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Stephen Moyer’s Dream “True Blood” Sex Scene Sounds Totally Fangtastic

If I had to name just one reason to watch “True Blood,” it would be the show’s notorious steamy sex scenes, which just keep getting steamier! After going topless with co-star Sam Trammell in a hot dream sequence, Stephen Moyer told The Advocate recently that he asked the writers to pen another sexy scene along the same lines.

Specifically, he said he wants his character, Bill, to have a gay sex scene with his adversary Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard! In fact, Moyer’s been in hot pursuit of the scene for a while, elaborating, “Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it.” Whoa, baby! Read more…

Eric Tries To Cock Block Alcide And Sookie On “True Blood”

Joe Hits The Beach
Now that's the stomach I remember... Read More »
True Blood Sex Scenes
More about those steamy vampire sex scenes. Read More »
True Blood Gets Incest-y
Eric boinks his sister on the first episode of the new season. Read More »
But Does His Plan Work? Watch To Find Out!

I haven’t watched last night’s “True Blood” yet, but I asked Sophie, our marketing manager, to tell me about something interesting that happened on the show but doesn’t actually spoil anything particularly important plot-wise. While she hinted that something kinda shocking at the end, she said the most interesting but not plot-essential development was that Eric attempted to glamour Alcide into not being horny for Sookie anymore. But did it work? You’ll have to watch the first and second clips above to find out! I, for one, hope that nothing stands in the way of us seeing Alcide nekkid in future episodes. That would be a shame.

“True Blood”: The Return Of Russell Edgington

But First, Sookie & Alcide Get It On!
Joe Hits The Beach
Now that's the stomach I remember... Read More »

Has “True Blood” jumped the shark? I would argue that yessss, it totally has and only two things have kept me watching this season: 1) Pam’s increased role on the show and 2) the eventual return of Russell Edgington. The occasional moments of Greek God-like almost nudity (see the clip above, featuring Sookie getting it on with a shirtless Alcide (played by Joe Manganiello) have been worth tuning in for as well, but they are far too sporadic for a show that used to be filled with gratuitously horny sexytimes. Anyway, as promised, Russell Edginton, the former vampire king of Mississippi, came back to liven things up (second clip in player above). Maybe I’m not quite over this show after all…

“True Blood” Should Be All Pam, All The Time

Watch Pam Get Turned!

Alright, it’s official: Pam is officially the most interesting character by far on “True Blood.” Vampire Tara? Still meh. Sookie? Barely even serves a purpose this season so far! Eric and Bill are being wasted with the slow pace of their current storyline. But finding out Pam’s back story — and how she came to be turned into a vampire by Eric — is the only reason to keep watching as far as I’m concerned.

“True Blood’”s Muse: Rick Santorum

“True Blood””s just-begun Season 5 has its roots in the Republican primaries. No, there weren’t any known vampires running for office—but the policies of Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum were scary enough, says show creator Alan Ball. While watching the primaries, Ball found himself “asking what would it be like to have a theocracy in America—which is way more terrifying than any fictional monster could ever be,” he tells the Wrap.

The most “terrifying” thing about Santorum: “How many people agree with him,” Ball notes. “Our jumping off point was ‘OK, what is a vampire theocracy?’” Read more …

“True Blood”‘s Tara Is Somewhat More Tolerable As A Vampire

True Blood Gets Incest-y
Eric boinks his sister on the first episode of the new season. Read More »
Is He A Vampire?
How to know if you're dating a vampire. Read More »
Does Vampire Tara Kill Or Suck?

Since the first episode, Tara has been one of my least favorite character on “True Blood.” I just haven’t been able to muster up an ounce of care about her andthe way she says “Sook” is neck-and-neck with the way Sookie says “Bill” (Beyuuuul) as most annoying name pronunciation everrrrr. So when last season ended with Tara dying in a pool of blood, I was pretty okay with her not coming back. But then, in the first episode of the season, Pam changed Tara into the thing she hates most — a vampire. And finally, finally Tara had the potential to be interesting. After last night’s episode, I’m still waiting for that to happen, but I am excited for a relationship to develop between Tara and her maker Pam, who is the awesomest and is finally getting the screen time she deserves. If anyone can teach Tara to be a scene stealer, it’s Pam.

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