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Here’s What To Expect From Porn In 2015

Here's What To Expect From Porn In 2015

PornHub published its 2014 yearly review this week, and it was full of illuminating statistics about what exactly the world gets off to. PornHub analyzed the most popular search terms, countrywide porn statistics, most popular porn stars, the viewing habits of men vs. women, which world events impacted PornHub’s traffic, and even which countries’ viewers last the longest. The data was also used to come up with predictions of what porn trends to anticipate in 2015. Sigh, where would this world be without someone to keep track of these oh-so-important factoids? Keep reading »

2014 Happened In Slow Motion

Sometimes It DID Feel Like Life Was Moving In Quarter Time

Apparently slo-mo was the video effect of choice in 2014, because as this video demonstrates, everyone used it. Beyoncé, “Gone Girl,” “True Detective,” “The Lego Movie,” “The Fault In Our Stars,” Taylor Swift, even the “Turn Down for What” video.

I could go ahead and give you some armchair philosophy about how fast the world is moving “these days,” and our ubiquitous use of slo-mo in 2014 must reflect our cognitive dissonance as a culture, how we want to slow down and so on — but that’s really just bullshitting. Maybe it’s that CG animation has gotten so good that we want to show that even in slow-motion, the fabricated looks real; maybe it’s a way to experiment with camera angles; maybe cinematographers just feel like it’s simple but effective. Who knows? It’s mostly just an interesting note about the visual culture of the last year. [h/t Devour]


Claire’s 5 Favorite Things From 2014


Sure, there’s the stuff that shows up on roundups of the year’s most popular music, movies, TV shows, books, trendy lettuces, vibrators, painful caught-on-video mishaps, or what have you. But a better way to sum up your own year in culture is to take a look at the things that really hit home and stuck with you. Here are the five things Claire discovered and loved the most in 2014! Keep reading »

It’s Gonna Be Okay: 9 Things I Learned In 2014


This was a year of changes, challenges and questions, and that made it full of unexpected lessons. Some realizations I had this year should probably have already been obvious to me, some I wish I’d never learned at all, and some came as a huge relief. A few of observations from 2014 that I’ll keep in mind as a new year begins… Keep reading »

28 Pieces From 2014 That Should Be Required Reading For Women

28 Pieces From 2014 That Should Be Required Reading For Women

In the social media age, sometimes it feels like the relevance of a single story lasts about as long as it takes to tweet about it. It can feel like a sensory overload, a near-constant “on to the next!” But once in a while you read a piece that seeps into your core, and sticks with you even months down the road.

For the third year in a row, we’ve curated a list of pieces that stood out to us over the last calendar year. To make the list, an article had to be (1) published in 2014, (2) written by a woman and (3) be available online. (We also aimed to include a diversity of voices and publications, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to cut any of the three Roxane Gay pieces we ended up including. All hail the year of the Bad Feminist.) Read more on Huffington Post Women…

What Surprising Thing Did You Learn About Yourself In 2014?


Did this year’s experiences teach you anything about yourself that you didn’t expect? I learned that I’m more resilient than I thought, that I can actually make a good pie crust, that I’m more productive in the morning than at night, that I will never willingly wear harem pants, and that I can find the good in really bad situations. What about you? Keep reading »

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