“Hangover Chic” Is A Thing Now: 6 Other Things That Should Be Hot Trends

Robyn Pennacchia / August 11, 2015

The hottest, trendiest looks should also be the most convenient. … More »

This Week In Snake Oil: FATwater

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 10, 2015

This might be the most atrocious thing I’ve ever heard hyped as a weight loss product: The creator of “bulletproof coffee” – coffee with butter or oil in it, blech – has developed something called FATwater under the same premise. The product is water with coconut oil infused into it, and according to the lovelyMore »

True Story: How Sewing Empowered Me To Shape My Own Body Image

Jenny Rushmore / August 10, 2015

Uncomfortable with being told what clothes you can or can’t wear? Give sewing a go. More »

Shakespeare Smoked Weed, Is Anyone Really Surprised?

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 10, 2015

Pipes from William Shakespeare’s garden in Stratford-Upon-Avon have been forensically analyzed and were found to contain traces of cannabis. Are you shocked? I’m not shocked.
South African researchers used gas chromatography to study pipes found in the town. Several had traces of cannabis, four of which were confirmed to be from Shakespeare’s abode. Some other… More »

This Menstruating Marathoner Is Making A Splash

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 10, 2015

London marathoner and M.I.A. drummer Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon this past April while menstruating freely. This sounds like zero fun to me, but Gandhi views it differently, according to a blog post she wrote about it that’s been going viral:
“Around us we saw other people exhibit acts of pain and persecution — running barefoot,… More »

Stay With Me: Your Waist Trainer Is Actually Kind of Empowering

Megan Reynolds / August 7, 2015

All your favorite celebrities that you shame-follow on Instagram love a waist trainer, for reasons that are medically dubious but aesthetically sound. A waist trainer is basically a corset — a modern girdle that embodies the promise of a Coke bottle body, with very little work — and not necessarily the first thing you think… More »

Plus-sized Leggings Advertisement Cramps Tiny Model In One Leg

Bronwyn Isaac / August 7, 2015

What on earth is this about? More »

9 People Who Are Not Your Friends

Robyn Pennacchia / August 7, 2015

You don’t need this shit. … More »

Summer Fruits, Ranked

Megan Reynolds / August 6, 2015

Summer is here, and with it, nature’s beautiful bounty of the best fruits it has to offer. If you want to, you could eat fruit all summer long, cleansing your gross body of the copious amounts of chicken fingers and pizza you ate all winter. Summer fruits are the perfect embodiment of long, hazy days,… More »

Hoverboards Are Real, And Here’s Video To Prove It

Hoverboards are here, they’re real, and they seriously hard to ride, even for pro skateboarders.
Lexus’s Slide hoverboard hovers in this video because it has liquid nitrogen-fueled superconductors in the board, and because the skate park where the video was filmed was specially made with a surface full of magnets. As Gregory Han at DesignMore »

In Brief Praise Of Your Crappy Underwear

Megan Reynolds / August 5, 2015

I have a drawer full of underwear that probably shouldn’t see the light of day. There are ancient relics in there from college, stretched out, saggy bags of faded cotton that do little more than assure me I’m not completely bare down there. There’s a clutch of underwear reserved for the great blood moon, set… More »

Free People Wants You To Join Them On A $2700 Nightmare Cult Vacation

Robyn Pennacchia / August 5, 2015

That’s if you stay in a dorm with eight people and two bathrooms. If you want your own room it’s $3800! More »

What Are Hump Nails & Why Are They A Thing?

College Candy / August 4, 2015

I am shocked and I am horrified. I have no words for what I have just accosted my eyes with. Hump nails, also called bubble nails, are created by layering acrylic paint on top of the nail until it creates a dome shape. The tip of the nail is kept either short (called a bubble)… More »

Why You Should Keep The Plastic Things ON Your Earrings (Since Everyone Is Talking About It)

Robyn Pennacchia / August 4, 2015

Are you supposed to remove the plastic backings on your earrings? More »

Happy Tuesday, Here’s A Baby Sloth!

Hi! Happy Tuesday morning! Here’s an adorable baby sloth. I hope this makes your Tuesday better. This baby sloth is named Edward, after Edward Scissorhands (he’s after my heart, here), and he lives at the London Zoological Society. He has adorable little claws, and he uses them to hang from a plush faux-mommy sloth, because… More »

Dogs Are Getting Plastic Surgery, The World Is Baffling

We all know that South Korea has a reputation for extremes in cosmetic surgery (or if you don’t, here you go). The new trend in Korean cosmetic surgery, though, is dog cosmetic surgery. Yep: People are making their dogs go through plastic surgery to make them cuter, or whatever.
I’m not going to preach the… More »

Pinterest’s Idea Of “Fun With Watermelon,” Ranked

Happy National Watermelon Day! Here are some mostly inane things to do with summer’s thirst-quenchingest fruit! More »

Allure Used A White Model To Demonstrate How To Do An Afro

Megan Reynolds / August 3, 2015

Guys. Let’s get it together. More »

Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Really Care Whether Or Not You Like Goop

Megan Reynolds / August 3, 2015

Goop is gonna be here for a while, whether you like it or not. … More »

What It Takes … To Become A Brewer!

Brewmaster and Pink Boots Society founder Teri Fahrendorf gave us all the advice you could need about how to start going pro in the beer industry! More »

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