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Nothing Says Luxury Like A Bald, Wrinkly Cat’s terrifying holiday gift guide is high on odd animal/product pairings and low on, well, making sense. Does this creepy bald cat make you want to spend $123 on a tiny jar of La Mer eye cream? Are we the only ones who don’t get it? [] Keep reading »

The $895 Infinity Dress—A Test Drive!

Remember that Donna Karan dress that you could wrap and twist and tie all sort of different ways, thereby creating a whole new dress with each twist/tie? Well, a reporter for The Daily Beast has just finished up a test-run of the convertible, loads-o-looks frock and attempts to answer the question: “Can a $895 dress be a bargain?” Or, is it just impossible as we surmised? Find out what she thought, after the jump! Keep reading »

What Do Alligators Have To Do With The Recession?

Until recently, Park Avenue millionaires and swamp-trolling Louisiana farmers have been engaged in one of the most unlikely of reciprocal relationships. The Southerners breed and treat alligator skins; the wealthy buy luxury goods made from them.

Think “fashion” and “recession” and the image of dirty, swarthy men probably doesn’t come to mind, yet the New York Times reports that these guys are being just as impacted by the decline in the consumer market as fancy boutiques and haute couture fashion houses. The biggest player in the alligator game has been Hermès, but now that the economy has hit the luxe accessories market, people just aren’t dropping thousands of dollars on alligator watches, purses, and shoes like they used to.

For animal rights activists, this probably comes as welcome news. And it’s true, the work entailed in alligator farming sounds pretty inhumane and gross:

“Stolid men wade into shallow tanks and pull the alligators out by hand. Biting happens. After the gators are killed with a stab to the brain, they are skinned and sorted: heads and claws for the French Quarter souvenir shops, meat for the Cajun restaurants, guts for turtles, dogs or anything else whose tastes run that way.”

Keep reading »

Quick Tip Of The Day: Make Rain Boots Look New Again

You know how your rubber rain boots start looking as drab as an old tire after a season in the rain and snow? And nothing that you try restores the luster? Well, I got you. The quickest, cheapest, and easiest solution to this problem is Armor All Protectant Wipes. Yes, the same wipes used on your vehicle’s tires also work on your rubber boots. Just keep in mind a little of the solution goes a long way. Keep reading »

How Do We Feel About This Tribal Print Trend?

This whole “designs based on Navajo and other indigenous tribal art” fashion moment is clearly not going away. The look is popping up on bags, shoes, dresses, jewelry and even the so-called “hipster snuggie” by Urban Outfitters that is such a blatant rip-off of Lindsey Thornburg’s Cloaks, left (the latter laughably priced at $925, but still). Other similarly stylish outposts like Opening Ceremony are well-stocked — their exclusive Pendleton line draws heavily upon the look, as evidenced by the $650 Peplum coat on the right — and who knows what similarly themed wares could trickle down to Target and Wal-Mart any day now. Keep reading »

Scare Off Unwanted Suitors With This Ring

Rihanna is a fashion trendsetter who is sometimes so far ahead of the curve it’s hard for us to keep up. But, like with Lady Gaga, the best way to follow Rihanna’s lead is to do so subtly. For the past several months, she’s been all about spiked clothes and accessories, from killer rings and studded sunglasses to dangerous dresses. If you’d like to keep people away from you with your clothes the way Rihanna does, the easiest way is to slide on a ring from nOir Jewelry. Rihanna herself stacked three of them on one finger for a super studded look, and fellow fashion risk takers Katy Perry, Amber Rose, Fergie, and Lady Gaga are also fans of the line. Just make sure not to jokingly punch anyone while wearing this sucker — the spikes are more than 2 inches long. [$50, nOir Jewelry] Keep reading »

It’s A Bird … It’s A Tree … No, It’s A Model

Don’t you hate it when the tree wears you, and you don’t wear the tree? Pity the Monica Maria Escobar model who wore this greenery. [Colombia, 11/27/09] Keep reading »

Is The Twilight Saga Making Pale Skin More Desireable?

Years ago, I was forced to accept my pale skin after burning my face so badly that blisters covered my nose. Now, while others slather on tanning oil with single-digit sun protection, I have to cover myself with a muumuu and wide-brimmed hat for fear of burning. If the Twilight Saga had been around earlier, I might not have had to endure the pain of a lobster red face or waited so long to stock up on SPF. According to the Daily Mail, women are embracing their pale skin following the release of “New Moon.” Keep reading »

Multitasking: A Phone And Bracelet In One

For me, finally getting my iPhone went way beyond the image of being a cool user of the Apple product. The second I purchased it, I became wrapped up in a world of new accessories, planning to pimp my cell out with a case and get a few pairs of fingerless gloves. In a way, the device became an excuse to add new things to my wardrobe. (Although, I wouldn’t go so far as to say: “That top would look really great with my iPhone.”)

Here’s a new idea that could potentially combine the world of digital communications and fashion, and take the iPhone off the map as the “it” accessory du jour. Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Thrift Store Blazer
  • American Apparel T-shirt
  • Patrizia Pepe Jeans
  • Sam Edelman Zoe Boots
  • Yves Saint Laurent bag

This is what I refer to as “my uniform,” which is basically an easy go-to consisting of my favorite old jeans (which miraculously fit even after consuming T-day extravaganza food and drink all weekend), a soft t-shirt and my most beloved recent thrift store purchase. Today I’m wearing some ridiculously high platforms because I’ve been obsessing over humongous shoes ever since my foster dog ate my pair of four-inch-plus pony skin Louboutin wedges. It’s a recession, so these are suede and by Steve Sam Edelman, cry-cry (kidding). I probably could’ve saved even more money buying them at a sex shop though. Keep reading »

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