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Style Stealer: Ali Larter’s Perfect Denim Pencil Skirt

Do you guys have an item of clothing that you gave away years ago that haunts you to this day? Mine is a denim pencil skirt. I tossed it in…

Winona Dimeo-Ediger | March 5, 2014 - 9:00 am

Style Stealer: Ali Larter’s Three Shades Of Grey

Ali Larter is rocking the ’70s vibes in this outfit she wore out shopping recently. All the muted shades of grey contrast so well with that fabulous red fedora. Carly…

Winona Dimeo-Ediger | December 7, 2013 - 11:00 am

That’s A Lot Of Look: Ali Larter’s All Striped Out

Whoa there, Ali Larter, did you really choose to wear that to the “Bachelorette” or did someone force you? This bandage-y pantsuit looks like something Kelly Bundy would have worn…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | August 25, 2012 - 9:00 am

Style Stealer: Ali Larter’s Floral Frock

You know, I’ve never really considered myself a huge fan of floral prints, let alone ruffled floral prints, but I’m really digging Ali Larter’s cute floral frock. I think it’s…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | May 30, 2012 - 4:00 pm

Quotable: Ali Larter Has A Little Penis Inside Her

“I was trying to keep it private, but we’re having a boy! I have a little penis inside of me.”– Ali Larter announced the gender of her baby on…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | September 10, 2010 - 4:20 pm

Quickies: Ali Larter Reveals Baby’s Sex & Become A Pimp In Germany

Ali Larter let it slip that she’s having a boy. [Us Weekly]
50 Cent tweeted that Tiny Cottle should take the wrap for the drug charges against her and husband…

Annika Harris | September 3, 2010 - 9:00 pm

Star Couplings: Ali Larter Is Pregnant!

“Heroes” actress Ali Larter and her husband Hayes MacArthur are expecting their first child. [PopEater]
A judge has ruled that Jesse James can take his daughter Sunny to Texas away…

Annika Harris | July 21, 2010 - 11:50 am