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Backstage At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

We have to wait until Dec. 1 to see the full insanity of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but this teaser is totally making us want to tune in. Seriously, who can say no to a bevy of insanely hot girls (one of whom brought her puppy!), the unprecedentedly minimalistic wings, and fancy underwear? Cheesy though it is, the VS show is a pretty fun tradition at this point, and we love seeing a little of the prep work that goes into it. From tables of hair extensions to mounds of body glitter, it’s hilarious how much it takes to make these models look “natural!” Our favorite part though? Makeup artist Tom Pecheux talking about his ultimate show goal: “I want the girls to be like ‘wow, those bitches look fabulous!’” Well, congratulations, Tom — those bitches DO look fabulous. Keep reading »

Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of November 20th 2009

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! In honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet, we’re giving away prizes! Each week we’ll award you awesome chatterboxes a little something special. This week, one winner will receive a Henry Road Table Cloth and Napkins. Without further adieu, the lucky winner of this week’s Gift For Gab. Keep reading »

Create Art Out Of Annoying Cords And Cables

For the most part, we’re all about hiding the cords that keep our panoply of gadgets energized. But then we came across this photo showing a lamp with a fancifully manipulated cable, and it made us realize that sometimes, like when you have a ginormous zit on your forehead, it’s better to embrace the problem than to attempt to cover it up (everyone can see what you’re trying to hide anyway, right?). Lifehacker recommends using wall clips like these ($21.34 for 100) to create your design. Plus, spending an hour or so creating a modern art installation out of cords you already have is probably cheaper than buying a piece of artwork. [Maisie Maud Broadhead via Lifehacker] Keep reading »

Santa Can’t Afford To Give You This

For my teeny tiny Christmas tree in my Manhattan apartment, I purchased one of those flimsy contraptions, certainly built to only last one season. But this Swarovski-encrusted tree stand is putting me to shame. It’s shiny, fancy, and really, really expensive at $14,770. Could this be the very best present under a tree? [Born Rich] Keep reading »

Bar Rafaeli Is Sittin’ Pretty

Leonardo DiCaprio’s on/off girlfriend stars in Passionata’s Spring-Summer 2010 ad campaign. Keep reading »

Check This Out: “Clients From Hell” Blog

Attention design nerds! Here’s a new blog that will have you laughing your fonts off. Clients From Hell features anonymous stories about the incompetent people and projects graphic designers have dealt with. The vignettes deal with anything from stupid misunderstandings — “After I sent a client a mockup with lorem ipsum as filler text [they responded] ‘It’s good but there is a weird language on the page. It will either need to be translated or removed.’” — to clients who fancy themselves better designers than you: “Hi, I was having a word with my nephew last night, who’s a bit of a web designer himself and I have a few new ideas for the site…”

It’s a Helvetica good time. [Clients From Hell Tumblr] Keep reading »

Hanes Gives ‘Em What They Want—No More Itchy Labels!

The worst is when you got an itch you can’t scratch. You know, one of those ones in the butt area or anywhere in the nether region sphere. A lot of the time the fault is due to pesky underwear labels that make it feel like you have god-knows-what up against your crack. Hanes now has the answer with a new label-less underwear line. We’re loving the cheeky campaign for the range, with “No Scratchy Labels” as the tagline. (But you know, without the “tag.”) [] Keep reading »

“Bonnie And Bonnie”: The Tale Of Two Stylish Robbers

Now here’s a fashion short done right—it’s campy, cute, and not trying to be pretentious. StyleCaster’s short film “Bonnie and Bonnie” features all the makings of pure fashion entertainment. Follow Bonnie and Bonnie, two awesomely dressed roommates (one if whom is “The City” star Erin Lucas), who, it turns out, look that way because they’re robbers. Oh, and lesbians. Of course. [StyleCaster] Keep reading »

Season’s Savings! Bright Brushed Double Finger Ring From Stars For Sydell

We’ve been scouting two-finger rings lately and stumbled across this one during our search. For the fashionista who doesn’t want to dive into the trend, this is a chic option — a sleek, polished bar with a bit of sparkle thanks to the mini stone. [$72, Stars for Sydell]

Stars for Sydell is offering Frisky readers 10 PERCENT OFF all double-finger rings from today, Nov. 20, to Thursday, Dec. 31. Simply click here, and you must enter coupon code FriskyDeal at checkout to receive the discount in the form of a credit after purchase. Check back daily for more Season’s Savings discounts! Keep reading »

Beauty Products Expose You To 515 Chemicals Per Day!

I know that all the products I use in my daily life certainly can’t be good for me. But I had no idea that, on a day-to-day basis, I could possibly be exposing my body to 515 chemicals. Fear! According to Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, women have up to 515 different chemicals in their body on any given day. Now, of course, this varies depending on how many and which kinds of product you use. But it’s a real problem, as some of the nastiness has reportedly been the cause of breast cancer, fertility issues, skin cancer, and hormonal issues. The most common of the chemicals comes from parabens (preservatives) that basically extend the shelf life of items. When those parabens mutate (from the sun, its infiltration in the body, or the dosage level), in come the problems. So what’s the solution? Cut down, use organic, and make sure to read all the little details on the labels. You can also get hazard ratings on specific products here. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

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