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Amanda Bynes Arrested After Tossing Bong Out Window, Undergoes Psychiatric Evaluation

Amanda Bynes DUI
Amanda Bynes mug shot photo
Amanda Bynes got popped for a DUI! Read More »
Amanda's Weird Interview
She says people lie about her having a mental illness. Read More »
Amanda Wants Drake
... to "murder" her vagina. Read More »
Jenny Tweets Amanda
Jenny McCarthy thinks Amanda Bynes needs to get some help. Read More »
Amanda Bynes parents denied conservatorship

After months of disturbing online and real-life incidences, actress Amanda Bynes was taken into custody Thursday night and ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation. Bynes was arrested earlier in the evening after she threw a bong out the window, prompting a neighbor to call the police. NYC police charged her with reckless endangerment, and took her to Roosevelt Hospital for an evaluation. After the evaluation, she was booked at a Midtown police station. Keep reading »

Amanda Bynes Tried To Use A Google Search In Lieu Of Presenting Actual ID

Amanda's Weird Interview
She says people lie about her having a mental illness. Read More »
Amanda's Workout
Amanda Bynes wears sunglasses and flails her arms at the gym. Read More »
Jenny Tweets Amanda
Jenny McCarthy thinks Amanda Bynes needs to get some help. Read More »
  • When an airport in New Jersey wouldn’t let Amanda Bynes board a private plane because she had no ID, the actress brought up her Google results and yelled the pilot, “I’m Amanda Bynes!” Guess what! It didn’t work. [Page Six]
  • There’s going to be a reality show about people who auction off their virginity. I would bid money not to watch it. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A Taylor Swift impersonator got beaten up for looking like Taylor Swift. [Dlisted]
  • Nick Carter and his fiancée might be getting their own reality show, because the newlywed hijinks gambit worked out so well for Jessica Simpson and some other guy  named Nick. [PopDust] Keep reading »

Amanda Bynes Works Out While Flailing Her Arms — See the Wild Video!

Amanda Bynes works out, as the rest of us do — but her method of working out is more than a bit unconventional. An 11-second video of the star at the gym was filmed by a fellow gym-goer and posted to YouTube.

In the video, Amanda can be seen working out on the gym machine and wildly flaily her arms. She thrusts her arms to the side and over her head during the course of the brief video. Amanda is so involved in the workout that she almost falls off of the machine at one point. Apparently, Amanda was wearing flip-flops and sunglasses throughout the workout. Read more on Wetpaint…

Jenny McCarthy & Amanda Bynes Engage In Weird Twitter War

  • So, Jenny McCarthy took to Twitter last night to express her concern about Amanda Bynes, and Amanda responded by calling Jenny old and ugly. And then they sort of made up but I’m pretty sure Jenny thinks Amanda needs more help than ever now. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • First of all, 98 Degrees has a new song out. Second of all, it’s called “Microphone” and it is about blowjobs. Hear it at the link and react. [College Candy]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows at Disneyland because of course they did. [Your Tango]
  • Lindsay Lohan apparently packed three outfits per day to wear while she’s in rehab because, really, you never know who you might meet there and you want to make a good impression amiright? [Newser]
  • First pet + street you grew up on = your porn star name. At the link, 100 celebs reveal theirs. [Next Movie] Keep reading »

Amanda Bynes: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Allergic To Alcohol, I Only Have Hot Friends

Amanda Bynes doesn’t hate every media outlet, just the ones that post unflattering photos or suggest she needs “help.” She tweets enough to fill several (hilarious) memoirs, but she also spoke out to In Touch Weekly, defending her sanity as well as her wealth.

“I have no clue [why people say I’m insane]. Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care. The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don’t talk to.” She has Twitter followers who adore her, but she also apparently has in-person backers. “I only have hot friends. They have my back until I die.” Read more on Wetpaint…

Amanda Bynes Shaves Off Half Her Hair

Weird Video
Further proof that Amanda Bynes is really, really losing her shiz. Read More »
Amanda's Naked Romp
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes walked around a tanning salon -- in the nude. Read More »
Amanda's Weight Loss
This concerns us: Amanda Bynes says she's striving to be 100 pounds. Read More »
  • It’s official. Amanda Bynes is full-on Britney-ing: she buzzed off half the hair on her head “like Cassie,” she tweeted. Oh girl, like Cassie a few years ago. [NYmag.com]
  • “Breaking Bad”‘s Aaron Paul tweeted that this cat video is the “greatest video that I have ever seen.” [Hypervocal]
  • What it’s like to watch that terrible Jennifer Love Hewitt TV show “The Client List” with a real sex worker. [Village Voice]
  • One of Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriends cooked and ate one of his pet pigeons. [Vanity Fair]
  • Jennifer Aniston apparently doesn’t want Justin Theroux to sign a prenup before they get married. [Hollywood Life] Keep reading »
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