Contribute To The Frisky

The Frisky is looking for freelance pitches and submissions!

Please send all pitches via e-mail ONLY to one of the following editors and please put PITCH in all caps in the subject line. If we’re interested in your story, we will contact you, but if you haven’t heard back within two weeks of submitting your proposal, feel free to follow-up via e-mail:

Pay is negotiated upon assignment, though rates are competitive with other online blogs/webzines.

Please, oh please, read The Frisky thoroughly before sending us your pitch so you can make sure your idea and the tone you intend to take is in line with our editorial mission (i.e. hilarious, irreverent, sexy, and smart, obviously).

What To Pitch:

First Person Essays: If you’ve got a unique perspective on a topic that resonates with our audience — be it sex, dating, friendships, family, self-esteem, body image, work, travel, mental health, physical health, communication, WHATEVER – we might be interested in publishing it. Past examples include “The Importance of Being Earnest,” “No Apologies: I Changed My Default Setting From Self-Deprecating To Confident,”  Typical Column Length: 700-1000 Words

The Soapbox/Frisky Rant/Other Opinion Pieces: The Soapbox is an opinion piece taking a stance on a particular issue, either something in the news or a topic that’s more personal. Frisky Rant is a little less serious, and more about going off on some personal pet peeve. However, we also publish other opinion piece NOT under either branded column. Past examples include “Uptight Millennial Feminists Aren’t Killing Sex, They’re Trying To Survive,” “On The Need For Safe Spaces For Girls Who Develop Early,” “Vocal Fry Isn’t Holding Women Back, Misogyny Is.” Typical Column Length: 700-1000 Words

Listicles/Galleries/Features/Q&As: Basically anything that fits within The Frisky brand and is not on the list below.

What Not To Pitch:

Branded Columns: Those written by a single writer (i.e. Make It Stop, Dater X, Girl On Girl, Emily Postmodern, The Gyno Diaries, Lights Camera ACTION) are closed to freelancers.

Blog posts: The regular daily blogging on The Frisky is already covered. If there’s a topic you’d like to suggest we cover, please don’t hesitate to tips us at [email protected].