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Halloween Superlatives: Most Likely To Break FRAGILE Hearts

Halloween Superlatives: Most Likely To Break FRAGILE Hearts

There are so many options for Halloween costumes and so many of them seem to be awful. This year, we’ll be giving awards out to the best of the worst the holiday has to offer.

It will be Thanksgiving soon enough and then you can watch “A Christmas Story” for 24-hours straight while eating any leftover Halloween spoils. But if you truly can’t wait another month, go ahead and dress up as the Sexy Leg Lamp, the major award that comes in the box marked FRAGILE, (pronounced the Italian way, FRA-GEEEL-AY). Surely, you will break some hearts (or maybe shoot some eyes out) in this look. [$39.99, Christmas Story Gift House]

Ralphie Of “A Christmas Story” Now A Hot Producer

With TBS playing “A Christmas Story” for 24 hours straight last week, you no doubt watched the classic ’80s flick at least once. And you probably thought to yourself the same question we did: I wonder where Ralphie is now? Well, The New York Daily News has done the legwork for us on that one. The bluest eyed kid on the planet—whose real name is Peter Billingsley—isn’t acting so much anymore, though he does do the occasional bit part. But he’s still in Hollywood—he’s a producer whose credits include “Iron Man,” “The Break Up,” “Made” and “Four Christmases.” (I’m guessing he’s buds with Vince Vaughn?) He also directed “Couples Retreat.” And is a super hottie. We’re glad you didn’t shoot your eye out, Ralphie. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

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