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Season’s Savings! Gift Certificates From SpaFinder

We all know someone who makes us quiver in department stores this time of year, that person who will inevitably return our gift. We have finally cracked the too-hard-to-shop-for code! SpaFinder is a global relaxation retreat resource, and, yes, they sell gift certificates. No matter where your fussy friend or family member is, they can get a massage, manicure, or man-friendly treatment with this one sheet of paper. [$50 to $1,000, SpaFinder]

SpaFinder is offering Frisky readers 10 PERCENT OFF AN ENTIRE PURCHASE and FREE SHIPPING ON GIFT CERTIFICATES from today, Dec. 16, to Thursday, Dec. 31. Simply click here and enter coupon code “FRISKY09″ when shopping. Check back daily for more Season’s Savings discounts!
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Snookie/Snuggie Joke Fail

We’re not sure what genius thought up this hilarious Snookie-of-”Jersey-Shore“-inspired blanket with “skeeves” pic that’s making the rounds today, but we’re not really laughing. One, making fun of the fact that she was physically assaulted (MTV is no longer airing the scene in this week’s episode) is just kind of nasty, and two, isn’t everyone just plain over Snuggie parodies at this point? It’s more than a little played out. Grade? FAIL. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Christian Lacroix’s Next Step—Uniforms?

Things are not looking good for French couturier Christian Lacroix, whose fashion house has failed to find a buyer to rescue it from bankruptcy. At least the designer is doing some extra work to keep his head afloat, scoring a gig to design uniforms for French railway employees. Lacroix has put them in purple bow blouses, boxy suits, and berets. While it might be cool to be able to go to work everyday wearing a Lacroix item, we’re not too sure the workers wearing these outfits would be so pleased with the Disneyland-chic flamboyancy of them.

If Lacroix has decided to save his brand by selling out and bringing “fashion to the masses,” we wish he’d consider doing a bridge line with the obvious retailer, Target. (We could use some more French style in America, don’t you think?) Monsieur Lacroix, we believe your people pronounce it Tar-jey. [NY Mag] Keep reading »

Hey, Baby, You’re The Bomb

Nothing says “sexy” like nuclear fallout. [Fashion Copious]
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Rachel McAdams On The Cover Of Vogue: Love It Or Hate It?

Fashionista compares the Rachel McAdams January Vogue cover to Kate Gosselin. We like the retro vibe, although the makeup may be a bit much. What’s your opinion? [Fashionista] Keep reading »

Remember To Turn The Lights Out…

…so this little critter can take a nap! This hamster wheel wall decal is too cute for words and it’s only $36, too. Not bad for a conversation piece. [Hu2 Stickers] Keep reading »

Would You Wear This: A Paint-By-Numbers Dress?

Fashion designer and Netherlands native Berber Soepboer aims to make clothes that “can be worn in different ways, so the owner can make choices in how to wear the cloth,” but we think she might have gone too far when she teamed up with a graphic designer to create this color-by-numbers dress. Each spiral-covered dress comes with fabric markers, so you can fill in the blanks and make your outfit match your accessories. If you’re up for combining crafting and clothes, the dress will run you £250 (that’s about $406!) at Michiel Schuurman. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Cocktail Perfectionists, Behold The Eternal Ice Drop

You know what second drinks are, right? When the remaining ice in your cocktail melts, allowing you to suck every last drop of alcohol out of the glass? This might be swell if you’re Pam on “The Office” and enjoying a jumbo-sized Blue Lagoon from Applebee’s. But for your finer concoctions, ice can ruin your drink by watering it down too quickly, or giving it freezer-taste (ew).

For the wannabe mixologists (or just those who are just picky about their drinks), the Eternal Ice Drop by Hennessy offers a step closer to perfection. The glass orb contains water, which, when frozen, won’t melt into your beverage (obviously). It’s awfully pretty to look at too. Cheers! [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

Is There A Male Equivalent To The LBD?

Women’s fashion may be more complicated than men’s style, but we do have the LBD going for us. The little black dress, which magically gets you through work, black-tie events, and pretty much any party. And it’s this time of year that the LBD becomes most used and handy. Poor guys, they have far fewer options than us. The Vancouver Sun has just suggested that the answer to the all-around men’s piece for the holiday season has to be … the sweater. [Vancouver Sun]

Really? We beg to differ, and here’s what we think every man should consider to be their go-to wardrobe staple (and you may want to consider it as a Christmas gift for your guy). Keep reading »

That’s One Crappy Hairdo

Shaving designs of pooping people into your hair really shouldn’t be amusing. [And yet, how amusing they are.--Editor] [Gawker] Keep reading »

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