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This Is What Goes Down At Japan’s Fashion Week

Apparently, “Vogue”-era Madonna is still very in. [Cabaret Aki and Jackal Kuzu for Gut's Dynamite Cabarets, Tokyo, 10/23/09] Keep reading »

This Winter It’s All About the Snood

When the winter chills and winds come around, I’ll do just about anything to stay warm. Ear muffs, turtleneck, piles of scarves — I’ve tried it all. This winter, I have a new look to try which is actually a vintage throw-back. Missoni and Burberry pulled out an old trend for their fall 2009 runway show, in the form of the snood. What’s a snood you ask? Mix a scarf and hood, and there you go. It looks a bit silly upon first glance, but once you realize the warmth factor and protection from the cold, you’ll be a convert as well. Besides, it’s kind of a chic look, no?

Want to try the trend but aren’t ready to shell out designer prices? Head to H&M where they’re selling the snood in three different colors — cream, light green, and gray — for a very reasonable price of $5.95, or um, just make your own using an old scarf. [British Vogue] Keep reading »

What Kind Of Beauty Changes Do You Make For Fall?

We’ve been pretty fall fashion crazy around here lately, and while nothing beats slipping into some thick wool tights and soft, chubby cardigans, it’s also the time of year when it might be a good idea to switch up your beauty regimen a smidge, too. A few ideas, after the jump! Keep reading »

Win It! Mrs. O: The Face Of Fashion Democracy

Ever since her husband began campaigning for the presidency, Michelle Obama has been in the spotlight — and so has her closet. Mrs. O documents the first lady’s wardrobe on the campaign trail and in the White House with more than 120 photographs. Close-ups of Jimmy Choo pumps, Erickson Beamon brooches, Maria Pinto dresses, and more show how the pieces come together to create Michelle’s signature style. [$17.15,]

WIN IT! We’re giving away five copies of Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy, but you have to work if you want one. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Oct. 23 through Thursday, Oct. 29 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

The Frisky’s Chic On The Street: Casual In Munich

A touch of military inspiration always looks pulled together. Eva, shopping along Kaufingerstrasse, wears a Zero double-breasted peacoat with cargo pants. She adds the modern touch of a Hallhuber floral scarf so the look is not all utilitarian, but also a little bit femme. Keep reading »

Is Paris Hilton A Hoarder?

British TV presenter Fearne Cotton recently toured Paris Hilton‘s closet, and while we always suspected Paris owned a lot of crap, like Fearne, we were completely shocked by just how much stuff she has crammed in her shoe closet (which used to be a gym) and jewelry storage space converted from a sauna. In fact, she admits that she has to pay someone to organize it for her, and she keeps the overflow in the garage. Keep in mind, this is just her shoes and jewels. But hey, Paris isn’t alone. Lots of celebrities are sitting on a goldmine of crap (here are more closet tours to prove it). We have to wonder, though: What’s the difference between a celebrity and those tragic, mentally ill hoarders we’re always seeing on reality shows? Not much more than fame and a staff to manage it, perhaps. Keep reading »

Balloon Boy Fashions On The Rise?

Someone had to make money off the Balloon Boy hoax, right? Presenting the Balloon Boy T-shirt. It was only a matter of time. [$20, Glennz Tees via] Keep reading »

Vogue Paris November Issue Features “Ethnic” Spread

We’ll leave this one to you the jury. Following the Lara Stone blackface fiasco that Vogue Paris brought about in its last issue, the magazine sure didn’t decide to stick to traditional fashion spreads to quell the critics in its November issue. Above, images from a tribal-themed shoot directed by Carine Roitfeld, featuring Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana as captured by photographer David Sims. A loose translation of the intro: “In an echo of ethnic accents, raw touches, and notes of exoticism, skin gets dressed up in distinctive tags inspired by the graffiti characters of the artist Keith Haring.”

What do you think? More pics after the jump. [] Keep reading »

New Shoes Are Better Than A No-Good Man

There’s a superstition in Caribbean culture that says you should never buy your boyfriend or girlfriend shoes because he/she will use them to walk right out of your life. The one time I accepted shoes from a boyfriend (he wasn’t Caribbean), I hadn’t asked for them, and I broke up with him about a month later — all of this is more than a coincidence in my mind. So, shoe shopping has always been one of the ways I get over a breakup, because it’s easier to walk away from Mr. Wrong when I’m wearing super hot heels. And when I really think about it, quality shoes are more supportive and uplifting than a no-good man any day. Keep reading »

A MacGyver Ring That Could Put Out An Eye

The TAD Gear Titanium Rescue Ring was designed with one thing in mind — helping out its wearer if, in the case of an evacuation, a window or windshield needs to be broken. The wearable weapon consists of two parts: a ring and a spike. If the occasion arises, one inserts the spike into the ring’s hole, and, presto, one has a spiked knuckle that could theoretically, at least, break a girl out of a dangerous situation. But, looking at the ring, it appears that it could double as a self-defense device. Heading down a dark street late at night without your Mace? Perhaps this warrior ring would come in handy should anyone try to put a hand on you. [NOTCOT] Keep reading »

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