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Style Buzz: The Future Of The Alexander McQueen Label

  • Despite the sudden increase in Alexander McQueen sales following the designer’s death, the label will likely shutter. The Gucci Group, the owners of the fashion house, feel that sales can’t be sustained without McQueen. Sad! [TimesOnline.co.uk]
  • Ke$ha showed up to the Erin Wasson x RVCA runway show pants-less. Classy. [NeonLimeLight.com]

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Long Live McQueen!

Since his untimely death from suicide this week, tributes to designer Alexander McQueen have been piling up in front his NYC boutique. Keep reading »

Profiting From Alexander McQueen’s Death?

Perhaps it’s unavoidable that after celebrity deaths, products associated with them go flying off the shelves. Alexander McQueen‘s case proves no exception as it looks like people are both running to scoop up the designer’s wares, or trying to make a quick dime by selling them off. Over the past two days, more than 200 new Alexander McQueen auctions have been posted to eBay, not only advertising clothing and accessories, but also old magazine issues featuring the designer, domain names, and even the New York Post cover announcing his death. Similarly, Refinery29 reports via Twitter that a Barneys branch in New York had sold 500 of McQueen’s signature skull scarves in one day. That must be some sort of record, as they don’t come cheap (about $275 each!). [eBay, TweetPhoto.com] Keep reading »

Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

World-renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide at 40. McQueen became legendary for his provocative shows and refusal to pander to the fashion masses. Outfitting his models with metal bodices and moving them like chess pieces on the runway, the designer relentlessly raised the bar as his peers aspired to imitate his inimitable style. Three years ago, his close friend, muse, and the woman credited with discovering him, Isabella Blow, committed suicide by drinking weed killer. Just last week, his mother Joyce died. He would have unveiled his latest collection during Paris Fashion Week early next month. McQueen’s office issued a statement confirming the news, “It is a tragic loss,” adding, “We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.” As someone who has followed McQueen’s work for well over a decade, this is terrifically sad news. In the McQueen boutique in New York City recently, I found the experience like moving through a museum, one in which fashion was art. As a symbol of defiant, genius, and unrelenting inspiration, he will be missed. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

About Those Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes

Over at The Daily Beast, Rebecca Dana declares Alexander McQueen’s so-called “armadillo shoes” the “it” shoe of the season. We’ve written about these 10-inch heels from McQueen’s spring 2010 collection several times here at The Frisky, and while reviews remain mixed, I love them. As Dana confirms, though, I won’t be wearing a pair anytime soon. There are only 21 pairs in existence; they are, wait for it … $3,900 to $10,000 a pair, depending on style, skin, and embroidery; and they’re pretty much impossible to get — unless, of course, you’re Lady Gaga, who wore them in her “Bad Romance” video, or style icon Daphne Guinness. Even if you could get your hands on a pair, whether you could walk in them remains unclear. Staffers at British Vogue blogged their failure to stagger any distance on them, while Guinness proclaims: “They look difficult [to walk in] but they aren’t.” But why are these outrageous, unaffordable, incomprehensible lobster-claw boots the shoe during a recession? As McQueen told The New York Times, “The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today.” It only makes sense that women would be enamored with a pair of fantastical shoes they cannot afford to wear. [The Daily Beast] Keep reading »

“America’s Next Top Model” Winner Lands Real Fashion Campaign

Fashion insiders (and savvy reality TV watchers) know that for all the delish ridiculosity that is “America’s Next Top Model,” most of these girls are never gonna make it in the real world of high fashion modeling. Ever notice how the winners are a far cry from your Sashas and Karlies and Stams of the actual fashion runways? Yeah, this is a make-believe-for-TV model sandwich. However, last season’s winner — the, ahem, slightly petite Nicole Fox, who some of you may remember as the “slow talker” from the shorty season — just broke through the chains that bind them! Alexander McQueen just chose her to be the face of his spring/summer 2011 collection, making her the first “ANTM” alum to land an international campaign and, well, to do some real-life, serious modeling. Judging from the latest McQueen ads involving lots of reptiles, he’ll come up with a challenge that makes Tyra’s antics look downright tame. [Houston Chronicle] Keep reading »

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