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Aaron Sorkin Man-Splains The Lack Of Good Roles For Women In Hollywood

UPDATE: Be Still, My Heart: Scenes From The “West Wing Movie”!

The Newsroom's Problem
The Newsroom
On Aaron Sorkin and "The Newsroom"'s woman problem. Read More »
Sorkin Sexist?
aaron sorkin photo
Aaron Sorkin responds to critiques of "The Social Network"'s misogyny. Read More »
Sorkin's Next Act
Aaron Sorkin is penning a movie about the John Edwards scandal. Read More »

Update, 10:25: There is no “West Wing” movie. Josh Malina is just an asshole who is toying with my heart. The cast reunited to film a PSA, possibly for Funny Or Die. So disappointed. [SPI]

Missing C.J. Cregg in your life? Me, too. Good to know then, that over the weekend, “West Wing” actor Josh Malina tweeted a pic of what appears to be Allison Janney (C.J.) and Bradley Whitford (Josh) working on a scene with the caption, “I can’t say what super-secret set I’m on, but it rhymes with Bwest Bwing Bmovie.” Another pic showed Richard Schiff (Toby) hustling around all-Toby-ishly and another pic appears to be Whitford getting a hug with the caption “This time it’s for real, people.”

I can sum up my reaction in one word: Yiiiiiiiiiii! I hope Malina does not get in trouble for his super-secret tweets. Creator Aaron Sorkin seems like he gives hard spankings. [Img.ly]

On Aaron Sorkin And “The Newsroom”‘s Woman Problem

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Men Quoted In Media
4th Estate chart about women in journalism
Men overwhelmingly quoted in media about women's rights. Read More »
Reporter Fired For Stripping
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The Newsroom

Being an Aaron Sorkin fan runs in my blood. My mom might have been the world’s biggest “West Wing” fan. Although I was too young to really understand the show when it was on the air, I’ve since gone back and watched and loved almost the whole series. Granted, when I watched “The West Wing” I was sure that I would grow up and become a real-life C.J., so why I liked it could be questioned. Maybe it just gave me my political junkie fix or maybe I finally felt like I found a place where people talked faster than me.

As I’ve grown up however, I’ve traded my political ambitions for more journalistic ones. And, apparently, so has Aaron Sorkin. Which is why I was more than happy to watch his newest show “The Newsroom.” (Spoiler alerts ahead!) Keep reading »

Aaron Sorkin Responds To Critiques Of Misogyny In “The Social Network”

aaron sorkin photo

“The West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin is just like you—when he is pissed off about a blog post, he takes to the comments section! Sorkin, who wrote “The Social Network,” left a long comment on a blog post written by TV writer Ken Levine, who reviewed the movie. Another commenter, calling themselves Tarazza, posted a comment which said she loved the Facebook movie except for “the lack of a decent portrayal of women.” With the exception of Rashida Jones‘ character, Tarazza wrote, the women in the movie “were basically sex objects/stupid groupies,” adding “kinda makes me think that Aaron Sorkin (though I love his writing) failed the women in this script. Kind of a shame considering he’s written great women characters like C.J. Gregg!” (The female communications director on “The West Wing.”)

Sorkin then took to Ken Levine’s blog himself. Keep reading »

Aaron Sorkin To Make A Movie About The John Edwards Scandal

Aaron Sorkin, the man behind “The West Wing,” is directing his first movie. And it’s about scandalicious John Edwards. The flick will be based on The Politician by Andrew Young, an insider’s account of Edwards’ run for the White House and the subsequent scandal that basically ruined his career. Keep reading »

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