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Win This! Orlane’s New Absolute Radiance Set

We’re low-maintenance gals in these parts, but special events (parties, weddings, dates, etc.) call for a little something extra. Orlane’s new Absolute Radiance Set promises “Cinderella skin” in seven minutes, and you’d better believe we were intrigued. The kit comes with several applications of an eye serum and patches, a face mask you get to mix together all chemistry set-style, and a brightening face cream. We applied the products in the specific combination outlined in the included instruction manual, and it left us with refreshed, glowing skin that looked so divine we ended up skipping foundation altogether. We were stunned. In fact, it was sort of like seven minutes in heaven. [$200, Neiman Marcus]

WIN IT! We’re giving away five sets of Orlane’s Absolute Radiance Set, but you have to work if you want one. The five best commenters for this coming week—from today, Friday, Nov. 6 through Thursday, Nov. 12—will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules.

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Sample Sales Are My Vice

Growing up in Ohio, I didn’t encounter many, er, any sample sales. In fact, I had no clue what one was until I went to college in the big city of Chicago, and all the girls who grew up in L.A., Connecticut, and New York would be all, “I’m going to Wicker Park for so-and-so-designer’s sample sale.” By then I had started subscribing to Daily Candy and had a little bit of a clue, but I didn’t go to one myself until I moved to New York after school. It was terrifying. All these normally expensive clothes and accessories for less! And you had to try everything on in front of other shoppers or on top of your clothes! And you couldn’t return or exchange anything! I didn’t buy anything at the first few I went to, but I kept tagging along with friends because I didn’t want to “miss out” on some amazing, one-of-a-kind steal. And then I broke my sample sale seal.

I know designers and showrooms hold sample sales because they need to get rid of inventory, and causing a frenzy can make people purchase things they wouldn’t under normal circumstances. I know that sometimes my adrenaline gets the best of me and I make a truly questionable spur-of-the-moment purchase. But, I’m OK with being tricked into pulling out my credit card, because if it weren’t for sample sales, I might never buy anything, ever. Keep reading »

Mom-Bama Fashion: Michelle Shops At Talbots

Once again Michelle Obama has put design within reach for the masses by wearing this white wool sheath dress from mom-tastic store Talbots. (It retails for a moderate $200.) We have to say, Mobama certainly rocks the look better than the Talbots model. If we were browsing the site, we’d probably pass the item by. So, maybe Talbots is worth a try? These days, a lot of mom-friendly stores are trying to attract a hipper client—like New York & Co. and Eileen Fisher. The latter just revamped its flax-heavy line, and the results were pretty cute (yet too expensive).

After the jump, a few surprisingly cute Talbots items that could definitely earn the Obama seal of fashion approval. Keep reading »

Oh Dear God, Overalls Are In Style

Sweet Jesus, overalls are officially “in.” Ralph Lauren (runway shot above), Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli and other designers sent models down the runway sporting versions of the popular farm wear that ranged from questionable all-leather numbers to one quite unfortunate overall-inspired metallic evening gown. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love a comfy overall and I certainly do agree that they look adorable. On toddlers. I may have been known to sport an overall or two as recently as college, maybe even after that, here and there. But there comes a time in a grown-ass woman’s life when she’s simply a bit too mature to pull off certain looks, know what I’m saying? That’s why God created sexy jumpsuits for, I guess, you know, to satisfy that onesie urge. Much like those clogs that came clumping down spring runways, this is a look I’ll have to pass on. But you tell me: After it trickles down and Topshop and H&M and everyone else inevitably starts trying to sell you the trend, will you buy in? [Style.com] Keep reading »

Pete Wentz Needs A Makeunder Intervention

Why hello there, Pete Wentz, glad you’re here. We have something rather important to discuss with you. It has come to our attention that you’re wearing far too much makeup, even if your intention was to make it “pop” on the red carpet. In fact, we’ve tolerated your guyliner ways for a long time now, but when you show up to the party wearing more paint than your girl and your name is not David Bowie, then that’s when you know you need to shut it down, my friend. The heavy pancake foundation (in the wrong shade for your skin tone we might add), the extravagant eye makeup, the shimmery lip gloss — it’s all too much to take in. Now go get yourself some industrial-strength makeup remover and get the hell out of here. Keep reading »

What From Your Closet Will You Pass Down To Your Daughter?

In the December issue of Elle, cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker talks about becoming a mother (and loving the smell of diapers) and jokes that her two daughters, Marion (called Loretta) and Tabitha, will one day raid her closet: “The only tragedy would be if their feet are bigger than mine.” Having large feet would be unfortunate for the two girls, considering the number of beautiful designer shoes Parker has amassed as a result of playing “Sex and the City“‘s Carrie Bradshaw since the late ’90s.

My personal shoe collection isn’t much, and I’m not sure future daughters of mine would be thrilled if I saved a battered pair of London Sole ballet flats for them. They would, however, have fun going through my jewelry box and piling on the diverse assortment of bangle bracelets I’ve collected — from fancy to 50-cent — along with tying the million and one scarves I own around their necks. What from your closet will you pass down to your daughters (real or hypothetical)? Keep reading »

Are You A Closeted Uggs Wearer?

Looks like someone has been dipping into the unflattering trend pool of yore. Leighton Meester was spotted on the set of “Gossip Girl” making a change from what appears to be the high heels of her costume to a pair of Uggs on her break. (Unless Blair has some scene where she’s trying to be ironic? Doubtful.) Seems everyone except for Jessica Simpson has put Uggs on the banned fashions list, and we know a lot of girls who wouldn’t be caught dead in the winter boots (we really would have thought Leighton would be in that group).

But, you gotta admit … they are super warm and comfy. Like walking on clouds! So come clean—do you still have those pink Uggs circa 2003 in your closet? Break them out from time to time? [Um, yes, yes I do. -- Editor] In public? Blair would never! Keep reading »

deleteSequin Dresses: Party Perfect Or OTT?

Your Body Is A … Map?

Check out these extraordinarily awesome paper clothing creations by Elisabeth LeCourt, who turns maps into wearable art. Eco-friendly? Yes. Comfortable? I don’t know. Durable? I doubt it. Regardless, LeCourt’s pleated dresses and chic tops let you look like origami — if, you know, that’s the look you’re going for. And, if you ever get lost, you’ll be able to find your way back home, provided you’re wearing the right map garment. Stay away from open flames, though. [Flavorwire] Keep reading »

Check Out These Dresses Made From Chocolate

Whoa, this is like a “Project Runway” challenge that a bunch of designers did just because. This fashion show for a chocolate convention in New York featured dresses created by clothing designers and pastry chefs. We hadn’t heard of any of them before, and maybe these wacky designs are the reason why: The presentation included dresses with cartoon-y touches, a molded bodice made from dark and milk chocolate, and a Lady Gaga-esque outfit featuring a futuristic leotard made from candy armor and fishnets.

What might be more interesting (or disturbing, you decide) is a bit on a new type of chocolate, one made from camel milk. It’s described as being a bit salty with a “mineral” taste. So wrong. And oddly, we kind of want to try it. [CNN] Keep reading »

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