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Have A Problem With Mustaches? Take It Up With The American Mustache Institute.

Every Sunday night, my girls and I go down to our local speakeasy bar and suck down cocktails prepared by our favorite bartender, Thomas. He’s a hot guy—tall with brown hair, blue eyes, a nice smile, ’30s style garb (complete with suspenders), and a big, fat, honking…mustache. This mustache has sparked a heated debate among the ladies. Half the group thinks it’s sexy; the other half wants to attack Thomas with a razor. ‘Stache style has ebbed and flowed over the years—there’s the crazy Salvador Dali waxed ‘stache of the ‘30s, the sexy ’70s ‘stache a la Burt Reynolds, and the ironic ‘stache of the last few years popularized by hipster boys. The question: Would you ever smooch a dude with a lip sweater? I say why the heck not, but apparently not everyone is so open-minded. Keep reading »

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