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Design Dollhouses: Creative Or Creepy?

We get it with the whole parenting thing—once you have a kid, the house goes from something like looking like a Design Within Reach showroom to a backdrop for a Disney cartoon. For the parent who wishes to maintain a high-design pad, there’s a litany of concept toys out there on the market—like these Home On The Go dollhouses, which feature streamlined, Jetson-esque miniatures in artistic color schemes. Either, the kid who plays with this has one heck of an imagination … or she grows up with a cold, cynical outlook on what constitutes a warm, friendly home.

What’s that, honey? You wanted a Malibu Barbie Dream House? Sorry dear, it clashes with the Eames rocking chair. [] Keep reading »

Chloe Sevigny Obsesses Over Redheads For Fall Campaign

Are redheads finally experiencing the glory they deserve? Clearly, we’re highly obsessed with “Mad Men”‘s Joan Holloway (disappointingly absent, we might add, from last night’s episode!). Now Chloe Sevigny is shining a spotlight on them too, by using only redhead models in the lookbook for her Opening Ceremony collection. Called “Reds,” the catalog reads more like an art book with photographs as well as more conceptual illustrations and collages.

Apparently, reports View on Fashion, Chloe chose to go this route because she “thought that her collection of grey tweeds would look perfect on redheads.” Interesting fall fashion idea for the non-reds out there … pairing tweed with fiery accents? Maybe a blazer with a cherry-colored silk blouse underneath?

Check out a few more shots after the jump! [] Keep reading »

eos Lip Balm

This may be just a random egg-shaped eos Lip Balm, but we love it! The best part about loving it is that it makes no sense why you’ll love it so much. Here are the clues to the mystery: It’s 95 percent organic, 100 percent natural, and comes in a rainbow of colors. The real reason though? This lip balm glides on smoothly (the brand name is short for Evolution of Smooth after all), fits into any small compartment, and sits up without ever teetering over. [$4,] Keep reading »

The Frisky’s Chic On The Street: Rome Oct. 12th 2009

When I discovered that over-the-knee boots were fall’s “must have,” I flashed to the opening scene of “Pretty Woman” and promptly dismissed them from my future. After seeing the look executed on a non-prostitute, I may have to reconsider. The thigh is the limit for Marta; her Calvin Klein Jeans dress and Zara boots both just reach. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Uniqlo Wants To Make Some Bread

Uniqlo just opened a new store in Paris, France, and clearly knows how to target Parisians—by putting ads on the baguette wrappers at your local boulangerie. [Paris, 10/9/09] Keep reading »

Eileen Fisher Gets A Bit Cooler, But Don’t Call It A Comeback

Is Eileen Fisher now cool because she’s rejuvenated her line, or just because the New York Times says she is? You probably know Eileen Fisher as the flax-glorifying designer ex-hippies or your middle school art teacher wore. Up until now, we’ve definitely placed her in the slightly grotesque momtastic category, but now we’re reconsidering. Indeed, the Times also harps on Fisher’s recognizably lame reputation: “Those women fueled the company’s growth, but for the fashion-conscious, Eileen Fisher clothes had as much style and shape as a burqa. To them, the line was designed for graying bobos who dabbled in ceramics and had lifetime subscriptions to The New Yorker.”

But now she’s decided to make the brand “hipper,” and has done so by including some less baggy styles, more girly accents, and, most notably, an eco-line. In our humble opinion, Eileen Fisher has made some upgrades to the overall image of her company, and there are some pieces we’d consider buying were it not for the hefty price tags (who knew an EF knit suit could cost $400?). After the jump, our picks from her improved collection, with one caveat: Most of the cute stuff has already sold out. If you want something you might have to wait. Just goes to show you how much getting a feature in The New York Times style section can boost your business. [New York Times] Keep reading »

Current Obsession: My New Radius Toothbrush

About two months ago, I was chillin’ with a married couple I know. Sitting by the bathroom sink were two toothbrushes with bristled heads that were TWICE the size of what I was used to seeing. “Why do you both have toothbrushes that look like they are made for a GIANT?” I asked them.

“Oh yeah, we just got those,” my friend replied. “They’re supposed to be insanely good for your teeth.” Huh. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Pam Anderson At The … Style Awards?

After leaving the bathroom at the Hollywood Style Awards, Pam Anderson works the red carpet, where a young girl notices Pam has toilet paper stuck in her dress. [10/11/09, Hollywood] Keep reading »

Some Designers Really Hate Fat Women (Like Barbie!)

It’s all about change in the fashion world right now — designers are livestreaming their runway shows (or trying anyway), shoppers can snap up fall Chloe bags on their iPhones, and magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire are making an effort to include plus-size women in their formerly stick-thin pages. But not everyone is down with the plan, and design legends Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin seem to be the most conscientious objectors, today anyway. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: My Grandma Didn’t Look Like This

Jessica Stam goes granny chic in green for POP Magazine. Keep reading »

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