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Paris Jackson thinks Michael Jackson was murdered in a “setup”

“Because it’s obvious,” she said. “All arrows point to that.”

The Frisky | January 24, 2017 - 11:58 am

Paris Jackson says Joseph Fiennes’ portrayal of her father ‘make me want to vomit’

Paris Jackson, like everyone, is not here for Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in the UK series Urban Myths.

The Frisky | January 12, 2017 - 10:56 am

Watch This Badass Teaser for Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Documentary

The documentary will premiere February 5th on Showtime.

Bronwyn Isaac | January 14, 2016 - 1:30 pm

Michael Jackson Pranked Russell Crowe For Years

As you slog your way through the myriad not-yet-April Fools’ Day pranks that plague this nation, revel in this: no one has ever pranked someone better than Michael Jackson pranked…

Beejoli Shah | March 31, 2015 - 3:00 pm

What’s Up With Defamer Bullying Prince Jackson?

Defamer wrote a post on Michael Jackson’s 17-year-old son Prince Jackson’s apparently totally lame-o lifestyle yesterday, and it strikes me as unnecessarily mean. Here’s a list of everything in that…

Rebecca Vipond Brink | January 6, 2015 - 2:30 pm

Watch This Artist Sing Michael Jackson With A Loop Machine

Artist Kawehi used a loop machine to sing Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” with her own voice serving as background vocals, and my mind is blown. Michael…

Claire Hannum | September 4, 2014 - 6:00 pm

This High School Kid’s Michael Jackson Dance Is Blowing My Mind

When high school junior Brett Nichols performed this Michael Jackson-inspired “Billie Jean” dance routine at Pitman High School’s Talent Rally (the action starts around 1:12 on the video), he probably…

Claire Hannum | May 22, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Paris Jackson Was Mad At Family For Not Letting Her Attend A Marilyn Manson Concert

Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, allegedly tried to commit suicide two nights ago by attempting to OD on pills after a family member forbade…

Jessica Wakeman | June 6, 2013 - 10:40 am

Paris Jackson, 15, Hospitalized In Alleged Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson, was hospitalized last night after an alleged suicide attempt. TMZ reports that a 911 call was placed from…

Jessica Wakeman | June 5, 2013 - 1:08 pm

Yes, I Would Like Some Michael Jackson Nesting Dolls

I don’t have much context for this photo of a bunch of Michael Jackson matryoshka dolls. A friend of mine posted a photo of them on his Facebook the other…

Julie Gerstein | March 4, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Michael Jackson’s Son, 16, Is Now An “Entertainment Tonight” Correspondent

Prince Michael Jackson, the 16-year-old son (center) of the late Michael Jackson, is now a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight.” In tonight’s broadcast, Prince covers the red carpet premiere of…

Jessica Wakeman | February 19, 2013 - 5:45 pm

Is There Anything Cuter Than Beyonce, Backstage, Making Faces?

I’ve never been super crazy about Beyonce, personally. But these pics, capturing her goofing off and doing her best Michael Jackson impression before her London show earlier this week, might…

Julie Gerstein | January 3, 2013 - 4:20 pm
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