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Hillary’s Morning Routine

Does Hillary Clinton’s morning routine put her at a disadvantage? Michael Kinsley writes on that Hillary probably spends at least 40 minutes getting ready in the morning, while her male opponents most likely spend around 20 minutes showering, shaving, and getting dressed. “Every day, seven days a week, for almost two years, the candidates campaign,” Kinsley writes. “The average day is probably 15 to 20 hours. The average amount of sleep could be four hours. And yet every day the male candidates can sleep an extra precious half-hour or more—or spend the time cramming for the day—simply because our culture doesn’t impose the same rules on them about their appearances.” But besides showering, which we assume she does alone, Hillary can have other people help her get ready for the day while she checks her email or memorizes a speech. But would Americans be okay knowing that their president has her own hair and makeup team who blow dry her hair and apply her natural-but-polished eyeliner and lipstick? Who knows, maybe the current president has his own glam-squad, and we just don’t hear about it. [] Keep reading »

Fashion Slideshow: Boy Shorts With Sex Appeal

Hot Outta The Oven: Honey Waffles

Hot foodie Teri Tsang Barrett knows her way around a kitchen — a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, she works as a Food Editor at Everyday With Rachael Ray in constant search of the perfect thin crust pizza. Every couple of weeks she’ll be chiming in with her favorite frisky recipes — good food that every ravenous gal can make in a pinch. First up, her delicious Honey Waffles — great for a morning after brunch. Buon appetito!

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A Hair Do For Hair You Don’t Want

We are finally safe from waxidents! The FDA has approved a hair remover wand for home use. The Silk’n, created by Home Skinovations, uses photo-thermal technology (aka light) to zap the hair you don’t want down there. After only six treatments, it reduces your hair count by 50%. You still have to go through a doctor to get it, but if you’re a smooth operator, it’ll be all yours. [Engadget] Keep reading »

Cards For The Incarcerated

There are currently more than 2 million people in America’s jails and prisons, and they celebrate birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s just like the rest of us. Life continues inside prison walls, but Hallmark doesn’t make a card that says, “I hope you’ll get parole soon!” Three Square Greetings, a company that makes cards expressly intended for prisoners, was founded by Terrye Cheathem after she had a difficult time finding an appropriate card for her brother-in-law, who served 11 months in prison. “There weren’t any cards on the shelf that said anything like, ‘Hey, you must make better choices,’” Terrye said. Pick a card for your deadbeat boyfriend after the jump… Keep reading »

Should The Fashion Peanut Gallery Get A Voice In Wedding Gown Shopping?

I am taking my first stab at wedding dress shopping in a couple weeks. It’s a ways off before I’m getting married, but I like to shop, so why not start with the fun stuff now? The thing is, maybe it won’t be so fun. ABC News did a report on how family members and friends should, could, and sometimes do react when a bride-to-be tries on a gown that they don’t like. Apparently people get really opinionated about other women’s wedding dresses! Should you tell someone that their dress is heinous? What if it’s just hugely unflattering? My friend Lesley, who is probably the most brutally honest of all of my friends — she openly sneers when you say or do something she doesn’t like — says she would tell me if she hated something I tried on. But then again, if I clearly LOVED it, she might go about indicating her feelings in a more roundabout (passive aggressive perhaps?) way. All of this has got me thinking about how honest I would actually want people to be. I mean it’s my day. But at the same time, I don’t want to be walking down the aisle while everyone whispers, “That thing is hideous!” So I think I would only read consider the opinions of people whose style I personally liked (Agathe are you available?) and who understood that what is considered stylish is in the eye of the beholder. So long as it doesn’t resemble a ball of cotton candy with beading barfed all over it. [ABC News] Keep reading »

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