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Make A Tie-Dye Scarf Like Rihanna’s

We were excited to see photos of both Liv Tyler and Rihanna looking all hippie-chic with tie-dye clothes this week and are especially enamored by RiRi’s scarf. While hers is probably made by someone fancy, it can be easily reproduced on the cheap.

Just take a white American Apparel scarf, and wrap rubberbands around it at regular intervals. Then, follow the instructions on your box of dye. For more tie-dye inspiration, check out our slideshow of groovy clothes and accessories. Keep reading »

Look Like LC On The Cheap

Lauren Conrad, from MTV’s The Hills unveiled her fall 2008 collection, le vie en rose, recently. I’m not really impressed because I’ve pretty much seen every piece somewhere else. She changed up the fabrics or added a little detail here and there, but the feel is no different from everything else being offered by trend-driven retailers. And the prices are ridiculous for what she’s selling ($58 leggings, seriously?). Now I’m not a proponent of stealing from a designer, but since LC borrowed heavily from the trend world, I decided to peruse the Web for less expensive versions of her clothing.

  • Lauren’s Inspiration Look: Zoe Dress, $230
  • Less Expensive Version: Halter Necklace Maxi Dress, $29.80
  • Keep reading »

    Crave: Melting Heart Earrings

    We don’t know anyone who actually uses the phrase, “My heart melts for you,” and the only time we actually see it is when we’re trying to find non-cheesy cards for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day and are stuck with sentiments like that. But if someone gave us these 14k gold Yayoi Forest earrings with a note saying, “You make my heart melt,” we have to admit, our heart would probably melt. [$320, Matter] Keep reading »

    Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

    Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t a 3G iPhone or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like some sweet gear by designer Jon Wye! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

    Gear: Jon Wye
    Wye makes tees brandishing fighting roosters and karate-ers, belt buckles both traditional and rocking buttered waffles, and leather belts ranging from the graffiti-spattered “Colonize”, to the racing-striped “Speed Racer”, to the brown “Sexual Chocolate”. [] Keep reading »

    Crave: Rechargeable Glowing Lantern

    Candles have pros (flattering light, romantic) and cons (fire hazard, wax everywhere), and OXO’s Candela line combines the best of candles without the cons. The new Luau style is a portable lantern that stays lit up to 10 hours, can be dimmed, and never needs batteries. And since it doesn’t get hot, you don’t have to worry about your sheets catching on fire, unless you’re just that good. [$199.99,] Keep reading »

    Fashion Conundrum: Would You Wear This?

    Excluding the insane $225 price tag, we think this wifebeater with garter clips is pretty fantastic. It’s the perfect mix of something to wear in the bedroom that’s sexy, but also kind of tough. But then again, there must be a way to DIY this with a Hanes tank-top and some clips you can buy at a fabric store. [] Keep reading »

    The Frisky Guidebook: The Twin Cities

    The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota may not be the first place you’d consider to vacay — after all, isn’t the cold basically unbearable for most of the year? Yes — but you know what they say about people who are forced to hibernate inside for nine months out of the year — when the sunshine finally starts to melt the snow off the trees, they come out to play and party with the best of them. That’s why the end of August is one of the best times to visit and coincidentally it’s also the time of year when the Minnesota State Fair is in full effect. Because who doesn’t love a pickle on a stick, don’t cha know?
    Keep reading »

    Fashion Slideshow: Groovy Tie-Dye

    I used to tie-dye Hanes t-shirts at camp every summer, trying to create complex designs with multiple colors of dye. Basically, they turned out really horribly unless I stuck to just two colors. Then I forgot about tie-dying, maybe because I didn’t think it would fit into my “adult” life. But after seeing Drew Barrymore wearing a rainbow swirl shirt, I decided to revisit the psychedelic-ness that is tie-dye with some clothes that are tie-dyed, or inspired by it. And if you don’t feel like spending hundreds on a scarf or thousands on a dress (sorry, it was just too pretty to not include), go buy a box of Rit and follow Jessica’s instructions for a DIY version. Keep reading »

    Be Like Cher From Clueless, Only With A Driver’s License

    Simcha was a little bummed that the new Clueless video game doesn’t involve matching outfits, like that way-before-its-time computer program Cher uses in the movie. But you can upload photos of your clothes to sites like Weardrobe to keep track of all your stuff. Personally, I think this seems like a lot of work, but it could be useful when you need help remembering your favorite go-to outfits, like this morning, when I woke up an hour late and couldn’t figure out what to wear. Rather than stand in standing in front of my closet pondering apparel options, I could have visited my virtual closet and picked something that worked in the past. Technology can be so useful. [Weardrobe] Keep reading »

    Style On The Street: Acceptable Ankle Love

    This gal’s shoes have inspired me to create a slideshow of cute shoes with ankle straps. While I am completely against anklets, even on Rashida Jones (I think it’s her trademark — she wears one in every photo), straps are more than okay. Keep reading »

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