor of Japanese Vogue, and she is awesome. In this profile in the Guardian, we learn that the fashion pro is quirky, full of spunk, and the total antithesis of Ms. Wintour. For starters, she wears watermelon hats (we heart you), publishes articles like “10 ways to make sure your fancydress costume won’t disappoint French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld,” and has her own perfume coming out called J’ADR. She could be onto something with this editors launching fragrances business. Can we get some of this fun fashion action stateside? [Guardian] Keep reading »

Anna Dello Russo’s Front Row Rules For Your Fashion Week Aspirations

If you haven’t added Anna Dello Russo’s blog to your must-reads — after glimpsing her love of lace — then we highly suggest you do so ASAP. The fashion editor and all around style maven has embraced not only the blog world, but also the 140 character habit, and is generously sharing her fashion advice with the world through the Internet. As a regular in the front row, couture wearer, and inducer of major style envy, she’s well versed in the ways of fashion shows, paparazzi, and dressing for the occasion. In one of her latest blog posts, Anna dishes on her top 10 tips for sitting front row at Fashion Week, and even though that day may never come for most of us, there’s no reason you can’t apply them to your day-to-day life. Plus, they’re made even more adorable by her broken English. Keep reading »

Anna Dello Russo Wears Another See-Through Dress, Shocks, Amazes

Yesterday, we spotted Vogue Nippon editor and fashion icon Anna Dello Russo walking the streets of men’s fashion week in Milan, Italy, wearing a black lace see-through dress. Now, she’s done it again, this time, according to LA LA Land, in a Dolce & Gabbana white lace see-through dress, pink Prada shades, and black undergarments peeping out underneath. You hate it? I love it. [LA LA Land] Keep reading »

Vogue Editor Wears A Fishnet Body Stocking, Causing Us Concern

Vogue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo channels a modest version of Lady Gaga in a lace body stocking. Why, oh why, must this be a thing? [Jak And Jill] Keep reading »

How To Pack Couture

Japan Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo is one of those people you see everywhere at fashion shows around the world, scurrying from show to show and looking fabulous in whatever amazing combination of couture she’s wearing. The ladies over at The Cut cornered Dello Russo during New York Fashion Week to find out how one woman packs so many phenomenal, and phenomenally expensive garments, into her suitcase. (How great is Dello Russo’s wardrobe? In Milan, where she lives, she keeps a separate apartment just for her clothes.) Her traveling secrets: designer shoes on the bottom, beautiful coats folded on themselves, and, gasp, she wears sweatpants on the plane. Mio dio! [The Cut] Keep reading »

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