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Crave: Vintage Flower Studs

Every girl needs a little sparkle in her life, and these earrings provide the right dose–not too much and not too little. They definitely have an elegant vintage feel without the vintage price tag. These flower earrings are perfect for holiday festivities because they kind of look like snowflakes and a little razzle-dazzle is always appropriate this time of year. They’d also be a pretty addition to your outerwear ensemble because your earrings are usually visible when you’re all bundled up. But we also think these earrings would be equally smashing with jeans and a white tank when the temperature warms. [$25, Topshop] Keep reading »

10 Tumblogs To Follow

Tumblr is the awesome blogging platform out there right now. Unlike Typepad or Blogger, you don’t need to know a lick of HTML to post thoughts or images onto your own blog from your computer or phone. Best of all, it also allows you to follow other Tumblr bloggers via your dashboard, similar to the way you’d follow websites you like via an RSS feed. Even if you just want a place to post your favorite photos for friends and family to see, or compile favorite quotes, Tumblr makes it idiot proof, and the more bloggers you follow on your dashboard, the more cool information, pictures, and articles you’ll discover. After the jump, some of my favorite Tumblogs to follow.

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Crave: Kabuki Teapot

We’re getting a big jump on one of our New Year’s resolutions for 2009, which is to stop drinking coffee. We’ve decided its negative effects on our skin, the whiteness of our teeth, and our sleep schedule outweigh its awesomeness. So instead of downing 2-3 cups of joe every morning, we’re switching to green tea. To help the transition, we’ve got our eye on this adorable robin’s egg blue kabuki teapot. It will look cute on our kitchen counter! [$28, Rare Device] Keep reading »

WTF Is Vera Wang Wearing?

Unitards are okay if you work for Cirque de Soleil, a ballet company, or if you’re a deep sea diver, but no way should regular people go walking around in them. While Serta seems to have a thing for the jumpsuit, you’d think, Vera Wang, one of the top American designers would know better. But apparently she’s been huffing the fumes of success and forgot that rolling around in a bed in a full body spandex suit is not cool — especially if you’re the boss strutting around your workplace. Clearly no one tells her no, but I wonder who had the guts to be her camel toe checker? Keep reading »

It’s A Recession, And I’ll Buy What I Want To

With the state of the economy as it is (sad, very sad), U.S. retailers are cutting orders an average of 10 to 15 percent and expecting reduced spending in the coming months. You might think that when shoppers do make a purchase, they’ll stick to buying basics that can be be worn more than once without anyone noticing. However, JC Report spoke to several retailers who said they were seeing an increase in the buying of pieces that make a statement. “To some degree, there’s an element of fantasy going on—our customers are buying more daring pieces, perhaps to escape from what’s going on in the world,” said Jenny Le, manager of Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles.

A look through my closet, and those of other Frisky staffers, backs up this theory. The last three things I’ve purchased: a dress covered in giant hot pink polka dots, a black dress with an extremely drapey neckline that can definitely not be worn to work, and a pair of neon tights with different colored legs. None of these items can be worn on a daily, or even weekly, basis without me becoming known as “the girl who always wears that crazy polka dot dress,” but they’re exciting articles of clothing that will put me in a good mood whenever I wear them. Heck, even thinking of them hanging out in my closet makes me happy. Keep reading »

Hot Outta The Oven: Food For A Week…Cheap!

We’re hoping that with this week’s election, the financial situation will straighten itself out — but it’s not going to happen overnight, so we’re gonna need to be a little more frugal. No more eating out every night! No more buying expensive salads for lunch! If you missed Teri Tsang Barrett’s “Hot Out Of The Oven” recessionista menu last week, make the dishes this week! After the jump, the shopping list and daily recipes… Keep reading »

Wrist Candy: Stylish Watches

Most of us get the time from our smart phones or computer monitor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a stylish timepiece. Since watches are the one accessory no one will fault you for wearing everyday without changing, you should up the statement making-factor by choosing one in a bold color or print, an unconventional design or noticeable metal. After the jump find seven really chic watch choices. I’ve got my eye on #3 and #6.
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Crave: Dough Ray Me Cookies

I’m seriously addicted to these itty-bitty cookies. Each kind is named after friends of the company’s owner, Jon Chazen. “It’s a way to honor them,” he says. “I don’t name them after anyone I was intimate with—no ex-girlfriends, not even my wife—and she understands.” Jon worked at Barneys New York selling women’s shoes, but one day he had an epiphany and decided to go to baking school. Once he realized his true calling, he started his own bakery, and the rest is history. My favorite flavor is the “Summaiya.” They’re chewy oatmeal cookies with raisins, sour cherries and, get this, crushed potato chips. It’s a perfect sweet, sour and salty combination. Jon told me he put so many different layers in this one because Summaiya “had a simplicity about her, but she was very complicated at the same time.” Now I want a cookie named after me. I’m thinking chewy chocolate with raspberry chocolate chips. Here’s hoping Jon needs a new BFF. [$45 for tin with six dozen cookies, Dough-Ray-Me]
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Style On The Street: Cardigans With An Extra Row Of Buttons

Double-breasted cardigans are where it’s at in the sweater world.

1. G by Guess Sweater Pea Coat, $59.50, GByGuess.com
2. Free People Double Breasted Cardigan, $108, ShopArtEffect.com
3. Juicy Couture Textured Stripe Double Breasted Cardigan, $229.60, Shopbop.com
4. Rag & Bone Double Breasted Cardigan, $223, RevolveClothing.com
5. Old Navy Double-Breasted Sweater Coat, $39.50, OldNavy.com

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Cloche Call: Eight Ladylike Hats

If your mother is anything like mine, she probably used to yell at you all winter: “If you don’t put on a hat, you’re going to catch pneumonia!” I hated wearing my stocking hat when I was younger — all the cool girls had ear muffs or knit headbands. Oh, how the times have changed. Now, I’d wear any of the elegant hats below every day without complaint. When it starts to snow and I’m walking down the street wearing my ribbon-trimmed cloche, I’m going to feel like the most sophisticated girl in town. Keep reading »

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