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Banana Republic Returns To Safari

If you grew up in the ’90s, then you know that Banana Republic used to be the one-stop shop for the urban pioneer who wanted to look as if she went on safari. This Heritage Printed Canvas Tote not only continues our canvas bag obsession from the summer, but also reminds us of our youth, when dirt was OK and everything didn’t have to be pristine. The rich textured fabric looks like it was recycled from a coffee sack, and the leather handles only add to the authentic travel feel. This is a classic and sensible tote you’ll want to hold on to for all your excursions … even in the concrete jungle.

[$49.50 Banana Republic]

Babies Dressed As Gnomes

What’s that sound? Your ovaries exploding. Behold Sloane, who is 4 months old, lives in New York City, and enjoys dressing up as a gnome. (I thought this was a boy, but Amelia says it’s a girl.) According to Ohdeedoh, Sloane appears to be part of an epidemic sweeping baby land in which cute babies are being dressed up as garden gnomes. Sloane’s mom made this outfit by hand, which is pretty darling. Who knows how long it will be before the hipsters pick up on this trend and gnomes roam Williamsburg? [Ohdeedoh] Keep reading »

Would You Dress Like A Mental Patient For Halloween?

Amanda Hess has kicked off her annual homage to insane and insanely offensive Halloween costumes for ladies, and this year’s first installment is a real doozy. “Which costume will reign as the year’s most utterly disagreeable foray into hypersexualized make-believe?” Hess wonders. It’s hard to say. Seen here is the perfect outfit for the clinically insane among us. Nothing says, “I’m sexy!” like a straight jacket, right? You can look like a true 5150 for a mere $55.95. Keep an eye on Hess’ blog in the days between now and Halloween for the best of sexy costumes gone horrifyingly wrong. [TBD, costumes available at] Keep reading »

Modelgeddon Is Coming!

The latest entry into the fashion video game scene is “Modelgeddon” from Love magazine. A collaboration with the house of Versace, the short stars models Allesandra Ambrosio, Claudia Mason, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Julie Orden. One can assume the vision here is what would happen if the world came to an end and models were superheroes. They would sprawl sexily in the streets while we’d run for cover. Keep reading »

Get the Look: Mary Kate Olsen’s Bohemian Chic

Mary Kate Olsen is always on the top of best dressed lists. Wether it is in discussion over one of her and her sisters clothing lines — The Row or Elizabeth and James, being seen at the newest hot spot, hanging with her ridiculously cool friends or simply walking down the street, MKO always looks good. Using a recent photograph of her as inspiration, we’ve put together a look that encompasses her boho chic style: frothy chiffon mini dress, chestnut brown leather bag, long necklace and the must have accessory of the moment — clogs. A key aspect to pulling off this look is by not getting costume-y or try hard — Mary Kate has her hair sloppily pulled in a half pony tail, and although she has a bunch of accessories on she doesn’t look over loaded. And before you go shopping, think about what you can pull from your own wardrobe that will work in place of one of our suggestions. You’ll be surprised what you can repurpose from the back of your drawer, it will free up some of your budget for a possible bigger ticket item, and make this look that much more your own. Do you love the bohemian chic of the 1960’s and 70’s as it is reinterpreted today? How do you wear it?

Outfit details after the jump… Keep reading »

Not The Best Pose …

… but still a cute outfit! I’m glad to see Toni Braxton making appearances, even if she and many others seemed a little overdressed for a Miami Dolphins football game. [Miami, 10/4/10] Keep reading »

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