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Jake Gyllenhaal Knows A Nice Booty When He Sees It

You know, Jake Gyllenhaal has been “plagued” by gay rumors for a while now, but it’s candid shots like this that make me think otherwise. One more, after the jump… Keep reading »

The Jake Gyllenhaal Effect

Dear lucky individual in the khakis: I know, right? I feel the same way about Jake G. Keep reading »

Gyllenhaal Is Harder To Pronounce Than You Think

I have never had an issue spelling Jake Gyllenhaal‘s name, but apparently, all those times I cried it out in bed, I was pronouncing it wrong? How awkward. Keep reading »

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Down To Duran Duran

If you’ve been sweating Jake Gyllenhaal’s shirtless “Prince Of Persia” pics, well, you’ll really enjoy watching him get into the groove at a bar in Russia. The dude likes to dance, almost as much as he likes the Eastern European ladies. Jake, if you’re reading this, I’m half Russian and I have a copy of the original, too-hot-for-TV banned “Girls On Film” video! If you are not Jake, scroll past the minute mark, that’s when the party gets started. [LA Rag Mag via OMG Blog] Keep reading »

Quotable: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Terrified Of Ostriches

“They would say, ‘Don’t make any noise around the ostriches. They’ll tear out your eyes and rip out your heart.’ So, I was naturally terrified. They look like they’re innocent, but they’re really not.”

Jake Gyllenhaal on the scariest part of filming “Prince of Persia” [People] Keep reading »

Quotable: Jake Gyllenhaal Buffed Up In The Shower

“The Jake Gyllenhaal workout plan…starts with growing long, long hair. Very long…gorgeous greasy locks and then washing every day….Wash, shampoo, then condition. Washing works the biceps and then the triceps by conditioning. And vigorously rubbing all of your body with soap really defines the abs and the pectoral muscles. And if you do squats while you’re bathing — that’s it!”

Jake Gyllenhaal jokes with “Entertainment Tonight Canada” about how he got in killer shape for his new movie, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.” And, Jake, if this was a ploy to get countless women — and men — picturing you in the shower, it worked. Keep reading »

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