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Trend Alert: The Asian Afro

Harajuku girls and boys’ love of Black culture has seeped in their beauty routines. Behold the Asian Afro, also known as the “reverse perm.” It is catching on amongst Asians, especially Japanese and Koreans. The process uses a chemical cream to transform traditionally straight, silky Asian hair into tightly-coiled curls which are extremely similar in look and texture to African American hair. Ironically perms are equally popular in Black culture too, except the result is the opposite: it makes hair bone straight. I think the “Asian Afros” look really cool, what do you think? Let me know in the comments section! [Honey.Brown.Sugar] Keep reading »

Coffee Filter Prom Dress Sparks One-Of-A-Kind Memory

No girl ever wants to show up to her prom wearing the exact same dress as someone else. Aimee Kick, a senior at Francis Howell North High School in Missouri, wanted to wear a creative prom dress that would not only be elegant and fashionable, but also one-of-a-kind. So she decided to make her own, but not out of fabric. She ruled out tea bags, stamps, bubble wrap, and aluminum foil, and settled on coffee filters when she realized the other materials were either perishable or not durable enough for a night of dancing. Aimee had become known as “the girl with the coffee cup” around school, so it was fitting that coffee filters served as inspiration. Movement and breathability were other important factors in deciding on the material. Aimee also wanted to be able to make and complete the dress on her own in a reasonable amount of time. Although she has three AP courses, an online college course, and a part-time job, Aimee folded, cut, stained, dyed, sewed, and blow-dried every single coffee filter used in the dress. She completed the dress in about a month, even though she has never made clothing from coffee filters. “When I really started to notice how into making the dress I got was the day before a large (and tedious) research paper was due. I kept saying to myself, ’Just finish the paper and then you can work on the dress as much as you want,’” Aimee told the Francis Howell School District. She said this project was more of a stimulating challenge than a difficulty.

Aimee isn’t the only high school student to don an unconventional dress for prom. Check out the Coke Can Pop Top Dress and the 2008 winner of the Stuck at the Prom Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship Contest.
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Adíos, Tan Lines! Tan-Through Swimsuits Allows Your Whole Body To Bake

I’ve never really understood all the hoopla with tan lines because everyone has had some at some point, and we all know what causes them. But manufacturer Kiniki has developed a solution to all the maneuvering that goes into line-free tanning on a non-nude beach. Swimsuits in the Tan Through line are made of Transol yarn, a synthetic material with tiny holes similar to a fishing net. The holes allow about 80-percent of sunlight to pass through to reach the skin. The fabric is see-through when held up to the light, but when worn, the patterned or brightly-colored fabric supposedly plays tricks on the eye so the wearer’s modesty is protected. Kiniki offers Tan Through one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and wraps for women, and briefs, hipsters, and tangas for men, for a price range of £17.43 to £34.68 (about $28 to $57).

Chances are that if a man is ballsy (heh) enough to wear a tanga in public, why not just go one step further and take it all off. As for the ladies, I think these crazy-patterned, high-leg suits are just too reminiscent of Hollywood Beach-in-Miami-circa-1991 to be pulled of stylishly here in the 21st-Century. Oh yeah, and aren’t UV rays way bad for you? I think we need more sun protection for better skin, not less clothing for bad skin…and bad fashion. [The Daily Mail] Keep reading »

“What Not To Wear” Takes Mayim Bialik From A Wilted Flower To A “Blossom” Again

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly gave Mayim Bialik, the former star from “Blossom,” a makeover on “What Not To Wear” last Friday night and it looks like it turned out so cute!

At first we thought don’t you mess with Blossom. Those floral dresses! Those sunflower hats! We seriously wanted to look just like Blossom back in 5th grade.

But then we watched the clip above and realized, yeah, girlfriend’s closet has seen better days. As Clinton shrieked, “You’re TV royalty and you’re walking around town in this CRAP?!”

Can’t wait to catch the full episode on the TiVo! Keep reading »

Is Loving On Laura Ashley So Wrong?

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Laura Ashley goods were de rigueur for girls’ bedrooms, while her fashions were the standard for garden parties. Over the years, the label has morphed into un cool momwear, and the U.K.’s Independent recently reminded buyers that Laura’s legacy is on the decline: Her Wales mansion needs some major care, and her children are at a crossroads with what to do with the place before it goes “Grey Gardens” style. Since this made us sad, we thought we’d check out (for the first time in 10 years) what Laura Ashley has to offer. Turns out, some of her womenswear is actually quite cute! Has the label undergone a redesign lately? There are still those floral dresses, but in the mix are some skirts with interesting shapes and accessories with some punch. Here, our favorite looks.

  1. This chevron-print kaftan is retro in a good way. [$86.98, Laura Ashley]
  2. Show off your curves in this tight, sexy dress. [$88.95, Laura Ashley]
  3. The perfect summer handbag. [$58.46, Laura Ashley]
  4. Turn up the prep with this tennis-inspired skirt. [$65.24, Laura Ashley]

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Keepin’ It Classy: Can I Bring A Date To A Wedding If The Invite Is Only Addressed To Me?

While we’d like to raise a glass to any happy couple, this week, The Frisky is celebrating weddings. Sometimes the protocol can get a little cloudy, and you don’t want to rain on someone’s special day so we’re going to cut through the cake and give it to you straight. First things first: arm candy. Can you bring a date if they’re not explicitly on the invite?

With this kind of party, the hosts don’t always feel the more, the merrier. Weddings are expensive, and, a lot of times, brides and grooms don’t want to pay for a plus-one you’re going to dump before they come back from their honeymoon. Or they want to keep their affair to a close-knit group of BFFs and family. Or they already invited the exact capacity of the hall where the reception is being held. No matter what the lame excuse, frequently, they’ll send us unmarried ladies and invitation for one. Boo, fo’ sho’. But before you just give up an go stag, here’s what you can do about it! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth’s Little Denim Vest

Kate Bosworth showed up at the airport yesterday for a flight to London, and she looked better than we do, even on a good outfit day. A fancy skirt and a gray T-shirt is one of our favorite combos, but it was Kate’s denim vest that really caught our eye. We’d long thought this hard-to-pull-off piece belonged only in the closets of people still stuck in the ’80s or — if it’s really tight and worn with nothing underneath — loose women. Kate’s denim vest is neither dated nor trashy, and it adds a little toughness to an otherwise tender outfit. Keep reading »

Crave: Matryoshka Stacking Doll Candles

Can you find it in that sick, twisted little heart of yours to burn this set of three Russian matryoshka nesting dolls? Thought so. Just don’t tell your bubbe. [$25, Plasticland.com] Keep reading »

Louis Vuitton Chooses Famous Astronauts Instead Of Celebs For New Ad

Ads for luxury brand Louis Vuitton generally feature the rich and fabulous, i.e., Madonna, Sean Connery, Sofia Coppola, and Sean Connery. But the latest installment in the company’s Core Values series, shot by Annie Liebovitz, features lesser-known faces whose names we learned in elementary school history lessons. The ad pictures Sally Ride (the first American woman to enter space), Buzz Aldrin (set foot on the moon with Neil Armstrong), and Jim Lovell (commander of the Apollo 13 mission). Of course, the trio just happen to have a Vuitton satchel with them as they hang out on a battered pickup truck, looking at the moon. Isn’t it nice to have a change from the typical celeb faces we see hawking products? [WWD] Keep reading »

Sonogram Cufflinks: Clever Or Creepy?

Call me crazy, but I’ve always found sonogram pictures of unborn babies a tad creepy. I mean, I’m happy to look at photos of people’s babies when they actually look like human beings with real facial features and everything, but anything before that seems superfluous. Take these sonogram cufflinks, for example — clever, but completely unnecessary. Save the sonogram pics for the baby albums, people. Keep reading »

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