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Shopping Guide: The Best Places To Blow Your Paycheck In New York City

In a town where assistants drop a paycheck on a pair of shoes and it’s par for the course to window browse after Sunday brunch, New York caters to shoppers who mean business. Whether you’re looking for one-stop department stores, quirky boutiques, or sleek design shops, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite places in the Big Apple to spend in style. Keep reading »

Beauty How To: Cut Your Own Bangs — If You Dare

Bangs can be pesky. They grow out quickly. Without experience, taking matters into your own hands isn’t the best idea. (Case in point: My dad once decided to cut my bangs when I was 7. I was left with a straight-edged tuft of hair three inches above my eyebrows. I still haven’t recovered). Yet, with a bit of training, doing a trim yourself isn’t too hard. After the jump, some tips from Annamarie Tendler, a Vidal Sassoon-trained hairstylist and makeup artist. Keep reading »

Style On The Street: Nice Lookin’ Shorts

Annika has challenged us all to wear shorts (and look nice doing so) this spring, and Katy here proves that it’s possible! Along with her nude lace-up flats, high-waisted shorts, and bangle bracelets, we love how the long necklace ads a little oomph to her outfit. [Weardrobe]

  1. Hanging Bullet Flake Necklace, $80, Boticelli’s Niece
  2. Hayden Necklace, $12.50, Alloy
  3. Playful Beaded Rope Necklace, $40, Topshop

Keep reading »

Five Weird-Ass Facials

While it’s not clear if they actually work, facials tend to focus on two things: relaxing or acne-fighting. Most treatments involve a cleansing of the skin, followed by an extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and finished off by a mask or, in more severe cases, a chemical peel of glycolic acid to remove the top layer of the epidermis. However, facials can get creative. Get ready to flex your face at some of the weirdest. Keep reading »

Crave: Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte (Win A Copy!)

Earth Day is next Wednesday, and it’s high time you start realizing where the stuff you toss in your garbage can goes, because it doesn’t just vanish. In Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash, author Elizabeth Royte explores what happens to the things you throw away, and what you should be doing to avoid making our planet one big landfill. [$10.19, Amazon]

We’re giving away five copies of Elizabeth Royte’s book Garbage Land, but you have to work if you want it. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, April 17 through Thursday, April 23 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

What Does A $4000 Swimsuit Look Like?

Bathing suits and jewel-encrusted bling. They go together like Cheerios and vodka—and maybe there’s a reason for that. Check out Pistol Panties’ $4,000 bathing suit, hand-embroidered with 5,000 Swarovski crystals. The top and the bottom are held together with a gold-colored jewel strip. So, you know, it’s practical. Despite its sale at Selfridges, one of the ritziest stores in London, this suit does have a certain tacky jewel-encrusted-purse-shaped-like-a-panda-bear-that-your-clueless-aunt-thinks-is-the-height-of-fashion quality to it, doesn’t it? Even if you’re a lady who would need a blinged-out bathing suit to wear alongside Ivana and Paris, sunbathing by the Caspian Sea, sipping glasses of Cristal, I’m not even sure this is the suit for you. [Daily Mail]

UPDATE: Commenter BeeGirl is right. The actual price of this swimsuit in American dollars is $2,959.52. Keep reading »

Chris Cunningham Creates Weird Supergirl Ad For Gucci

You may or may not recognize Chris Cunningham‘s name, but you may well have seen some of his music videos, which tend towards the surreal, the strange, and the shocking. The UK-based director has created videos for Aphex Twin, Portishead, and The Horrors. Now, he’s following in the footsteps of David Lynch by creating an oddly lovely commercial for Gucci’s new scent, Flora. What’s going on in this video? I’m not so sure. But if you wear Flora, you may develop superhuman powers that allow you to control the wind and imbue you with a love of remixed disco music. [Gucci] Keep reading »

Boutique of the Week:

Ordinarily, being on the outs isn’t a good thing. That’s all changing thanks to newly-launched discount designer e-boutique, The brainchild of the team behind the super luxe, the site features a battery of high-end goods for as much as 70 percent off (“It’s Chic-Onomics,” the site proclaims). There’s no hit or miss thanks to the impressive list of designers that includes Jill Stuart, Derek Lam, Miu Miu, and DvF. You may recognize pieces from last year like a Vera Wang strapless graphic print dress, but you’ll be glad you waited to buy when you see that it’s 60 percent off. Our picks for today include a bright yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs bow top ($95) and a fancy See by Chloé metallic dress ($252). Be sure to also check out the Dress Me section, which compiles fashion choices for vacations (choose from Jet Set, or Day in the Country) as well as social events (first date, cocktail hour). [] Keep reading »

“Grey Gardens” Style: Are You More Of A Bouvier Or A Beale?

“Grey Gardens” debuts April 18, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (After all, it’s not every day a movie makes my eccentricities seem normal.) The Frisky gals and I attended the “Grey Gardens” world premiere in NYC, and the movie is, as the kids say, the cat’s pajamas. “Grey Gardens” stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as the kooky cat-lady, mother-daughter duo Little Edie and Big Edie Beale, along with “Big Love”-star Jeanne Tripplehorn as their glamour-puss cousin, Jackie O.

Even if you don’t give a fig about Camelot, no woman alive will see this movie without booking it to her local vintage shop early the next morn’. But like the great style dichotomies before us (Betty and Veronica, Angelina and Jen), how do you know if your leanings are more Bouvier or Beale? Do you bat your lashes, or are you just plain batty? Why, consult this handy-dandy chart, of course! Keep reading »

Crave: Smocks Aprons

When we have friends over to our apartment, we usually spend much of the evening running around the kitchen like a chicken with its head cut off while trying to keep calm and avoid splattering tomato sauce all over the front of our party dress. Aprons might help prevent the latter, but they don’t really gel with our style — or they didn’t until now. Smocks are aprons so chic you’ll want to wear them as dresses. With eight different styles in fun patterns and colors, we think we’ll have to start entertaining more often so we’ll have a reason to fill our closet with aprons. [$39.95,] Keep reading »

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