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Crave: Absolutely Fabulous Boxset

Sin is in, sweetie. And it’s all been put together in one silver quilted boxset of Absolutely Fabulous episodes and specials written by the funniest comedy team from across the pond, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. From flashing off the Eiffel Tower to snorting cocaine off work papers, with almost 24 hours worth of hanging out with Britcoms boozin’, trend chasin’, pill poppin’, LaCroix lovin’ cougars, Patsy and Edina, you might need to check into rehab — but your vocabulary will grow to include “sweetie darling”, “ciggy”, and “champagne fridge”. [BBC]

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Sensitive Skin, Hot Sex

Sex is still in the city and on HBO. Kim Cattrall, aka Samantha Jones, will executive produce/star in Sensitive Skin, a new show about a 50-something Manhattan housewife putting herself (and her crotch) out there. The series will be based on a BBC program of the same name which featured the coolest cougar from Absolutely Fabulous, Patsy (aka Joanna Lumley). Sopranos alums, writers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, have also signed on to guide the project and we’re sure with Ms. Kim in the lead role, this new show will be just as hit-able stateside. [Hollywood Reporter]

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Smells Like Expensive Teen Spirit

A new French perfume by Etat Libre d’Orange called Sécrétions Magnifiques smells just like what the name suggests it takes — a combo of blood, sweat, and spit. [No tears? -- Editor] Although the scent alone is enough to trigger your gag reflex, the $150 price tag will probably do that too. The perfume has been selling at Harvey Nichols, the favorite high-end department store of Absolutely Fabulous‘ Patsy and Edina, but has just hit the American market at Henri Bendel. Kudos to Antoine Lei, who created the scent that flies in the face of what perfume is even used for — a fresh, pleasant smell to mask body odors. But gosh, doesn’t everything sound super chic in French? [The Sun U.K.] Keep reading »

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