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Topshop Does Louis Vuitton Bunny Ears On A Budget

Louis Vuitton’s now-famous bunny ears retail for about $335, which, given that you have to tie them yourself, is a bit steep for us. To remedy the situation, Topshop has just knocked them off at a lower price ($36!) and with a more convenient headband attachment. Yes, this remains a particularly ridiculous accessory, but they’re at least good for a costume…or a day when you’re feeling mischievous and know that work is going to be particularly boring. [Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Another Place To Wear A Thong

I’m convinced that there are two types of people in this world—you’re either a long-time thong wearer and devotee or you just can’t stand having a piece of fabric wedged in between your butt cheeks. Personally, I loathe thongs. But a thong as jewelry? I’m all about it! Check out this cheeky (sorry, couldn’t resist) piece of jewelry by designer Delfina Delettrez, interestingly called “Saffo” (after the bisexual Ancient Greek poet). The gold and black diamond ring, though, is an investment at $3,502—yow. [Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

A Different Kind Of “Mood” Ring

Bored of your bling? Sorry, you’re out of luck … well, unless you bought this interchangeable diamond stone ring. The ring “set” (that’s what we’re calling it) by Sruli Recht comes with a total of three stones, which are in different colors and shapes so they can be switched out depending on your mood. It’s like a slightly more expensive (the stones are rough, uncut diamonds totaling €3530, approximately $5,060) mood ring! OK, so the price isn’t exactly accessible, but how cool-looking do these untreated gems look? [InventorSpot] Keep reading »

What Is Up With Peaches Geldof’s Fur Tail?

Oh, the irony. Last night, British socialite Peaches Geldof attended a store opening, and later lamented on Twitter: “Tonight was too indie. Even for me. Never though I’d say it but I’m gonna have to – too many hipsters spoil the b[r]oth.” Too indie, you say? Then what’s that ridiculously bizarre fur tail doing on your purse? Because that looks pretty hipsterific, if you ask us.

For a moment we thought the accessory might have been part of the Louis Vuitton SS 2010 collection, which included dangling fox fur tassels. But no, the LV designs were larger and featured dyes in splashy colors. Geldof’s tail appears to be the real deal, au naturel. Coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you. [DailyMail.co.uk] Keep reading »

Ring Around The Rosey

While this Rosey Ring is grown-up and sexy, it inevitably brings us back to childhood: “Ring around the rosey … ” Is it weird that something can be seductive and childish at the same time? (Although that rhyme was about the bubonic plague … but we digress.) A concept by German designer Fabien Seibert, the laser-cut rose silhouette elegantly wraps around the wearer’s finger. Its open form and stainless steel material lets you adjust it to make a perfect fit, which is great for those with small hands. Or big. Whatever. [$98, MoMA Store] Keep reading »

Cut-Along-The-Dotted-Line Jewelry

Looking for unique jewelry that suggests you may be interested in having someone cut across your dotted line? This Punctirus piece can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and the strange design makes it appear that a pair of tiny scissors are preparing to cut off your head or nip your hand off at the wrist. For those girls who like their accessories a bit more, um, daring, this would be a perfect fit. [NOTCOT] Keep reading »

Style 911: How Do I Accessorize A Simple LBD?

“A bunch of my friends are getting married over the next few months and I want to recycle a few of the dresses I already own. My favorite is a little black dress that’s pretty but maybe not exciting enough to just wear with black shoes and call it a day. How can I accessorize it to look more fun? Help!–Moira

Lucky for you, Moira, this is a actually a pretty easy thing to do. Most important is deciding which color group you want your accessories to fall under. (Nothing should be too matchy-matchy, but a general family of color is a good place to start.) We’re big fans of silver and pewter both with black and with several other colors (meaning that you could potentially reuse the accessories for other weddings with other dresses), so that’s where we’ll be looking. Keep reading »

Cassette Tape Tie

OK, so it’s a little pricey for a tie, but pretty cool once you take a closer look. No, ladies and gentlemen, that tie is not made of mere fabric; it’s actually a whole lot of recycled cassette tape.This strikes us as the perfect gift for that music lover who “has everything” because, let’s face it, there’s a good chance he does not in fact have this. [Sonic Fabric Neck Tie, $120] Keep reading »

The Adam & Eve Clutch—Fashion’s Original Sin?

Can’t quite commit to the popular androgynous fashion trend sweeping the nation? Don’t want to wear a boy-cut without having a bit of girlish flair in there? Now you can go both ways with this Adam & Eve purse from Patricia Field. The metallic and lacquer torso clutch is half-man, half-woman—meaning you can swing both ways and wear it with both your busty-boob dresses and your andro ponchos. [Fashion Tribes] Keep reading »

Weird Or Genius: Breast-Like Baby Bottles

Certain products are made to simulate real things for quite useful reasons—think Splenda, dildos and Skype video chat. And then there are things that when “brought to life” fall in the realm of just plain scary. That’s what we first thought about these lifelike breast baby bottles by Mimijumi. The “Very Hungry” baby bottle is designed to make suckling babes take to a plastic cap like they would a mother’s teat.

Maybe this would be incredibly useful to get a newborn to take to a bottle … but maybe create some weird sexual conceptions in the future? (OK, total exaggeration.) So, you tell us—is this lifelike bottle something that sucks you in? Or just plain sucks? [TrendHunter.com] Keep reading »

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