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Catherine’s Style Diary: Friday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Yumi Kim Top
  • Uniqlo Jumper
  • Chinese Laundry Shoes

This jumper is one of my favorite things to wear, but since it’s made from velvet, it stays in my closet for most of the year (in my opinion, velvet should only be worn from November through February at the latest). I wish Uniqlo would make one out of denim; then I could wear it year round. Keep reading »

Is This Half Snuggie Genius Or Fugs?

Designer Eryn Brinie is a fave of Rachel Zoe, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba—she’s got this vaguely Euro style going on with her clothes and focuses on basics. Well, I’m not sure if this is one basic or a combo of basics, but Eryn’s sleeve muffler scarf, with its multifunction personality, can be worn as a scarf, shawl or cardigan. It sort of looks like the travel-sized version of the Snuggie, but in a good way. I’m always finding that my arms are the body part that let me down; they get quite a bit colder than the rest of my body (must be that whole core versus extremity thing). But things change once I get inside whichever overheated place I’m headed. At that point, I don’t need the extra arm coverage anymore and I just want a scarf—which is my security blanket in the winter; I wear one every single day. (I don’t care if the pashmina is uncool. I still have a giant collection of them I use as scarves!) But, perhaps, my pashminas have seen their last days? This multi-use scarf/cardi solves all temperature problems. Is it fugly? I can’t tell. Would you wear it? I should say it costs a C-note, so it ain’t cheap. [Eryn Brinie] Keep reading »

When Was Your Last Massage?

In one of those US Weekly, she’s just like us moments, the paparazzi caught Sienna Miller in a NYC nail salon getting one of those ten dollars for ten minutes back massages. (There she is getting her rub down…) Now, honestly, when was the last time you ponied up for a massage. For me, I’m looking at a lonnngggg time ago, just over a year—and yep, it was one of those nail salon versions. And the last time I had a real massage, the kind where you get all naked and lie on the over-cushioned massage table was on a vacay about two years ago. But some people are just massage people—they would rather spend their money on an hour of peaceful rubdown than a new pair of shoes, say. (Hey, to each her own, I don’t judge! You get rid of that stress any which way you want, dolls.) So, tell me, wen was your last massage? Are you addicted to the nail salon rubdown, the real deal version or just make your boyfriend/husband work the knots out? Keep reading »

Scentbugs Provide Design Aromatherapy

Glade Plug-Ins aren’t exactly chic, and that essential oil tea candle lamp is a relic from your dorm room days. For design enthusiasts, the Scentbug is a new way to make your place smell nice, and fit in with your more grown-up decor. The little domes—available in red, pink, neon, and white (our favorite)—contain a silent fan which diffuses scents from oil-infused discs. Surprisingly, this sleek item is brought to you by Bath & Body Works, which offers up a bunch of fragrance oils to choose from. There’s your traditional vanilla and sandalwood, but also some more exotic options like bamboo, Japanese cherry blossom, or Sweet Pea (we actually have no idea what that would smell like, but it sounds pretty).

This makes us wonder … we know you’re all about having a signature perfume, but does your home have a signature scent, too? [] Keep reading »

Bad Barbie! Bad, Bad!

Hey, the economy is hard for everyone, and if anyone knows anything about making career switches, it’s Barbie. Her latest gig is as a dominatrix, or at least it is according to photographer Nancy Farmer, who created these set-ups with the dolls. We always knew Ken had to be into bondage. Click through to see some more hilarious pics after the jump! [Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

Wish Your Closet Showed A Little More Leg?

Why don’t they make these leggy coat hangers anymore? I guess you could crow that they’re sexist or something, but honestly? I want to hang my boyfriend blazer and leather jackets on these bad boys, er, girls. [Copyranter] Keep reading »

Quote Of The Day: Cindy Crawford Is Trying To Kill The Magazine Industry

“If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. Don’t buy the magazine if you don’t like what it says. If you don’t like the image a brand is putting out, don’t buy it. What I really don’t agree with is people who complain about it but still support it. You’re giving your power away. If people don’t want skinny models, stop buying the magazine with the skinny model, and believe me those magazines will change fast. It’s business.”

– Supermodel Cindy Crawford recommends boycotting fashion mags that only use skeletal models, making her Conde Nast/Hearst/Hachette Fillipacci enemy number one. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Do You Dress Up To Go Shopping?

Check out Rachel Bilson. She’s looking seriously put-together in her majah heels, chic black pants, fab Phillip Lim bag and pretty blow-out. (And her friend is looking adorable, too!) Where’s the party or red carpet, you ask? There isn’t one — she’s headed out for a day of shopping … looking so on top of her sartorial game. There isn’t a pair of tattered, L.A. cool jeans in sight! This reminds me of when I used to spend an entire Saturday shopping. Before hitting up, say, Barneys or Bergdorf’s to browse the racks, I’d spend a ridiculously absurd and laughable amount of time planning what I was going to wear. (Yep, all just to go shopping.) I had to look very put-together, but not like I was trying too hard. And while you may find this a colossal waste of time, I gotta point out that dressing up before shopping in fancy-pants stores really did get me better customer service from the sales floor staff (sad, but true!) and I just felt better about myself, even if I was just there to find a new pair of, say, gloves or something small. Do you ever do the same thing—seriously think long and hard about what to wear for a day of hitting the stores? Or can you just not be bothered? Keep reading »

How To Get The High (Very French-Feeling) Bun

Lately, it seems, we’ve been inundated with red carpet high buns—Charlize Theron loves ‘em, Rachel Bilson went high and tight recently, and SJP has sported the high bun for years. Mostly I shy away from the style because I think they look a bit too ballerina and also just too sweet on me—until now. I happened upon this high bun, above, and instantly fell in love. Maybe it’s the French feeling of the style or the casual, just-swept-up look, but how cool would it be paired with, well, anything in your closet? Adore. Plus, I love that there are how-to photo instructions—because nothing says “this is how you do it!” like photos! Check ‘em out after the jump. Keep reading »

Attention, All Stress Balls!

When it comes to stress relief, I generally turn to hanging out with friends, watching funny television, and just plain trying to forget about the cause of my tension. Massages work wonders, too. But after seeing these new “chic” stress balls, I might have to reconsider my methods. Bloom Putty took the basic idea of a stress ball and reinvented it, going for a more fashion-forward and adorable look. Each different ball of putty has its own name and scent, like Apple Jill, Buttered Popcorn, Icing on the Cake, and Shake Like Jelly. Fear not. For those who are anti-smells, there are a few scent-free options. The putty is silicone-based, nontoxic, and latex-free, plus they’ll apparently never dry out. Each retails for $11.95, but really when you think about it, that’s cheaper than a 10-minute massage at nail salons. I’ll take one … or five! [Bloom Putty via Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

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