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Don’t Drop Those Boxes!

A model balances a tricky load at Nida Mahmood’s runway show during India Fashion Week. [10/27/09, New Delhi] Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads

Aside from being unsightly, ingrown hairs are actually kind of uncomfortable. And sneaky. What are those hairs doing growing back into our follicles anyway? We don’t like it. Apparently, Bliss feels the same way and sells these alpha and beta hydroxy-based Ingrown Eliminating Pads. Swipe them over your problem spots daily and you’ll notice a legitimate improvement in a few days. Seriously. Couple the pads with loofah-ing in the ingrown areas and those telltale red bumps will disappear entirely in a couple of weeks. [$38, Bliss, Sephora] Keep reading »

What I Want Now: Super-Shiny Hair

OK, here it is: I am dying, dy-ing for super shiny hair. Maybe it’s because the weather’s turning cold and depressing and it’s only October, maybe it’s because I’m not feeling all that purdy these days, or perhaps it’s because I just came across this photo of Courteney Cox and can’t stop obsessing over her freaking super-glossy hair. (Um, not to mention Charlize Theron’s hair these days—yeah, perfection.) I don’t know. But what I do know is I want. I need. How do I get? Let’s see… Keep reading »

I’m With The Band

Everyone wants to surround themselves with rock star paraphernalia right now. Guitar Hero lets you pretend to rock out, there are two Beatles devoted games in the form of Rock Band and Monopoly, and Walmart even dressed up Mr. Potato Head as characters from the band KISS. Michael Jackson’s tribute, “This Is It,” is now open in theaters, and there’s an entire clothing line sold at Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s and Target devoted to the pop star. The next best thing–and a more stylish option than cluttering up your house with figurines? Band T-shirts. But not just any band T-shirts. Those of the old sort are the most in demand, providing not only the cool factor, but a softness and worn in look that can only come with the vintage factor. If you’re in New York, head to Metropolis (43 Third Ave), Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (88 N. 11th St), and What Comes Around Goes Around (351 W. Broadway) or for online shopping, check out Monster Vintage, Cheap Jacks, or your local Craigslist. [WWD] Keep reading »

Let’s Hear It For The Ladies!

For seemingly inexplicable reasons, the fashion industry has always been a bit of a boy’s club, despite the fact that women are the main consumers. But Sarah Mower of the Telegraph recently issued a bold statement by claiming that all of the designers to watch right now are women, and in doing so, she name drops quite a few powerful ladies: the Rodarte sisters (Kate and Laura Mulleavy), Phoebe Philo of Celine, as well as the new brood from London — Mary Katrantzou, Joanna Sykes, Holly Fulton, Louise Gray, Natascha Stolle and Hannah Marshall. Of course, we have to agree with her as we swell in pride for our fellow lovely ladies. But there are more! Keep reading »

Ever Bought Shoes You Couldn’t Walk In?

I very recently bought a pair of Christian Louboutin heels for $85 at a sample sale—ah-mazing deal, right? Well, turns out, not so much. They’re a size too small and perilously high, way too high for my heel-walking abilities. But, yeah, I still went ahead and bought them even though I could barely walk around the try-on area with them on (let alone a city sidewalk). Still, I love them and because of that adoration, I actually wore them out last weekend. Bad move. I had to go home about an hour after I arrived due to the fact that I was hobbling, painfully hobbling, around. I’m going to get them stretched a half size, but I am certainly not the only person out there who’s bought and never worn a pair of shoes … Keep reading »

DIY Watch Brooch: Make, Don’t Buy

Old watches as brooches—kind of a cool, crafty idea, right? Well, it’s being done by a company called Novelax based out of Japan. They’ve turned a variety of watch faces into minimalist brooches. Check ‘em out, above. They’re the sort of thing that, well, I feel like we all can do at home, no? Get your DIY pants on, people. A little super-glue, a pin bar and some careful painting … and who doesn’t have a few old, dead watches kicking around? Our easy how-to, after the jump. Keep reading »

Our Latest Fashion Secret: Aldo Accessories

You may know Aldo as a mall staple and slightly cheaper version of Nine West. While we knew the shoe store made accessories like belts and jewelry, we didn’t really consider that they could actually be cute. Turns out we’ve either been wrong all along or Aldo has hired a new accessories designer with a very high-fashion outlook. To be fair, the sizable collection has a lot of jewelry that mimics played-out trends you’ve seen everywhere. In the mix, however, are some real gems like this Putton necklace (right) with an art deco vibe and this Blouin ring (left), which takes inspiration from Dior‘s covetable flower cluster rings. Also notable: thin black cuffs with gold fastenings that remind us of CC Skye, knotted necklaces made of thick metal strands, and a gold link necklace interwoven with black ribbon and Gucci-esque d-ring details.

Accessible, cheap, and will leave others wondering what fancy designer you’re wearing. [Aldo] Keep reading »

Heineken Goes Green(er) With Recycled Tote Bags

Heineken ranks up there along Bud and Miller as a “guy beer.” Or at least, they really like to exploit female stereotypes in their commercials. Now the brand is showing a more female-oriented side with a new line of eco-friendly “green” totes. (Hey, we’re not stereotyping by placing “women” with “fashion”—this spread shows the bags on female models and in a women’s boutique.)

Actually, it would seem that Heineken’s environmentally friendly style project is pretty noble. The reusable grocery totes were made from non-recyclable scraps of Heineken’s billboards—waste that would have gone to a landfill. They also thought local by employing a team of Puerto Rican seamstresses, which, Heineken says, helped to create a “micro-enterprise.” We can’t say we’re into the designs, however. They’re just a bit too … masculine, maybe? Murses? [] Keep reading »

Zadro Nano Wand UV Disinfection Scanner

Calling all serious germaphobes! Forget all those hand sanitizing gels and wipes. And stop using wads and wads of tissue paper to open doors. Those who obsess about hygiene and germs can wave all their troubles away in 10 seconds with the Zadro Nano Wand. This scanner magically zaps E. coli, dust mites, lice, and fleas. And kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces. It only weighs 1.4 pounds, so it’s portable (though maybe not through airport security). The price isn’t all that high when you consider how much it will cost you if you get sick. This is definitely one gadget on our wish list until the health care system is revamped. [$143.99, Target] Keep reading »

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