Hey Ladies, Don’t Worry, Your Cleavage Skin Is Most Likely Just Fine

Megan Reynolds / July 23, 2015

One less thing to worry about. … More »

14 Women Pose Nude For “American Beauty” Photo Series, Shows That All Bodies Are Beautiful

Megan Reynolds / July 23, 2015

We shouldn’t have to tell you this. … More »

A Gender Terminology Refresher

The mainstream conversation about gender identity has widened significantly in the last few months, between Caitlyn Jenner’s public transition and Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose appearing in the public eye identifying as genderqueer. It may be a great moment for a refresher on gender terminology, so here at The Frisky, we wanted to provide you… More »

A Girl In Friend’s Clothing: A Shared Sartorial History

There are infinite ways to express your love for a friend. Sometimes it’s showing up at her door with a bottle of bourbon and a sympathetic ear when she’s down. Sometimes it includes a chivalrous act of sisterhood, like TP-ing that dude-who-broke-her-heart’s house. But for us it often manifests in letting the other person wear… More »

Futuristic Bridal Gowns From 1966 Are Perfect For Your Anti-Establishment Wedding

Megan Reynolds / July 22, 2015

As per our resident “Star Trek” Expert, “Lwaxana Troi would totally rock on of these at her wedding – if Betazoids wore clothing to their weddings, THAT IS.”More »

Thank Us Later: Get A Salon-Like Blowout At Home, Even If You Are Uncoordinated

Robyn Pennacchia / July 22, 2015

AND without a stupid roundbrush. … More »

Why Is Lululemon Launching A Beer Called “Curiousity Lager”?

Megan Reynolds / July 22, 2015

What, precisely, are you curious about, if you’re drinking this beer? … More »

Make It Work: How To Get A Grip On Your Work-Life Balance

Cassie Marketos / July 22, 2015

Working to live or living to work? More »

Study Shows “Dadbods” Are A Thing, But I’m Still Putting A Moratorium On The Subject

A new study from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine has confirmed that “dadbod” really is a thing, medically speaking, at least insofar as when men become fathers, they tend to gain weight. This is what they’re paying their doctors to do. Good lord, Northwestern.
Anyway, I’m sure this is incredibly medically important or whatever, but… More »

This Endearing Yet Mortifying Wedding Toast Is The Reason Sisters Are The Best/Worst

Megan Reynolds / July 17, 2015

Sisters! The best! The worst! … More »

A Compendium Of Emoji For Very Specific Situations In Honor Of Worldwide Emoji Day

Megan Reynolds / July 17, 2015

When words are woefully insufficient. … More »

MAC Is Releasing A Selena Quintanilla Limited Edition Collection

Megan Reynolds / July 17, 2015

Bidi bidi bom bom! More »

The Egg Master Is The Kitchen Gadget Of Our Collective Nightmares

Megan Reynolds / July 16, 2015

But wait, there’s video! More »

Everything Wrong With Rompers

College Candy / July 15, 2015

Every encounter I’ve had in a fitting room where it’s me versus a romper has ended in a loss for me. Maybe it’s because I’m 5′ 10″ and no matter what size I try on, the bottom half of the romper ends up wedged up my ass, but no. Upon further thought on the matter,… More »

Hide Your Cat’s Hideous Butthole With A Sparkly, Beautiful Jewel

Megan Reynolds / July 15, 2015

If you are #blessed enough to live with a cat, you are likely more familiar with its asshole than you are with your own. Your cat’s asshole is basically another member of your household. There it is, winking at you as you try to watch television. There it goes, across your line of vision a… More »

Airbnb’s New Ad Was Clearly Made By Someone Who Was Very, Very Stoned

Megan Reynolds / July 15, 2015

Looks like the video intern found the vape. … More »

Emily Postmodern: How To Address Wedding Invitations Without Offending Anybody

Julianna Rose Dow / July 14, 2015

Here is how not to offend a single human being when inviting them to your wedding. … More »

Lena Dunham Is Launching A Newsletter For All The Baby Feminists

Megan Reynolds / July 14, 2015

It’s called “Lenny”. … More »

Check Your Vibes: 9 Tips To Shatter The Motivation Myth And Stop Procrastinating

Claire Hannum / July 13, 2015

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this scenario once or twice: you wake up one morning eager to take on the day, to make positive choices, and to spend your evening after work at the gym or going to a social event you might otherwise ditch out on. But when five o’clock rolls around, your body… More »

Here’s What To Do With All That Magnetic Nail Polish You Bought

Robyn Pennacchia / July 9, 2015

Who does magnetic nail polish actually work for anyway? More »

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