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How Haul Vlogging Can Pay Off

When the media started noticing haul vloggers—girls (mainly) who post videos of their shopping sprees—the response was a bit cynical. These girls, wrote New York magazine, “seem to be primarily of one species: the girl who flatirons her hair, wears too-thick eye shimmer up to her eyebrows, drowns in eyeliner, and gets her brows waxed regularly … ” And many others believed haul vloggers to either be real shopping addicts, braggers, or people who spend their daddy’s money. Keep reading »

Can You Match Up These Blurbs With Each Designer?

It’s not easy to describe a piece of clothing or the mood of a collection for someone who has never seen it. As an example, take the most complicated item in your wardrobe: Can you recall all the technical details, like a sweetheart neckline, a tiered skirt, a ruched waist? Can you find a few words to recount the overall feeling of the garment? We can’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent thinking, It’s kinda like … um, fashion-y? I mean it’s pretty and cute … What makes this even harder is when designers can’t provide you with specific information to base your analysis off of. It’s pretty common to find terms like “feminine” and “chic” in a designer’s bio. One particular fashion blogger has a strong dislike for the term “effortless fashion,” (we must agree) and Teen Vogue pointed out that Baby-G described its watches as “tough yet feminine” (contradiction city).

Here, we’ve rounded up blurbs from six designers/labels: Theory, Tory Burch, Elizabeth & James, Alexander Wang, Rebecca Taylor, and Cynthia Vincent. Can you match up the description with each designer? Play our game, after the jump. Keep reading »

Ke$ha’s Blue Lips Are Not A Good Look

I might have been able to excuse Ke$ha‘s blue lipstick if she hadn’t also worn teal eyeliner. But when I really think about it, this is a really tame cry for attention; she could do worse. On another note, doesn’t Ke$ha look like Stephanie Pratt? [NYC, 8/2/10] Keep reading »

Stacy London Has Style For Hire

“What Not to Wear” was my favorite show because Stacy London and co-star Clinton Kelly offered average American women, and some men, a wearable style that got them noticed without being over the top. They gave these women a starting point and an education on how to dress their bodies regardless of size or shape. Now, Stacy is offering her styling services without the humiliation of a television audience. She has teamed with friend and former apparel executive Cindy McLaughlin to launch Style for Hire, a sort of agency of stylists eager to take on America’s sartorially challenged. Keep reading »

YSL’s Men’s Sneaker Promo Video, AKA Hot Guys Standing Around

YSL has just come out with this promo video for its new line of men’s sneakers. With the cheesy video techniques and pumping electro music, the clip is kind of hilarious—something we’d imagine running in the background of “Zoolander.” Maybe they should have just called this “Guys-too-hot-for-their-own-good Standing Around in Sneakers Looking Hot.” Blue Steel! [YouTube via Racked]
Keep reading »

So This Is Kate Moss’s 4,000th Vogue Cover Now?

Kate Moss will appear on the cover of the U.K. edition of Vogue for its September issue. (Again.) She must be getting bored of this. [Catwalk Queen] Keep reading »

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