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Pics Of Heidi Klum As A Kid!

What’s more stimulating than ogling celeb photos? Snaps of the rich and famous before they were! Modelinia has posted a few from Heidi Klum’s album and now we know she is not a natural blonde and, like so many of us plebeians, suffered major fashion missteps back in the day, such as tucking a pastel, geometric-patterned shirt into a pair of yellow sweatpants. (Been there, girl!) Also, and no judgment here, whatsoever, is that a trailer park? Didn’t even know they had those in Germany. A few more, after the jump! Keep reading »

Cheapskate: Walmart

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with Norma Kamali‘s line for Walmart. I’ve bought several of the well-made pieces this year, and I am constantly checking the site for new additions. I don’t know how I missed the Sleeping Bag Jacket, which Erin has been sporting rather stylishly lately. Even though I visit regularly, I very rarely scope out the other available clothing. And now I’m kicking myself because the retailer has really stepped up its fashion game. The George line is pretty cool, as is Faded Glory (I know, shocker). Plus, you can find really great wardrobe staples for less than $10. After the jump, check out my favorite Cheapskate fashions from Walmart.

Keep reading »

Catherine’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

I feel very French today in my striped shirt and scarves. Yes, that’s scarves, plural. I tied together two from my favorite thrift store, Village Discount Outlet, and since they’re made from the same super soft cotton, they look like one perfectly sized, multi-patterned scarf. Keep reading »

Men In Tweed Sure Look Fine

There’s an article in the New York Times today all about how men’s fashion from the Victorian era is making a comeback. At least, I think that’s what the article is about. I know I saw a line in there about tweed enjoying a renaissance, and a note about vests, woolen trousers, “henley undershirts,” and dark wool ties gaining popularity again, but frankly I was way too distracted by the accompanying slide show to pay much attention to the actual text. Holy mother of God, you guys, if I didn’t like a tweed and wool plaid vest on a man before, I certainly do now. Eric Brewer, a gallery owner in D.C. who’s organizing a group bike ride in his area where everyone must dress “dandy,” says: “The Victorian era was about a very trim silhouette and form, and I’m seeing tweeds that are cut that way. The thing is, tweed looks very elegant, but it’s a very sturdy fabric, so you can be dapper and still appear manly and rugged.” I’ll say. [via NY Times] Keep reading »

What Are The Most Comforting Comfort Foods? Share Your Recipes!

During the summer, it stays light well into the night, and I like to meet friends for late, alfresco dinners. But these days, as darkness falls by 4:30 in the afternoon and it’s nearly always raining, I just want to get home, curl up in a blanket, and down comfort foods like there’s no tomorrow. The dishes that make my tummy the most content are a yummy cheese grits casserole my mom used to make when I was little, macaroni and cheese, and buttered toast — but not all at once!

What are your favorite comfort foods? Share your food coma-inducing favorites in the comments, and, if you have a delicious recipe you’re willing to divulge, send it to with the subject line: Recipe. We’ll post the most mouth-watering ones so you’ll have plenty of cozy food ideas throughout the coming cold months. Keep reading »

Alexander McQueen’s Crazy Shoes Are Hot Items?!

If conceptual fashion is wearable art, then the runway is the museum it stays in. Some designers present collections with saleability in mind; others like to make a point by going the artsy route, in which case what lands on the shelves might not be quite what you saw at the fashion shows. Apparently not so in Alexander McQueen‘s case. When his extreme platform heels recently came down the runway in Paris, they garnered a lot of attention—but did we ever once think that these shoes weren’t just for show and were, gulp, available for sale? Keep reading »

Now Your Bustier Can Double As A Putting Green

I’ve heard of some strange lingerie in my time, but the Nice Cup in Bra, comin’ at ya straight outta Japan, is probably one of the more bizarre. That green bustier? It magically transforms into a putting green. In Japan, there’s a golfing boom among young women — “those women always on the go” — who, it seems, must sate their putting urges on the spot. The deets: “The mat is about 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length and has (unsurprisingly) two cups to aim for [and] small pockets for holding golf tees and scoring pencils.” If you make a whole-in-one, the bra exclaims, “Nice in!” The miniskirt turns into a flag that tells everyone to be quiet while you focus on the green. [Examiner] Keep reading »

Obsessed With Blake Lively’s Hair? You’re Not Alone, Maybe

Hey, we all have our off-days, which may be the only explanation for this NY Times Style section piece about how women are like, really, really into “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively‘s hair.

“In the 1990s, there was the ‘Rachel,’ named after Jennifer Aniston’s character on the TV show ‘Friends.’ Before the Rachel it was the ‘Farrah’ — the flipped out, flouncy hairstyle worn by Farrah Fawcett. Now, it’s Ms. Lively … whose tresses are coveted: extra long, ultra-shiny blond with a mussed-up tussle frolicking through the ends.”

Really? That’s quite a statement, guys. Here’s another quote on the subject for you, from our own Lily Q: “People need to calm down.” After all, there’s nothing more to the look than really long, slightly wavy, unbrushed hair, and I’m not jealous because that’s what I’ve got and most days it goes in a bun. Their proof that women are just dying to copy this hairstyle? Well, there’s the hard cold fact that a Google search of “Blake Lively Hair” produces 713,000 results (at their press time). Wow! At our press time “Angelina Jolie Hair” was at 5,160,000, Jennifer Aniston at 2,290,000 and Blake Lively’s own costar Leighton Meester beat her at 839,000. Just sayin’. The other “evidence” of this phenomenon is that Blake HERSELF admits that stylish women like “Vogue staffers” routinely approach her and compliment her hair. Honey, we know Vogue staffers, and that definitely doesn’t sound like any of them, unless they were being facetious and mocking you behind your back. Of course, the Style section could have just run an article about how women will always want princessy blond hair. That might have made more sense, no? [NY Times] Keep reading »

I Want A Man Who Looks Like Grandpa Did

Ever look at old black and white photographs of your grandparents and think, Man, she was so glam; Gramps was so handsome. (Well, hopefully your grandparents were/are attractive people. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.) But there’s something especially captivating about the men in those pictures that makes you realize that guys just don’t look like that anymore. It’s difficult to you put your finger on what it is exactly. The hair, yes; the clothes, yes. But it’s also something about how everything works together to give the faces an all-together different aesthetic that you don’t see so often. Swoon.

At the very least, reports the New York Times, old-fashioned fashions are making a comeback with men. Did you do a double take with the photo above? Because surprisingly, those models are decked out Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbanna. According to the Times, a “new Victorian” aesthetic is experiencing a revival, which we should have seen coming with all those mustachioed hipsters with their lofts decked out with taxidermy. Now men’s designers are incorporating what would have seemed like costumey details of tweed, Civil War-like coats, vests, and bowties, into their designs to bring back the old into the mainstream.

Sadly, we haven’t seen any guys who have gone all out with the nouveau Victorian look. But the man who did could be irresistibly sexy. Don’t believe us? Check out the Times’s spread featuring the dandy styles—trust us, it’s like period porn. [New York Times] Keep reading »

Like A Little Heel On Your Sneaker? Meet The Sophie By Vans.

Old-school sneaker line Vans might be more masculine by design, but has long since become unisex by reputation, seeing as the skater boy kicks are just as popular with the skater girls. (Or any type of girl, for that matter.) Now the company is coming out with a new model for its spring collection made just for women. “The Sophie” brings the sneaker to a slightly fancier level by streamlining the design and adding the teeniest, tiniest of heels. Styles include the traditional Vans checkerboard, a black and white saddle shoe, or a blue faux denim.

What do we think of the Sophie? Prefer your Vans the way they are? Check out pics from the rest of the line after the jump! [PSFK] Keep reading »

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