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What Is Up With Boutiques And “No Photo” Policies?

Yesterday I took a field trip over to Colette, the famous Parisian concept boutique. This place might as well be the Eiffel Tower because it’s a prime tourist destination, and probably one of the most frequented stores by visitors to Paris. Since it’s such a touristy destination, I didn’t think it would be a problem to snap a few pics with my iPhone. The second I got my camera out of my pocket, however, I could feel the security guard eye me, and as I held it up, he was by my side before I could hit the shutter—”Pas de photos!” he warned. Sheesh!

Similarly, style blogger Susie Bubble discovered on her trip to Hong Kong that shops there are even more strict about snapping pics: “I didn’t realize the Rise Commercial Mall on Granville Circuit in Tsim Tsai Tsui would be so stringent so these were snapped only to be halted by a big fat no-photo sign.” So what’s the deal? Wouldn’t you think that pictures are for sharing, therefore, having some taken would only promote a store’s merchandise? Keep reading »

Cheapskate: American Eagle Outfitters

One of the good things about shopping at a store that’s meant for teens and early-20-somethings is that they have fashionable stuff that’s much cheaper than designer clothing. American Eagle Outfitters has the aesthetic of Ralph Lauren (well, sort of), but the prices of the Gap. Check out some of our faves from AE after the jump. I’m already planning a mini shopping spree this afternoon. Keep reading »

Wanna Work For Rachel Zoe?

Well, you’re in luck! But it’s not the opening you think. When Taylor left to go style on her own, many assumed Rachel would hire another style assistant and Brad would be first styling associate. Actually, the opening, according to the listing on Linked In, is for an Advertising Sales and Business Development Executive. According to Zoe, Inc. they’re looking for someone to “evangelize The Zoe Report as being a leader in the fashion publication/ newsletter space.” (Whatever that means.) They also want someone with at least three years experience in ad sales who already lives in L.A. and has an “entrepreneurial attitude—overcome any obstacle, creative, willing to be an evangelist for a new product.” (Again with the evangelist stuff?) For someone with the qualifications, it does sound like a pretty sick job—I’m sure you could work yourself onto an episode or two! [Fashionista] Keep reading »

Are These Wedding Dresses Fug Or What?

I’m a regular watcher of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.” Why? I have no idea. If you’ve never seen it, the reality show takes place at Kleinfeld Bridal, a huge bridal store in Manhattan. Each half-hour episode follows three or four brides shopping for their wedding gowns. Usually, some hijinks occur. A mom is mean to a bride! Somebody cries! A husband sees the dress before the wedding! For sure, women have diverse tastes when it comes to what to get married in, from the totally conservative to the downright weird. But there’s a certain type of bride who likes a certain type of dress. She’ll start out by saying she wants a gown with a “wow factor.” Something that “glitters.” Something that’s “over the top!” Then, she’ll mention her favorite designer by name; invariably, it’s Pnina Tornai. Take this one, for example. It’s Aphrodite meets Liberace by way of silver lamé. Fug of fantastical? Sound off in the comments. More after the jump… Keep reading »

No One Gets Laid On A Hamburger Bed

File under: Furniture That Will Cause Potential Hookups To Run Screaming Out Your Front Door. (Also, Things That Will Scare Any Cows That Wander Into Your Bedroom.) [Hamburger Bed] Keep reading »

Amelia’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Theory Leather Jacket
  • Missoni Scarf (birthday gift from Simcha!)
  • Gap Shirt
  • J.Crew Jeans
  • Hunter rain boots

Catherine says that I look like I’m going somewhere classy upstate to shoot clay pigeons, and I really can’t come up with a better description than that. It’s supposed to rain in New York this afternoon/evening and the only thing that quells my phobia of going out in the rain (seriously, I have one) is my Hunter rain boots, because they are stylish and keep my feet and the hem of my jeans (tucked inside, obvs) dry. Simcha gifted me this vintage scarf for my b-day and I squealed when I opened it because it’s Missoni and that crap costs major bucks new. Keep reading »

Sarah Palin’s Stylist Justifies Shopping Spree

After months of relative silence about the work she did styling the Palin family before the 2008 election, New York stylist Lisa Kline is finally ready to talk about the fiasco. I’m talking, of course, about the $150,000 wardrobe debacle that The Boston Globe has called “the most damaging piece of information about” Sarah Palin. In Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, Kline, the woman behind the buying, is referred to only as a “New York stylist” Palin says she “didn’t ask for.”

Palin may not have asked for Kline, but she definitely needed her. She was plucked from relative obscurity in Alaska in a largely gimmicky move and immediately became an endless fixture in the press. So maybe $150,000 is quite a lot of money, but Kline’s explanation of how things really went down makes the whole thing seem a bit more reasonable. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Got Botox … And It Didn’t Work!

A few years ago, I got Botox. A little here. A little there. The needle goes in. You want to scream. And a few days later, voilà! That part of your face is paralyzed. Over a couple years, I did it maybe eight times. Then I stopped. I’d had enough of injecting poison into my face. But a couple years after that, I wanted to do it again. I ponied up a few hundred dollars, lay down on the table, and got another round of botulinum toxin injected into my visage. But the unthinkable happened. It didn’t work! Keep reading »

What To Wear When You Don’t Know The Dress Code

Last night, I had one of those full-on fashion emergencies. We’re talking closet vomit all over my bedroom and an exhausting try-it-on-again workout. The dilemma: I was attending a party for the release of a fashion-art book and had no idea what people would be wearing. My guess was that it could be anywhere in between cocktail-fancy, boho-chic, and skinny-jean-hipster-style. I decided I needed an outfit that could shift its style level with a few minor changes—that way, I could wait until I got to the party to see the vibe, and then adjust accordingly. So here’s my answer for going blindly into the fashion battlefield. Share your own tips in the comments below!
Keep reading »

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Do You Own?

Breaking news: Tommy Hilfiger is giving his two cents about the amount of jeans a woman needs. “Women only need one pair of jeans — but they must fit,” he told Breaking News. “There are pairs of jeans that are worth spending a lot of money on. Depends on the material. You wear jeans more often than an evening dress or a leather jacket.” Truuuue …

Personally, I have at least four pairs, and I’m not a jeans person at all. I’ll wear jeans maybe three times a month because I live in leggings, dresses, and skirts. But, despite that, I still have a variety of denim, because certain jeans just don’t fit with every occasion. I need my regular skinny jeans for day to day, my dressed-up skinny jeans for evening affairs, a loose pair for relaxed Sunday brunch, and my distressed worn-out pair for when I really feel like being a bum. Sorry, Tommy, one pair just won’t do for me, no matter how nice they may be. Then again, what a brilliant exercise in minimalism. How many pairs of jeans do you have? Could you survive with just one? Keep reading »

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