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Beauty How-To: Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

For those of us with sensitive skin, the mere mention of exfoliation is enough to make our faces turn red. But not to worry, there is a way to get rid of the nasty dead skin on your cheeks without angering your complexion. Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Bronze Your Face

Everyone looks better with a little bronze, but the line between summer glow and Snookie orange is a fine one. Less is more, but little is not enough. Find you bronzing balance after the jump. Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Apply Blush With Your Fingers

Applying blush sans-brush sounds daunting, but it is actually a neat way to apply makeup without splurging on the tools. Check out the easy and manual way to dress up your cheeks after the jump. Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Choose a Blush for Pale Skin

Too much makeup on pale skin can leave you looking clown-faced. Then again, so can the wrong colors. Pale-faced ladies need to be careful when buying blush, unless you like that whole stage-makeup look. We’ve got the colors that work for your cheeks after the jump! Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Spot A Cancerous Mole

Ladies like Marilyn and Cindy made the mole a thing of beauty, but cancer is turning it into a sight to be feared. While beauty marks add definition and distinction to your face and body, make sure to keep an eye on suspicious looking spots and always keep in mind the ABC’s of skin-sighting. Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Treat a Sunburn

Everyone has fallen asleep on the beach for too long, or missed a spot with their sunscreen, only to wake up with a patch of skin as rare as an undercooked slab of meat. Sunburns are the worst kind of uncomfortable irritation because they hurt like a mother and ruin your temporarily youthful, healthy skin. Luckily, there are several ways to treat a sunburn fast and effectively. Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Wash Your Face

Washing your face seems to be a simple enough task. So then why after all of your foaming and rinsing do you still get breakouts and oil deposits? There are techniques for cleansing your skin that will leave it smooth, soft, and blemish free. We’ve got ‘em all for you after the jump! Keep reading »

Does This Low-Backed Dress Show My Butt Crack?

Designer Hussein Chalayan didn’t leave much to the imagination with this dress from his Fall 2009 collection. A super short mini-dress with a low back and leather insert that suggests exposed ass cleave? Something tells me Paris Hilton will be calling! [Trend de la Creme via Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Crave: Gap V-Neck Cardigans

The Frisky is run on a few things — Diet Coke, tea with soy milk and fresh air quickies, pasta for lunch, and cardigans. The latter we all wear on nearly a daily basis, regardless of the outside temperature. Our little office is freezing! Luckily, The Gap has these awesome soft and comfy V-neck cardigans perfect for layering under blazers during spring and over dresses during summer. They come in a million fun colors and have cute little buttons on the sleeve. We’re going to buy them all and then swap! [$44, The Gap] Keep reading »

Why Don’t Men Ever Understand Our Clothes?

Michelle Obama’s recounting of what Barack thinks of some of her fashion choices made us laugh. And then we started thinking, The president really is just another man! He doesn’t understand women’s clothing choices, just like practically every other guy we know!

When we wrote up our list of 30 Things Women Love That Men Just Don’t Understand, five of the items were fashion/style-related. But there’s so much more where that came from.

It seems as though whenever we don’t dress for men — i.e., form-fitting skirts and cleavage-bearing tops — that’s when they get confused. They can’t understand why we wear tunic tops and chunky wedge heels, or why we decided to cut off all of our hair. Usually, when we take fashion risks like these, we’re doing so as a way to express ourselves or our creativity — or to impress the other girls in the office. But it does suck when you think you look super cute and your guy thinks it looks like you’re wearing a painting smock for pregnant women. Wouldn’t it be nice if women’s and men’s opinions about what makes a stylish outfit meshed better?

What are some of the clothing and style choices your boyfriend and guy friends don’t find appealing?
Keep reading »

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