Contribute To The Frisky

The Frisky is looking for freelance pitches and submissions!

Please send all pitches via e-mail ONLY to Amelia McDonell-Parry ( and please put PITCH in all caps in the subject line. If we’re interested in your story, we will contact you, but if you haven’t heard back within two weeks of submitting your proposal, feel free to follow-up via e-mail.

Pay is negotiated upon assignment, though rates are competitive with other online blogs/webzines.

Please, oh please, read The Frisky thoroughly before sending us your pitch so you can make sure your idea and the tone you intend to take is in line with our editorial mission (i.e. hilarious, irreverent, sexy, and smart, obviously).

What To Pitch:

Life After Dating: First person essays, features and lists about the issues faced by women/couples in relationships, be they straight, gay, poly, open, etc., and how those relationships do or do not impact other aspects of their lives. Past examples include “Is It Bad That I Keep Nudging My Boyfriend To Propose?” and “My Husband’s Best Friends Are Women & I Think It’s Great.Typical Column Length: 700 Words

Girl Talk/True Story: A first person essay about the writer’s experiences with a particular topic, like dating, relationships, sex, work, family, friendship, etc. Past examples include “What The Hell Is Going On With 30-Something Men,” “Why I Had Breast Reduction Surgery,” and “Confessions Of A Nude Model.” Typical Column Length: 700 Words

The Soapbox: An opinion piece taking a stance on a particular issue, either something in the news or a topic that’s more personal. Past examples include “The Case Against Sex Offender Registries,” “Women Wear Yoga Pants Because They’re Comfortable, Not Because They Apparently Give You A Boner,” and “I’m A Mom Who Smokes Pot.” Typical Column Length: 700 Words

Frisky Rant: Less serious and/or measured as The Soapbox, Frisky Rant is exactly what it sounds like — a place to rant about something specific that is pisssssssing youuuuu offffffffff. Past examples include: If You’re Eating Smelly Food On The Train, I Hate You,” “If You’re Privileged And You Know It, STFU,” and “Stop Being So Damn Disgusting In The Company Bathroom, Ladies.” Typical Column Length: 700 Words

Dealbreaker: A first person column detailing the writer’s dealbreaker in a relationship. Past examples include “The Bad Speller“, “The Guy Who Doesn’t Believe In Global Warming“, and “The Manorexic“. Typical Column Length: 600 Words

Listicles/Galleries/Features: Basically anything that fits with The Frisky brand and is not on the list below.

What Not To Pitch:

Branded Columns: Those written by a single writer (i.e. Dating Don’ts, Mommie Dearest, Make It Stop, Dater X and Dater XY) are closed to freelancers.

Blog posts: The regular daily blogging on The Frisky is already covered. If there’s a topic you’d like to suggest we cover, please don’t hesitate to tips us at