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Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Arcade Fire To Autolux

This Tuesday is major! The third Arcade Fire album dropped today and it is awesome—not that there was any doubt. But that’s not all! Autolux takes mass transit; Wavves conquers the surf; Buckcherry still tells the ladies they go all night long; Dax Riggs digs his own grave; Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band delivers their message; and Freddie Gibbs kills it. So, get those headphones on because it’s about to get special after the jump! Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Fat Joe To Tom Jones

This is what we like to call a phat Tuesday! Last week, we brought you part one of the new release extravaganza that is July 27th. Now, here is the second half of the jams you can get your hands on as of today. Just to recap, Menomena, Best Coast, Dru Hill, and Sky Sailing have hit the racks—you can check out their latest music vids here. Plus, Tom Jones goes gospel, Seu Jorge is running with a new band (which doesn’t wear blue suits and red skull caps), and Fat Joe admits he’s been watching “Star Wars” too much. So, let’s get into the groove after the jump! Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Menomena To Best Coast

This week, I can’t get this “Muppet Show” song out of my head! But it’s not nearly as catchy as the new record from the band of the same name: Menomena. Plus, there’s rad summer surf rock from Best Coast, Dru Hill reunites, and Adam Young releases a record he made before he was Owl City. So, let’s get into all these smooth grooves after the jump! Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From M.I.A. To Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse

The record you have been waiting for is here. And M.I.A.’s M/\Y/\ takes her whole thang higher. (Pronounced hi-ya.) Plus, Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse (R.I.P.) finally got out of crazy litigation to drop their ultimate super group record, Dark Night Of The Soul. This might just be the first and last time I say, “Thank you, lawyers!” But seriously, the record is so amazeballs. No label could suffocate its awesomeness. Also this week, Morcheeba and Sun Kil Moon let us down gently. So, get those headphones on, because this rainy Tuesday (in NYC at least) just got the perfect soundtrack. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Kelis To Big Boi

Oh girl, it’s hot outside, but these jams are so scorchin’ they’re gonna to melt the friggin’ dance floor! This week Big Boi, Kelis, Thieves Like Us, and Kylie Minogue are on fire, but then we’ll cool down with What Laura Says. So, get those headphones on, and get ready to booty bounce in your office chair, because it’s gonna be one tune-acious Tuesday after the jump. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Scissor Sisters To The-Dream

Your fave, Scissor Sisters, are back! No, not the ones you loved to love from your college drama class … Jake, Baby Daddy, and Ana Ma-friggin-tronic! They’re gonna fight fire with fire, and ass cheeks. Plus, hit maker The-Dream drops the kinda record that makes you wish you could go back in time to grind at your middle school dance; Wolf Parade puts on a show to rival the NYC Gay Pride parade this past weekend; and we’ll pretend bitchtastic Ke$ha isn’t in 3Oh!3′s oh-so catchy summer single. So, let’s get this party started, after the jump!

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