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Morning Quickies: Pippa Middleton Got Dumped!

Who Is Alex Loudon?
alex loudon photo
Pippa's beau is a former cricket star. Read More »
Patti Matches Pippa
stanger middleton photo
Who would "The Millionaire Matchmaker" set her up with? Read More »
The Pippa Buttlift
Pippa Middleton butt photo
The "Pippa Middleton buttlift" is all the rage. Read More »
Kate's Preggo Rumors
kate middleton pregnant photo
Kate declined to eat peanuts and now everyone thinks she's knocked up. Read More »
Pippa Middleton photo
  • Pippa Middleton has been dumped by her boyfriend, cricket player Alex Loudon, allegedly because he’s sick of the “circus” surrounding her and being trailed by paparazzi. A “friend” also says that Alex’s old money family didn’t think Pippa was “wife material.” And here’s another lovely quote from a “friend”: “Alex was always the one in control. Now he’s seen as little more than Pippa’s appendage and really, what man could cope with that?”  Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet, Pippa! [Daily Mail UK]
  • Justin Timberlake made good on his promise this weekend to attend the Marine Corps Service Ball. His date was 23-year-old Kelsey De Santis, who invited him over the summer via YouTube video. [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez is back to dating backup dancers: this time his name is Casper Smart and he was in “Step Up 3D.” [RadarOnline] Keep reading »

Who Is Pippa Middleton’s Boyfriend, Alex Loudon?

alex loudon photo

Over one short weekend, the world became captivated with Pippa Middleton: the dress, the smile, the derriére. And though lots of people seem to think it’s not weird to suggest Pippa and Prince Harry get together, the reality is that Her Royal Hotness already has a boyfriend and apparently might soon be walking down the aisle on her own. (It won’t be Westminster Abbey, though.) The lucky guy is a hot piece of ass and former cricket star named Alex Loudon. Keep reading »

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