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Get The Frisky To Go!

Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about and you have that burning in the pit of your stomach? That’s not acid reflux, peeps, that just means you, OMG, you need to read The Frisky, like, ASAP. Too bad you’re not at home in front of your computer, huh? BUT WAIT. As you may have noticed by the various ads assaulting your eyes today, The Frisky has launched its mobile site, so you can stay up to date on Star Couplings, the latest Hair Model Citizens and Girl Talkin‘, and what’s going on in the Mind Of Man, even when you’re on the move (or too lazy to get out of bed to get your laptop). Here’s everything you need to know about The Frisky’s mobile site — or you can simply start connecting with us via your mobile device by visiting m.thefrisky.com on your phone’s web browser. (FYI, commenting isn’t available yet, but it’s comin’!) Obviously, if you’re still packin’ a cellie from the “90210″-era, this may not work, but now you have further motivation to upgrade. Holla! [Get The Frisky To Go] Keep reading »

Get Ready To Be Frisked

Hello! Welcome to The Frisky! Here’s a head-scratcher for you: the last time you had a really awful, awkward date (or a super-fun romp in the sack), did you laugh about it with your girlfriends afterwards? We sure did. Which is why it totally boggled our minds that out of all the gazillions of love, sex, dating, and, um, smut sites for women on the Internet, none of them were relatable. Enter The Frisky.

Chances are (unless you’re a character in a Sandra Bullock movie), most of your day-to-day thoughts about love and sex revolve around pop culture (“Britney Spears tends to a shrine of Justin Timberlake? What?!”), health (“Is the HPV vaccine right for me?”), politics (“Are all powerful men total horn dogs?”), fashion (“Do sexy, comfortable shoes actually exist?”), dating (“He took me to the pharmacy to pick up his Propecia prescription!”), and travel (“How do you say ‘to the left’ in Italian?”). That’s why The Frisky tackles all of these facets of life, but with a sexy, carefree, and most of all, relatable twist.

The Frisky is a site is for women everywhere, and we can’t wait to hear your totally ferocious and fiery opinions. So please register, and feel free to post away on our blog and forums, and shoot us your amazing tips on cool stories. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you.

So once again, welcome to The Frisky. Let’s have some fun!

– Amelia, Catherine, and Simcha (More about us after the jump!)
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