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House Of Winehouse

There’s good news for the pack of nearly a dozen fashion mavens that came to my Halloween party dressed as Amy Winehouse: she’s launching her own line of cosmetics and accessories! From hair scarves to liquid liner, the vamp style icon has been in talks this week to create products based on her unique look. Winehouse, who just hosted a makeover/sleepover party this week with Kelly Osborne and her goddaughter, has had her praises sung for more than her sweet 60’s style. The five time Grammy Award winning voice is poised to send boring boho fashion into style rehab. From the looks of all her excited fans, it’ll be straight eye for the queer guy…and gals like me! [The Sun] Keep reading »

Robocop A Feel

Robots have really come along way in the 00’s, from the bike riding Marata boy to the fan dancing Sony Robot. Just when you thought being entertained by a robot wouldn’t be so bad, an inventor in Beijing has found a scary way to replace humans. Through his company, BUBBY Robot Technologies CO., LTD, Mr. Wang Wei has created a robot that gives breast massages. (Either that or Mr. Wang has made a convincing robot suit for himself.) He claims the feeler upper machine could be used by pubescent girls to promote development, by “women, who are under pressure [or] want to relax themselves,” or even by “women who want to have pretty breasts.” Wow! All that from a robot that moves like Karl Rove dancing to rap music. [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

Crave: Kama Sutra Sheets

Left foot blue! This bed sheet (about $40, imported from England) lets you play an adults-only version of Twister. Stretch first. [] Keep reading »

A Token Of (Someone Else’s Unappreciated) Commitment

Last week we showed you that video of the guy proposing to (and getting turned down by) his girlfriend at the basketball game and it made us wonder what the heck he was going to do with the ring. Most guys aren’t Brandon Walsh with a disposable income — remember, Brandon proposed to Kelly, but she said, “I choose me”, so he kept the ring as a token of what a bitch she was — so we’ve always assumed they, like, returned it. Not so! According to one guy, Joshua Opperman, his jeweler told him that the ring could be bought back at 32% of its original cost. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and started “I Do…Now I Don’t”, an auction site where other rejected bachelors can hawk their rings to guys looking to propose to their girlfriends. Great business idea, sure, but aren’t the rings kind of…tainted by the original recipients rejection? [I Do...Now I Don't]
Keep reading »

J. Crew, I Love You

I firmly believe the key to a successful catalog is the ability to transport the readers/shopper into another world where, with the aid of the clothing the catalog sells, they can be as freaking fabulous as they want to be. J. Crew makes me feel this way and I know I’m being a mindless consumer for saying so. Unlike the piles of catalogs that come from West Elm and Crate & Barrel (um, how yuppie am I?), I don’t even get annoyed when I get my third J. Crew catalog of the month! I see its arrival as an excuse to take a little reprieve from my day, to go on a trip to Italy, where I’m wearing a Bright Flame Gayle Ruffle Trench slurping on pasta with my man, Lady & The Tramp-style. Or maybe I’m sight-seeing on a lovely Spring day, hitting the cobble stone streets of Florence in a pair of Bistro Orange-colored Twyla Midheel Slingbacks. Luckily, time doesn’t exist in J. Crew fantasy land, so even though I should really be getting back to work in the real world, there’s still plenty of hours left in the day to walk through the Duomo in a Verushka Print Dress. Unfortunately, the one thing that does exist in both J. Crew Fantasy Land and The Real World, is the prices. J. Crew, I’m just not so sure you’re a fantasy worth going broke for. [J. Crew] Keep reading »

Coffee, Tea, And Chocolate Baths

Scientists and anti-aging specialists are really into researching the health benefits of drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine, and there seem to be positive advantages, such as discouraging the development of colon cancer and the like. But those benefits come from consuming the beverages in moderation — so, what does bathing in them do? At Yunessun Spa Resort, about two hours west of Tokyo, you can soak in communal baths filled with Japanese sake, green tea, and coffee, in addition to the more traditional Dead Sea spa and Turkish hamam. The resort claims that red wine rejuvenates, coffee fights fatigue and helps beautify the skin, Japanese rice wine bath warms the body up, and green tea enhances the immune system. They also offer a chocolate bath, which supposedly encourages weight loss. Yum. We’re wondering if anyone takes a sip while no one’s looking. [Times Online and Yunessun Spa Resort] Keep reading »

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