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I Want To Go To There: “Light Is Time” Art Installation Features 80,000 Shiny Watch Parts

Watch Parts

“Light Is Time,” an art installation that consists of 80,000 watch parts, made its debut at this year’s Milan Design Week in April and was on display (in a slightly scaled down form) at Tokyo’s SPIRAL Gallery last month. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be on view elsewhere soon (cough cough, New York City please?). Japanese watch company Citizen and French architects DGT put the project together “with the belief that technology is meaningless without beauty.” Thousands of watch plates, which serve as the base for the rest of a watch’s parts to be mounted on, suspend and shimmer from the ceiling as visitors walk amongst them.

A release from Citizen further explains the artists’ inspiration:

“From beyond the horizon, the rising sun slowly covers the earth in light, shadows transform into a different shapes, the seasons to transmit colour in nature and the waxing and waning of the Moon changes. When humans noticed these things, we unknowingly created the concept of time.”

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Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts From Artisans I Found Through Instagram

Instagram is of course awesome for documenting your daily life in photographs, and following the happenings of your friends and loved ones. But I actually follow a whole big list of total strangers on Instagram, many of whom are artsy craftsy types who make beautiful handmade home decor, accessories, jewelry, etc. There’s a whole interconnected network of these artisans who support each other’s work and sell their wares. If you’re sick of giving gifts from major retailers and want to support small businesses instead, Instagram is a great resource for finding gifts that are truly special. Here are some I suggest…

In Defense Of Zoe Sugg: Since When Is Knowing Your Limits And Asking For Help A Bad Thing?

British fashion and beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, 24, had a ghostwriter help her on her debut novel, Girl Online, and it matters. Because. Because … because. That’s why. It just matters.

My original intention was to say that it really and truly doesn’t matter, and it really and truly doesn’t. Most autobiographies are ghostwritten (which gives a truly different meaning to the idea of “autobiography”). R.L. Stine had people help him write the Goosebumps books (he wrote them, but he got help with outlining). George Takei’s Facebook page is — GASP! — not written by George Takei. The Nancy Drew series was ghost written. The Sweet Valley High series was ghostwritten. And if you want to talk about dishonesty of some kind, let’s talk about the fact that F. Scott Fitzgerald flat-out plagiarized his wife Zelda for his books while excoriating her publicly as a terrible writer. If we want to talk about it mattering that someone “got help” or “hired people” or “stole from their wives,” let’s not jump on Zoe Sugg; let’s jump on Fitzgerald. He’s the one who’s heralded as one of the greatest writers of his time and whose works are taught in high schools and universities around the nation/globe without mentioning that he stole from Zelda Fitzgerald. How can you tell students not to plagiarize and then teach them plagiarized works? Keep reading »

Meet The Woman Who’s Inventing The First-Ever Makeup Printer

Ever wish you could find the perfect shade of coral lipstick or plum eyeshadow, but after endless hours scouring Sephora’s supply, you’re convinced it doesn’t exist? Soon this won’t be a problem, thanks to a woman named Grace Choi.

Grace is a Brooklyn-born, Harvard-educated entrepreneur who is about to change the cosmetics industry in a BIG way. Grace has pieced together the initial idea for her Mink makeup printer, an invention that allows you to customize and print your own cosmetics. Keep reading »

Compassionate Fashion: Use Threadflip For Ethical Gifting This Season


Am I the only person on the planet who wasn’t yet addicted to Threadflip? If so, why was I not enlightened sooner? The site is kind of like a much cozier, style-focused and user-friendly version of eBay, and it’s a perfect way to buy fashionable holiday gifts without contributing to a less-than-stellar, sweatshop-fueled clothing industry. These past few months, I’ve attempted to step back from the fast fashion cycle, and to be conscious about buying more ethically made clothing. I’ve caved a few times, but I’ve also slowly started to pare down my wardrobe and think about exactly what is missing from it before heading out shopping to avoid impulse buys. One of the easiest ways to break free of that vicious cycle — and in turn, to take a small step toward a world with fewer sweatshops and a less wasteful planet — is through buying clothes secondhand. To me, upping my thrifting game in the name of ethics sounds more like a treat than a sacrifice, because I’ve always enjoyed secondhand shopping more than scouring department stores in the first place. Keep reading »

Sorry, But These Christmas Songs Are Actually Creepy

Sorry, But These Christmas Songs Are Actually Creepy

Christmas music is a fun way to get into the spirit of the Christmas season as a whole (provided you don’t work in retail, in which case you’re probably sick of them by December 2). Christmas songs are fun to sing along with while you’re wrapping gifts, decorating your tree, hanging your Christmas lights, or just chugging eggnog and rum from the carton on your couch. (Really, who are you to judge me?) Read more on…

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