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Your DIY Vajazzle Just Got A Bit Easier

Thought vajazzling had finally drifted into obscurity and you’d never hear another word about the gemstone vagina art? (Sorry.) Now vajazzling fans can do an easy DIY version with this Butterfly Merkin, which allows you to apply Swarovski crystals to your nether regions with an adhesive peel. Sold at Coco de Mer, here’s an excerpt from the product description: “Your p**sy will purr when you put on this beautiful diamante butterfly.” Cringe. [Coco de Mer] Keep reading »

Why, Oh Why, Do My Thighs Touch?

Ahhhh, August. Warm beach waves. Ice cream that melts down your hand before you can even get a lick in. Steamy vacation flings. Backyard BBQs where the only thing more endless than the grilled feast is the beer. Baseball. Sunshine forever! Nothing can ruin these glory days of summer — insert record scratch here. Actually make that the sound of two thighs trying to un-peel. Ouch!

As a lady with a big badonkadonk, I need big legs that can support it. And that also means that in this hot hot heat, inner leg chaffing is a fact of life. Some gals are supermodels. Some gals are plain lucky in the leg department. And some gals like me are just born meaty with two thighs, side by side, no grace space for walking. After a mile in muggy weather, I’m dealing with red scrapes on the inside of my legs. Why, oh why, must my thighs touch?! In winter I can wear tights, even pants if I’m desperate. But in summer’s open, breezy bottoms, they can’t stop touching each other all the time. Sheesh, if only I could get a man to stick to me like old lefty and righty leg! Keep reading »

New Style Email Obsession: Etsy Fashion

My name is Jessica Wakeman and I am an Etsy-aholic: the daily newsletter from the vintage/craft/food/housewares/everything website is a must-read. While I enjoy Etsy’s curated daily “Etsy Finds” emails — “Mad Men” style was a recent one, as was a nautical theme — I’m even more psyched that Etsy is branching off into even more niche email lists. “Etsy Fashion” is a daily newsletter of adorable treasures, such as all short-shorts or clutches, while “Etsy Weddings” is a weekly newsletter for all things nuptial-related, like invitations. (Come on, don’t try to pretend you don’t daydream what your invites will look like.) The only annoying thing about the daily emails, I’ve found, is some of the items are sold out by the time I get around to reading it. Click fast, fashionistas! [] Keep reading »

How To Give Yourself A Funky Reverse French Manicure

reverse french manicure photo

One of the hottest manicure trends of the past few seasons has been the reverse French manicure. This tip-trend turns the traditionally demure pink and cream color combo on its head with color-pop hues and striking shade combinations.

We caught up with celebrity manicurist Jill, from Spa Chicks on The Go, for the skinny on how to achieve this look yourself. Read more Keep reading »

I Tried Whale Semen Hair Conditioner And It Worked

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about whale semen, it’s that if you Tweet about it, you get … crickets.

“HAHA, ASSIGNED TO CONDITION MY HAIR WITH WHALE SEMEN!” I wrote to my unwitting public (of, like, 140 followers).

Nothing. No one wants to hear about that. But they should! Because whale sperm is actually a truly excellent hair conditioner, and I learned this the very, very hard way (my, there are so many semen jokes) when I purchased a tub of whale sperm this week, for the low, low price of $6.99, then slathered it all over my own head — and a good-natured neighbor’s. Read more Keep reading »

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Disheveled-On-Purpose Look?

What Do You Think Of Maggie Gyllenhaal's Disheveled-On-Purpose Look?

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