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Star Couplings: Hollywood/Rock’s Hottest Couples In Love Again?

  • Are Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon back together? [People]
  • Same question for Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson — they were spotted smooching. [DListed]
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    Quick Pic: Look! It’s Whitney From Top Model!

    And you know what? She looks GREAT. We were worried when she won that the whole “plus-size model” thing was just a conspiracy to make Tyra and the America’s Next Top Model producers look good, but it seems Whitney has kept her gorgeous, curvy figure. Here she is on a photoshoot. If we were the types to say things like, “You go girl”, we would say it right now. [New York City, 7/28/08] Keep reading »

    Bigger Would Be Better On America’s Next Top Model

    We have some news for Tyra Banks — a size eight dress isn’t plus size and America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson ain’t no fat girl charity case. The new “plus sized” model is on the cover of the June issue of Seventeen, sending the message to America’s highest risk group for eating disorders that a perfectly fit size eight means you’re a big girl. Adolescents already have enough body issues without a thin girl getting called thick. This is some major mean-girl fashionista bull crap. If you’re gonna give us a plus-size superstar, she better be big enough to play the part. [Bitten & Bound] Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: A Shrinking Top Model

    That’s Whitney from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 — she’s the plus-size model in the final three in tonight’s season finale. I have no idea if this is Whitney before she was on the show or if it’s a recent picture, but girlfriend is significantly skinnier. I hope this is a picture from awhile ago and Whitney has since embraced her more natural, fuller figure. If this is recent and she’s lost as much as 20 pounds? Boo! Stupid diet industry… [Oh No They Didn't!] Keep reading »

    Does Tyra Want The Top Models To Act Like Street Walkers?

    Over the course of its many seasons, America’s Next Top Model (a new episode airs tonight) had tread into some fairly risque and/or controversial territory, though not in the way that Tyra Banks intends. Though she thinks the shoe has gotten “edgier” and more “fierce”, a number of women’s sites and organizations have cried fowl over some of Tyra’s creative choices when it comes to the photo shoots — a couple seasons ago, the models were photographed as highly sexy looking corpses, which many said glamorized sexual assault. Now a blog called “Menstrual Poetry” (stay with me ladies!) says that the current season’s opening montage features the women looking like less like models and more like, um, whores. “Her entire attitude in the first 15 seconds exudes sex–not modelesque, look at me kind of sexy, but look at me and give me a dollar bill sexy. When the America’s Next Top Model hopefuls are pictured, we are given a series of somewhat disturbing images including a few in particular of Kimberly, Dominique and Marvita, who look like prostitutes waiting in a dark alleyway.”

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    Tyra Banks Hosts The Fiercee Awards And The Frisky Wasn’t Invited

    We think it goes without saying that the red carpet was a hot tranny mess. Seriously. Like, trannies couldn’t have been trannier. Also, why is “fierce” spelled with two e’s? That’s not a typo. [DListed] Keep reading »

    Tyra Teaches The Top Models How To Work A Stabbing Pain In Your Uterus

    The best episodes of America’s Next Top Model are the ones in which Tyra takes time out of her busy schedule and teaches the contestants about posing. On Wednesday’s episode she gave them a very useful tip — when you can’t think of a pose, pretend you’re in pain. In the clip above, Tyra shows them just how couture and high-fashion menstrual cramps can look in a photograph. [CW: America's Next Top Model] Keep reading »

    The Daily Hotness: Claire From America’s Next Top Model

    Claire is totally my pick to win Top Model this season and she might seriously be the first worthy contestant to win the fierce hot tranny mess beauty pageant in eight seasons. Even though Tyra gave Claire a Susan Powter makeover, she rocks the photo shoots week after week. She’s also a married mom with a endearing personality and a cool indie spirit that doesn’t grate on your last nerve like past Top Model contestants Naima and YaYa. Also, sometimes she drinks her own breast milk. For real. [CW: America's Next Top Model] Keep reading »

    Tyra: Burns Bras Faster Than Benjamins

    Dozens of women burned their bras on the street in New York City. While in the 60’s, that behavior was invented by the strong feminist leadership trying to destroy the social conventions they were bound by, in 2008 it just took Tyra. On her daytime chat show, TyTy did yet another “get the right fit for you”-style show. Earlier in the year she did jeans (and still managed to show off her thong) as she encouraged her audience to rip their pants off. This time, she did bras and got her fans topless — officially proving Tyra can get a woman to strip faster than tequila shots. At the bra bonfire, her brave regular gal audience strutted their half-naked stuff on a frigid winter day — talk about commitment. Take that America’s Next Top Models! [Dlisted]
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    America’s Next Top Model Gets Serious

    America’s Next Top Model is kind of a reason for living. Which may explain why so many of the contestants have insane sob stories to tell during the audition process. Each year it seems like there’s always one girl who’s been through a really hard time — Tiffany grew up in the ‘hood; Amanda, the fair beauty who’s going blind; Brittany, who got into a car accident and suffered brain damage that affects her short term memory; the list goes on and on. But this year, for Cycle 10, Tyra and Company found some girls from the school of hard knocks that made our jaws drop. Dominique was in an abusive relationship; Marvita was raped; and Fatima, who was born in Somalia, was circumsized as a child. Umm, isn’t this supposed to be a light-hearted show about modeling and drag queens and being fierce? Tyra just loves to exploit the sad back stories of her contestants for ratings and very rarely does one of these women actually win. That said, we have a feeling gorgeous Fatima is going to go far and if her story, featured on a craptastic reality TV show, gets the issue of genital mutilation more attention, than so be it. [CW: America's Next Top Model] Keep reading »

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