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Would You Wear A “Mrs.” Tee?

You went to college for more than a “Mrs.” degree. But that doesn’t mean you can’t taunt single ladies with your slogan T-shirt! Ha, ha, ha! No, seriously, why would anyone wear a T-shirt like this? I think it’s totally cute for a bachelorette party and then as comfy T-shirt pajamas, but not, like, out in public on a Tuesday. That would be kind of sad. Hello, I’m married! Amelia thinks the tee is just plain offensive, starting with the price: $575. Yeah, Moschino, that’s “Cheap and Chic” indeed. [] Keep reading »

Do You Like Men With Painted Toenails?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been poolside during the NYC heat wave, which means his black toenail polish had been on display. Cristiano, who enjoys shopping at Gucci and Armani, probably knows how to treat himself well — pedicure and all. But is polishing his toes, like Dean McDermott does, a little too much? The men at my nail salon love to get pedicures, but so far I’ve only seen one extremely eccentric male customer get his toenails polished in a color. How do you feel about men getting colored toe nail polish? Discuss! [TMZ] Keep reading »

Would You Take Fashion Advice From Strangers?

Gone are the days of asking for fashion advice from friends or relatives. With the increase of social media and voyeuristic websites, women and men all over are turning to people they don’t even know to critique wardrobe choices and style looks for the day on new sites like Go Try It On and Fashism which have exploded in the last year. Each has the same basic function: upload an image of yourself in the outfit you want to wear and wait for the comments to roll in. Thanks to the speed of the internet, and the volume of users, you’ll have an answer in a matter of minutes — whether it’s good or bad. While friends might feel the need to sugar coat your decision so as not to hurt your feelings, a total stranger will likely give you a true assessment. What’s most interesting, however, is that users come to the site not only to receive advice, but also to dish it out. In today’s world, where everyone can be a style blogger, these sites are now making it possible for anyone to be a stylist or fashion editor as well. Are these sites you use or would use? Would you want to get and give style criticism to/from strangers? [NY Times] Keep reading »

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Claudia Schiffer’s Post-Pregnancy Look?

What Do You Think Of Claudia Schiffer's Post-Pregnancy Look?

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Dita Von Teese Struts In A Mechanical Jean-Paul Gaultier Corset

As though Jean-Paul Gaultier’s couture presentation weren’t awesome enough with its copious turbans and leather, Dita Von Teese capped off the show in a patent leather, jewel-encrusted, and, best of all, mechanical corset. Only vaguely skeletal from the front, the thing looked positively macabre (in a cool way) from the back. Click through for more images of Madame Von Teese strutting it in her skeleton corset and silk turban. [Styleite] Keep reading »

The End Of Boat Shoe Syndrome

There’s this problem with a lot of high-tops that keeps them from being more prevalent in our wardrobes. It’s called Boat Shoe Syndrome (because we named it that) and it manifests itself by making the shoes way too wide and clunky for our dainty lady feet. These Nike Dunk Skinny High Top Trainers, however, are skinny-fit and, thus, our new faves. The gray check pattern is cool without being too much, and the yellow swoosh is, simply put, just a little badass. Wear them well with skinny jeans and puffy party dresses alike.

[$118.36 Asos]
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