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Could You Live In A 100-Square-Foot Home?

In the video above, Jay Shafer, the builder/designer behind Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, gives us a tour of his home, which is less than 100-square-feet big. His home has all the modern amenities of a regular sized house — electricity, plumbing, and appliances — with the exception of a guest room. This is the third tiny house Shafer has lived in, and he says he lives this way to lessen his impact on the environment. Tiny houses like his are available with dimensions from 90 to 400 square feet, which are sizes more appropriate for a walk-in closet according to women like the “Real Housewives” of Orange County, Atlanta, and New Jersey. Do you think you could live in a cozy house this small? [Impact Lab, YouTube] Keep reading »

The Fashion Peacekeepers: Amanda Peet’s Red Carpet Casual

Sometimes we feel like Us Weekly‘s “The Fashion Police” and other similar style critics can be a tad harsh. Also, they tend to have these really boring, conservative styles and we have to wonder what their real fashion credentials are. (Case in point: US Weekly‘s “Top Cops” include random comedian Stefanie Novik and Chet Cannon of “The Real World, Brooklyn.” When did they ever go to design school!?) The Fashion Peacekeepers are here to say, hey, can’t everyone’s styles just get along?

Amanda Peet was snapped wearing this getup on the red carpet for the NYC premiere of “Brothers.” At first glance, we looked at this mismatched outfit and thought it was a total failure. Right? There are about four different trends going on here—animal print jacket, boyfriend jeans, Breton shirt, ballet flats. (Maybe it was laundry day at the Peets’ house?) Yet, there’s something about Amanda’s outfit that seems familiar, like it almost came out of your own closet and could work. We’re not totally hatin’, but we do have a few style suggestions, after the jump! Keep reading »

The Case For Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Last time I was a bridesmaid, the dress was brown. Not the sort of brown that makes you look like death as you plot ways to get back at the bride after you’ve fulfilled your bridesmaid duties, but just brown and shiny enough that I’ll never wear it again. Given that I spent a couple hundred bucks on the damn thing, I’m obviously none too pleased about the fact that it will sit in my closet forever because I feel guilty throwing it out and un-cute wearing it.

Now, however, it looks like I might get a do-over. My brother is getting married in September and the chances that the bridesmaids dresses will be a flattering and re-wearable black are looking good. His (awesome) fiancée and I checked out a few options the other day, settled on a style, and now I’m just waiting with bated breath for her to decide between black and purple. Keep reading »

10 Things You Can Do Instead Of Worrying About Aging

A recent study in the U.K. has shown that women constantly — on average, 252 times a week — worry about their appearance and aging. One hundred women, ages 35 to 69, were asked to carry a clicker over a seven-day period. Each time they had a negative thought or felt anxiety about their appearance they pressed the clicker. The women worried about their appearance, on average, 36 times a day. One participant, an actress who had a facelift 10 years ago, clicked 1,400 times during the week. She admitted that she clicked less when she had on a full face of makeup.

The study’s designers, fitness instructor Irene Estry and psychologist Emma Kenny, intended to determine whether our looks-obsessed culture creates ageism and pressure to remain youthful. It’s rather clear already that our society puts this pressure on women, especially. If we assume that each woman worried about her appearance for one minute each time, that’s four minutes wasted every week. Let’s spend this time doing something more productive than obsessing about our looks! Read our suggestions for how to spend these four extra minutes after the jump. [Impact Lab] Keep reading »

Your Monday Dose Of Hot Naked Supermodels

Me-ow! What a way to start the week: Eva Herzigova, 36, Helena Christensen, 40, and Claudia Schiffer, 39, in nothing but thigh-high leather boots and big, blown-out hair. Clearly these “aging supermodels” aren’t doing anything of the sort. The three were shot by photographer Kayt Jones for this month’s i-D magazine. (And for those of you who may need slightly more skin, check out the video of the shoot. Yes, we’re naked lady pushers today, so?) [i-D] Keep reading »

Paula Abdul Acts A Fool On The Red Carpet

Paula Abdul must’ve decided she was going to be the belle of the ball last night at the American Music Awards, so she really made a splash on the red carpet. She needed not one, not two, but THREE lackeys to help her navigate that Enzoani dress. Hope those kids got some free champers after that. [Los Angeles, 11/22/09] Keep reading »

Now You Can Afford Zac Posen! Maybe…

Zac Posen knows how to please the masses. For those who just can’t afford his normal line, the designer has decided to launch a lower priced collection, and no, it’s not with Target. Instead, he’s created Z Spoke, a collection of 60 pieces, which will be sold only at Saks Fifth Avenue starting this spring. Ready for the prices? Items start at $78. “I think it’s going to surprise people,” said Zac. “This is about a new identity.” It’s not all cheap though. Dresses can go for upwards of $600 dollars, but when you compare that to his regular line, well, it is cheaper. So what can we expect to see in stores? According to Zac, it’s a minimalist and utilitarian look, full of knits, cotton shirting, blazers and pleated khaki shorts that was inspired by downtown chic looks, like those of Lower East Side girls. [Wait, like me and Erin? -- Editor] While these are no Target prices, it does open the Posen brand to a whole new audience. We’ll keep you posted… [WWD] Keep reading »

Stilletology: The Science Of High Heels

You probably don’t think a lot about how your shoes are made … until, that is, you’ve been standing in them for two hours and you’re thinking in dire agony, What the eff kinda person thought these heels would carry me through the day … or the next two blocks?! Despite the painful downfalls of the high heel’s structure, there’s quite a bit of science that goes into the design in order to make the shoe work. Balance must be achieved, and a reinforced shank must be perfectly placed and angled in order to evenly distribute weight.

Ask Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik about their wares, and you might get the impression that they’re physics experts more than they are fashion designers. Blahnik tells the New York Times, “‘Balance is the most important aspect of creating a 115-millimeter heel. To achieve it, I use a compass, a ruler, my eyes and my hands.’ Some designers now use a CAD, or computer-assisted design, system in their work but Mr. Blahnik said he would rather do everything himself — ‘I am a traditionalist,’ he said.” Keep reading »

Want To Use Your Webcam For Shopping?

Personally, I can’t online shop. I’m probably one of the few girls in the world who actually goes to a store each and every time I want to buy something. There’s just something in the decision process for me that requires actually trying on clothes. Tobi boutique in San Francisco is trying to accommodate people like me, who really need to see just how a piece of clothing will look on before they buy, with the launch of their new virtual dressing room. This isn’t the first kind of virtual dressing room — H&M has avatars and Macy’s worked with My Virtual Model to create likenesses for online shoppers. But this option uses the webcam to make it appear as if the shopper has tried on the clothing. Note that sizes don’t change, which is a huge, if not the most important, part of shopping. But the really fun part is you can basically go shopping with your friends and send pics back and forth. Soon the site will show off your screen and your friends’, side by side.

What do you think? For all you hesitant online shoppers out there, does this make the process seem more appealing? [WWD] Keep reading »

10 Little Ways To Pretty Up Your Bathroom For Guests

Despite the fact that I live in a teeny apartment, I had houseguests this past weekend. And seeing that it’s getting to be the holidays, I’m sure to have more before the year’s done. Oh, and don’t forget about having people over for holiday drinks—I’m totally throwing some sort of mini-bash.

Whenever someone who doesn’t live with me comes over, I spend serious amounts of time doing a big bathroom clean and prep. I figure it’s the one place where guests are by themselves and able to really look around at their surroundings uninterrupted. Now, my bathroom is a rental apartment bathroom (that there photo above? Clearly not my WC), meaning I don’t even have a single pretty marble tile or the hope that my grout is anywhere near a white color, but that doesn’t mean I can’t upgrade the space a little bit so friends and guests feel “at home” during their time in there. (Apartment Therapy feels the same. Today, they got into little bathroom upgrades too!) Here’s the plan of attack … Keep reading »

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