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Vivienne Westwood Debuts New Wallpaper Line

Here’s one way to make your pad truly a home sweet home: by decorating your walls with Vivienne Westwood’s new wallpaper line. The designs, which were brought to life in partner with Cole & Son, actually take inspiration from Westwood’s runway creations and put some of her signature prints back on to the page. Rolls feature a rich terra cotta orange with green squiggles, illustrated white flowers against a black background, and graphic floral prints.

We’d imagine that, like Vivienne Westwood’s clothes, these wallpaper rolls are pretty pricey. Ah, say la vee. Still, good for decor inspiration. [Grazia] Keep reading »

How To Get On The Sartorialist (Or Pretend You Already Are)

People have poked comic fun on how to get a coveted pic on fashion photo blog The Sartorialist (“own something double breasted”). Thanks to the U.K. Times‘ latest interview with the man behind the camera, Scott Schuman, we now know a bit more about what he looks for out in the street—which is interesting, because part of the allure of The Sartorialist is its variety and style’s elusive meaning. With many of his subjects, you think, Why’d he choose this one?, even if you recognize something about it that’s interesting and beautiful. When looking for someone to photograph, Schuman says:

“I try to stay open to the moment. I’m usually just reacting to what I see, and don’t know what I like “best” about someone’s style until I sit down to view the photographs later. I’m always looking to be surprised or to see something familiar in a new way: it could be about color or proportion or just a person’s posture.

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Retail Nostalgia: The Limited Stages A Comeback

The Limited was a staple back in the day. First, you craved the bright neons and girly prints from Limited Too, but finally, when you were old enough, your mom would let your wardrobe graduate to The Limited. [I fully remember shopping for a dress there while a new Enya song throbbed in the background. That was a while ago, I guess. -- Editor] Unfortunately, over the years, and with the popularity of stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, that Limited obsession has become, well, limited.

Now, the store has decided it’s time for a comeback. Though Manhattan hasn’t seen a Limited store since 1999, the brand is opening a pop-up shop in Soho on Spring Street in order to try and entice shoppers with their new runway to real way looks. New stores will follow, along with dressing rooms from the next generation–with call buttons for help, an e-bar to exchange a size, and wireless remotes for the bored-to-tears boys. If the clothes that appear in stores stay true to the pictures we’re seeing, then The Limited has won us back. [WWD]
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Quick Pic: Garter Jeans Are All Sorts Of Wrong

Oh look! Just what I didn’t know I needed to wear to tomorrow night’s Ryan Gosling concert (he plays with some band, like I care!). He’ll totally notice me now! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Chicago 400 Pro Girls/Ladies Roller Skates

After seeing Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page cute it up on the rink in “Whip It,” we’ve been wanting roller skates. For the faint of heart, those not quite ready for the large investment or face-smashing of actual roller derby skates, these seem like a great bet. With clean lines and the retro white and pink fashion reminiscent of childhoods spent watching Michelle Kwan — how could you go wrong? Strap these bad girls on and wait for the lights to dim, the disco ball to spin, and rock out with awkwardness to “I Will Always Love You.” [$59.95, SkateBuys] Keep reading »

Ungaro And Lohan Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage?

We’re scratching our heads after reading an article in today’s WWD titled “Emanuel Ungaro and Lindsay Lohan: Cut From the Same Cloth?” Would this actually be a defense of the star’s widely disliked design debut? It would seem that after Ungaro’s spring/summer 2010 collection showing in Paris, the fashion world had come to a general consensus about Lohan‘s influence: ghastly. Those who weren’t laughing at the gaudy heart-shaped pasties and sequined jackets were reeling from the insensitivity of a high-fashion house selling out so obviously.

Yet, fashion news bible WWD is posing a counter-argument, written like a perfect debate team rebuttal. Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Where’s Ken Paves Now Beyotch?

Jessica Simpson is known for her talent golden locks. Her hairstylist, Ken Paves, is known for his talent ability to manipulate said golden locks into perfect, gleaming platinum curls and bows and whistles via irons and curlers and extensions and lots of hairspray. Today, Simpson, seen checking out of the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan, looks like she got a much-needed makeunder or something. Welcome to a world where very tan, bleached-out men don’t follow you around with a hairbrush, darling! It’s so freeing, no? To get the look, do nothing. Don’t even brush your hair. Add sunnies. Viola! [NYC, 10/14/09] Keep reading »

Is Facebook the New Online Shop?

Facebook is good for many things. Stalking ex-boyfriends, staying up to date on which of your old classmates got married or had kids, and generally wasting time.

But while you’re using it to stay in touch with friends, brands and stores are using it to gain even more consumers. Everyone has their own fan page, but lately, people are getting creative with Facebook. Louis Vuitton streamed their runway show live, but in order to see the newest collection, you were forced to become a fan. Hello, hundreds of new followers for LV.

While everyone has come to use and abuse the site for procrastination, it’s a gold mine for a retailer. According to Facebook, if you have 10,000 fans, you’ll reach 1.5 billion people on the site. How’s that for an audience? While many brands like Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, and Forever21 promote sales and coupons on their fan page, 1-800-Flowers has actually begun to sell their products via Facebook.

So how long before the social networking site is an official retail location for stores across the world? And will you shop via Facebook? [WWD]
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Toilet Paper Never Looked So Pretty — Or Pink!

At the end of September, 15 Canadian designers created some pretty amazing dresses out of toilet paper in honor of T.P. company Cashmere Bathroom Tissue’s limited-edition Pink Roll, which raises funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Yep, you heard that right: limited-edition toilet paper. Get a roll before they’re gone, people! Click through to see two more couture-like toilet paper dresses. [Cashmere via Ecouterre] Keep reading »

Same Size, Different Fit: Why I Can’t Buy Clothes Without Trying Them On

I have often regretted not buying more than one pair of a beloved style of jeans, or the same shoe in brown as well as black. Because sometimes, when you find something good, it’s good to have a backup so you can wear your favorites all the time without worrying about them falling apart. So, lately I’ve been buying the same thing twice. Only it hasn’t been working out for me.

Two weeks ago, I finally found a pair of skinny-ish jeans that worked on me — a feat, to be sure (Madewell ’37s, if you’re on the hunt). On the way to the register, I picked up a pair in black since I liked the dark denim ones I had tried on so much. But when I got home, I couldn’t even get the black pair on, let alone zip and button them. Even though the label on the jeans said they were the same size, the dark blue ones fit and the black ones did not. Keep reading »

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